January Hypergrid List

[Update: You can browse all hypergrid-enabled public OpenSim grids with Hyperica, the directory of hypergrid destinations. Directory indexes more than 100 shopping and freebie store locations. Updated hypergrid travel directions here.]

Motu Aruo hypergrid gate

Motu Aruo hypergrid gate

The following is a list of currently active hypergrid destinations.

It’s not an inclusive list — there are hundreds of standalone grids that are hypergrid accessible, and many more regions on individual grids.

Instructions for how to travel via hypergrid teleport are here. (Quick summary: cut and paste the HG Address into the “search” box in your viewer’s Map dialog.)

One major grid that was previously accessible by hypergrid — ScienceSim  — is no longer on the hypergrid, and is now only accessible through direct logins. And ReactionGrid, which serves mostly business and education users, is running an older, more stable version of the OpenSim server software, which can create some problems when trying to teleport to grids running the latest updates.

Since we last updated our hypergrid list in August, there has been another major change. The Diva Distribution of OpenSim has made it quick and painless for anyone to set up a hypergrid-enabled mini-grid. Christa Lopes, the creator of the Diva Distro, estimates that there are currently around 400 grids running the Diva Distro.

Grid Location Name HG Address Description
BlueWall Upper BlueWall Gateway ascent.bluewallgroup.com:9910
Other regions on this small private grid include BlueWall Isle and Bay Side.
Condensation Land Grid Upper Condensation Land condensationland.com:9000 A beatuful, private small grid, currently hosting an art exhibit.
Cyberlandia Upper Cyberlandia grid.cyberlandia.net:9000 Entryway to the Italian-language Cyberlandia grid. Check out the freebie shop next door at Clelia.
Eden Realms Upper Gelius Entryway to the Eden Realms grid. Hypergrid gate next door near the conference center on Mamon region.
FrancoGrid Upper Alicia alicia.francogrid.com:9050 Explore the grid to find freebie stores, a Paris street, and the Eiffel Tower
Grid4Us Upper Mystique Lake grid4us.net:8998 A picturesque region on Grid4Us. Landing point is under water.
Grid4Us Upper Grid4Us Entrance grid4us.net:9020 Gateway to the German-language Grid4Us grid.
Jamland Upper Jamland jamland.de:9300 Small private grid.
Logicamp Upper Logicamp-SW logicamp.dyndns.org:9300 Entryway to the Logicamp grid. Hypergrid next door on Logicamp region.
Metaverse Sims Upper Motu Aruo metaversesims.net:9000 A small grid of tropical islands. landing point is near a hypergrid stargate.
Metropolis Upper *CenterWorld* metropolis.hypergrid.org:9000 A German language grid. Check out the castle next door in the quaint Lausitz region.
MyOpenGrid Upper Over Land myopengrid.com:9005 This region is home to one of the nicest OpenSim freebie stores around.
OpenSim.de Middle Palm City opensim.mydyn.de:9090 Small German-language grid.
OSGrid Upper Bade Plaza One of the official plazas run by OSGrid administrators. A little dark, very futuristic, rarely crowded — a convenient place to meet for hypergrid travelers.
OSGrid Upper South Sea 5 A tropical island-themed region. Landing point is under water.
OSGrid Upper Adria A tropical island region.
OSGrid Upper Dreamland A pretty tropical island region.
OSGrid Middle Gateway 7000 ucigrid04.nacs.uci.edu:9007 UC Irvine’s gateway to middle regions.
OSGrid Upper Heaven Another pretty tropical region. The landing point is under water.
OSGrid Upper HyperGrid Market Upper Empty island
OSGrid Upper Paradise Another pretty tropical region. The landing point is under water.
OSGrid Upper Samsara (The landing point is next to a stargate Region also has a very nice freebie store.)
OSGrid Upper Snoopies This region is home to a little island with one of the best free furniture shops around.
OSGrid Upper UC Irvine osl3.nac.uci.edu:9000 UC Irvine’s gateway to upper regions.
ReactionGrid Upper HG Gateway 2 hypergrid.reactiongrid.com:9009:HG Gateway 2 ReactionGrid’s gateway to upper regions.
ReactionGrid Middle HG Gateway 1 hypergrid.reactiongrid.com:9009:HG Gateway 1 ReactionGrid’s gateway to middle regions.
ReactionGrid Lower AmberMyst hypergrid.reactiongrid.com:9005:Code Torque An island region near the center of ReactionGrid.
ReactionGrid Lower Core1 grid.reactiongrid.com:9000 ReactionGrid’s main landing point and central meeting location.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

9 Responses

  1. Hi Maria, thanks for another great list. One question – for MyOpenGrid above you have *CenterWorld* as the Hypergrid address. Is that correct?

  2. James — Ah, thanks for catching that! I'll fix it now. — Maria

  3. enerhax@yahoo.com' Ener Hax says:

    so how come Reaction Grid no longer does hypergridding?

  4. Yes, I too was very interested to learn in your latest post that ReactionGrid and ScienceSim have backed away from Hypergrid recently. I didn't realize. Were reasons given?

  5. There's a correction – ScienceSim is in fact off the hypergrid, but ReactionGrid is not. In fact, I successfully teleported from Palm City to ReactionGrid's HG Gateway 2 and back today. I'm updating the destination list.

    However, many teleports in and out of ReactionGrid are failing due to server compatibility issues. This may be resolved over time.

    — Maria

  6. An update from ReactionGrid CTO Chris Hart:

    "We certainly haven’t turned it off, but I’ve not been testing it in a while I admit, concentrating mainly on keeping our regions up and running smoothly."

    According to Hart, ReactionGrid is running an older version of OpenSim.

    "We are still on 0.6.6, since current code is not stable enough," she said.

    As a result, teleports to grids running newer version may only work in one direction, or might not work at all.

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