Free campus released

Educators and companies looking for free, Creative Commons-licensed starting regions for their corporate or school campuses should take a look at Universal Campus.

These four regions were originally created by OSGrid president Michael Emory Cerquoni — also known as Nebadon Izumi in-world — for the Institute of Genomics and Bioinformatics at the University of California Irvine.

Some of the buildings of the Universal Campus. (Image courtesy Michael Cerquoni.)

These OAR files are particularly valuable for enterprises cautious about using OpenSim freebies because of licensing issues.

“I made everything myself from scratch and its 100 percent Creative Commons,” Cerquoni told Hypergrid Business.

This means that companies can use these OAR files as starting points for their own builds, and edit and modify them as they see fit. The Creative Commons ShareAlike license also allows people to make commercial use of the work. However, if they redistribute it, they must credit the original creator — Cerquoni — and distribute it under the same license terms.

The four OAR files are available at There is also an instruction manual describing how to change the signs on the campus.

The campus includes a conference center, meeting rooms, outdoor meeting places, a virtual observatory, and walking paths.

A conference hall on Universal Campus. (Image courtesy Michael Cerquoni.)

These regions are perfect for loading into a Diva Distro mini-grid — which, by default, is made up of four regions that are a single mega region. They can also be used on OSGrid or other grid that supports megaregions — or Kitely, once they add megaregion support.

Vendors offering starter campuses for sale to education and corporate customers should take care to ensure that their product is significantly better than this Universal Campus.

You can check out the campus for yourself by visiting OSGrid (free registration here) and searching for the Universal Campus region. The demo is hosted by Dreamland Metaverse, which offers region hosting services on OSGrid starting at $30 per region per month.

Checking out the interactive navigation map on the Universal Campus region on OSGrid.

You need to walk around to get a feel for the scale of the build — and check out some of the interactive tools, like the map and navigation system. The doors open when you touch them. The benches have built-in sit poses. All the outdoor seating areas have fantastic views — this is not a cheap “freebie” build but a polished, finished professional product.

Watch a virtual tour of the campus here:

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Maria Korolov

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12 Responses

  1. Another pre-made corporate campus is the OpenVCE conference center, available here:

  2. Do you know what components of the creative commons license the content falls under? very nice islands

  3. @iliveisl says:

    wow! a very intricate build! lots of wonderful details! beautiful walkways and fabulous classrooms, auditoriums, and loads of outdoor meeting spaces!

  4. Ener — I know! Isn't it gorgeous? All it's missing is an animation for the diving board — where you would dive off the board into the water, swim around, and climb back up!

    Chris — I'm still waiting to hear back from Neb about the license details.

  5.' Graham Mills says:

    This was pre-announced on Twitter by Crista Lopes on 22nd Mar and, if that's right, it also involved Ina Centaur and was funded by NIH. Crista described it as "freely available" and alluded to an IAR as well as an OAR. Is the UCI campus version open? I'd like to see what they're doing with it.

  6. The license is i will add a license file to the download page.

  7. Neb — Thanks! This was pretty darn generous, and a fantastic resource. A new high-water mark in "starter regions."

  8.' Torrid Luna says:

    The Universal Campus sims are awesome indeed. We have been playing with 2 installations of that for a few months now, it's a great piece of work.

  9. Update: if you have a Facebook account, you can also get a preview of the build here:

    However, Kitely doesn't yet support megaregions. You can use your camera to view the entire four-region build, but you can only walk through a quarter of it.

  10. Definitely gorgeously immersive and incredibly generous:) No more "flatland" campuses Yes!! Excellent vid also. Congrats to all the creatives who contributed to this project.

  11. But a note of warning – some people have been loading up just the first OAR into a single region, and stuff has been spilling out over neighboring regions.

    That's because this is not just a four-region campus – it's a four-region MEGAREGION campus. On the plus side — no border crossings! Basically, the server thinks of it as one large region.

    So all the stuff is in the first OAR, and the other three OARs just hold the terrains and not much else.

    You can get megaregions with the Diva Distro or with Ener's four-region Sim-on-a-Stick.

    If you want to load it up into an existing grid, you will need to manually configure your OpenSim software to support a megaregion.

    Instructions are here:

    I've been using megaregions for ages and haven't had any problems with them. They're great for a corporate or school campus because there are no border crossings to annoy people.

    The downside, though, is that the OAR files don't look like the OARs we're used to, and we can't take individual OARs of a megaregion to do stuff with. (Maybe that will come in a future — a command to "de-mega" a megaregion…)

  12. Update: Neb has released an updated version of the campus. Download it here: