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Press Release: The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds Is Now Available Free from the Association of Virtual Worlds

The Association of Virtual Worlds has released its new title The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds listing over 250 virtual worlds and is pleased to offer it free to anyone who is interested in the rapidly growing field of virtual worlds.

“I am very excited by this new book from our publishing division,” says Edita Kaye, founder of the Association of Virtual Worlds, “because it is a simple, one-stop resource for everyone from kids to corporations.”

blue_book1The Blue Book contains over 250 virtual worlds. Each world is listed alphabetically and includes a web address and brief description. In addition each world is classified as to whether it is live or in development, whether it is appropriate for kids, tweens, teens, or adults; and type of virtual environment it is, for example, a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game), a social network, a mobile application or a custom world.

The Blue Book is as easy to use for newbies (newcomers) to virtual worlds as it is for pros and long time fans of virtual worlds, or even businesses and organization looking to explore the virtual market place.

“This book was designed to open up the metaverse and show you the exciting possibilities just a click away on your own computer,” adds Dave Elchoness, Executive Director. “You’ll find a wide variety of virtual spaces, environments, and playgrounds from the very sophisticated, to the quick and simple, just waiting for you to explore.”

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  1.' august says:

    ahem actually that guide was from August 2008 ..

  2. August — You are absolutely right. I just checked their press release page. I'll change the lead to reflect that.

    — Maria

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