Top OpenSim Hosts of 2009

The choice of OpenSim hosting companies has grown a bit but is still very limited, due to the fact that the OpenSim platform has only become stable — and grids hyperlinked — at the start of this year.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to a paid hosting services, see  Free Land in OpenSim and OpenSim deployment gets easier.

If you want to outsource this function and save yourself time and worry, here are today’s top options, in no particular order:


Best for: Schools, businesses. ReactionGrid has a very strong educational community on it, and also offers a selection of tools and other products to assist groups in setting up their grids. The folks behind ReactionGrid work hard to maintain good relationships with their customers, and on ensuring the stability of the public and private grids they operate. Their customers rave about the service they get, and the ReactionGrid executives can usually be found on the grid itself, answering questions, solving problems, and running events.

Prices: Start at $25 per region (16 acres, average use) with a $25 setup fee.

Customers: ReactionGrid customers include big names like Intel, Microsoft, and the American Cancer Society.

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Best for: Businesses and groups looking for the best performance. This is a project by Adam Frisby, one of the core developers of OpenSim and a vice president of OSGrid — however, the regions can be hosted on any open grid, or run as independent grids. Frisby has a great technical reputation with OpenSim, which is reflected in the high performance of their hosting. Customers who need more customization, can use  Frisby’s company, DeepThink, for high-end custom development work.

Prices: Start at $45per region, with maximum of 40 simultaneous visitors.

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PioneerX Estates

Best for: Individuals, small businesses. Simon Guttridge, who runs PioneerX, is based in the UK, but also has U.S.-based servers available. He gets glowing reviews from his customers. His servers were hit hard last summer by a hacker who wiped out hundreds of thousands of websites, and hundreds of OpenSim regions, but has since recovered from that disaster.

Prices: Start at $16 per region. Free single-acre lots also available for homesteaders and small businesses.

Customers: Pineapple Pictures, dozens of individuals.

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Media Dialog

Best for: Businesses in Germany

Prices: Start at $33 a month per region, $390 setup fee.

Customers: No referenceable customers yet.

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Best for: Individuals, small businesses in Germany and vicinity.

Prices: Start at approximately $50 a month per region, $130 setup fee, on the Grid4Us grid.

Customers: Folk Cafe, though they have since moved back to Second Life.

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Best for: Individuals, schools, small businesses, especially for those working in Spanish or Portueguese.

Prices: Start at $25 per region on the WorldSimTerra grid.

Customers: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, CentralSL, WebEducativa

Segarra Estates

Best for: Groups looking for private grids of at least four regions each.

Prices: Start at $135 per four-region grid, with a $200 setup fee. High-use grids and hypergrid connections cost extra.


Best for: Businesses needing custom programming or design, or for large-scale events.

Prices: Based on scope of project.

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Best for: Organizations needing a region for a short period of time as the region is hosted on Amazon’s cloud server.

Prices: Starting at $7 per region for a region used less than 10 hours a month, running around $100 a month for a region of average use.

Customers: Referenceable customers not available.

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IBM Lotus Sametime 3D

Best for: Large organizations needing integration with other Lotus products and corporate LDAP directories.

Prices: Starting at $50,000 for four regions.

Customers: Manpower, Northeastern University, Northcentral Technical College, and Raytheon.

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  1.' Ener Hax says:

    nice list and well written (as always) =)

    i can't say enough good about how wonderful Reaction Grid has been! the people – Kyle, Robin and Chris are incredible and then add wonderful people like Jeff Lowe and WOW!

    nice to see real alternatives to SL. our subQuark is absolutely sold on Reaction Grid being a better tool for eLearning than SL is

    thank you for a nice list, i love reading this type of thing =)

  2. Definitively one of the hosting provider with the longest OpenSim hosting experience is missing: Dreamland Metaverse

    We offer high quality regions in OSGrid. Our goal is to provide our residents a good service for a fair price. The monthly rents start at US$ 30 for low traffic and US$ 45 for medium traffic regions.

    Since over a year our regions in OSGrid are known for their high reliability, using the latest stable OpenSim versions. Our good references show, that we are able to maintain high service quality, although OpenSim is still under development.

    Many OSGrid residents have chosen our regions (like our shopping mall regions Samsara and Snoopies) as their login locations, because, as they told us, our regions run more reliably than the main OSGrid plazas.

    We use high performance servers with powerful Intel quadcore processors and enough memory and bandwidth to allow our customers to experience OSGrid as lag free as possible. Even people that like to build intensively or that like to invite many friends to their place do not have to fear to end up in a slow motion scenery.

    If you are interested, you can order a region on our web site. We are happy to answer any questions.

    Dreamland Metaverse

    Snoopy Pfeffer

    [email protected]

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