How to pitch 3D to your company


Immersive collaborative environments may be the perfect solution to a company’s training or collaboration needs — but may be a hard sell if the senior management still thinks of 3D environments as video games.

According to a new report from analyst firm ThinkBalm, proponents of virtual worlds technology need to present a compelling business case. Authors Sam Driver and Erica Driver recommend that a proposal  include the following items:

  • Quantification of the business problem
  • Connection to high-level organizational objectives
  • Description of the immersive solution — backed by visuals
  • Bottom-line benefits of the solution
  • Costs of the solution
  • Market and competitive analysis

In addition, immersive tools proponents may need to educate their companies about the value of this technology, the authors say. “Many may think that the limits of immersive technology are video games and social networking.”

Companies also need to understand that immersive meetings are more like physical meetings than Web conferences.

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Maria Korolov

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