InWorldz, CariNet team up on new joint venture

Press Release: InWorldz, LLC and CariNet Inc. To Power Virtual World Technology and Hosting Through Joint Venture

Venture to focus on quality of service, scalability, and core software to promote growth and technical innovation

NY and SAN DIEGO, CA – InWorldz, LLC a leading provider of virtual world services, and CariNet Inc., a quality-oriented provider of dedicated servers, server clusters, and cloud computing, announced plans today to form a joint venture to build a redundant 3D virtual world grid capable of high performance and fast growth.

The venture builds around the original vision of the InWorldz founders. Known to their customers mainly by their pseudonyms, Elenia Llewellyn (real name Beth Reischl), Legion Hienrichs (real name John Arnolde), and Tranquillity Dexler (real name David Daeschler) have supported the continuing vision that everyone should be able to experience virtual world technologies and services in a way that enhances their lives and their own vision.

InWorldz prides itself on community and content protection. (Image courtesy InWorldz.)

Since its inception in February of 2009, InWorldz, LLC has listened to customer feedback and demand to provide its residents with the software, hardware, and tools they need to create dramatic simulations ranging from vast and mystical oceans, to artistic depictions of real world cities. Building on a strong customer community and a solid technical background, the InWorldz grid has grown to over 800 customer-owned regions on word of mouth alone.

CariNet Inc. has been a hosting leader since 1997, offering a wide variety of hosting options including dedicated servers, server clusters, public and private cloud offerings as well as server virtualization hypervisors. CariNet Inc. builds, owns and operates all of their datacenters and are capable of handling customers and demands of any size. CariNet Inc. currently services more than 7,500 customers around the globe.

CariNet Inc. provides a strong background and expertise in all things hosting. The CariNet team consists of a dedicated group of individuals willing to go the extra mile to make sure they have a quality product their customers can rely on. From power, to network, to hardware and software, CariNet Inc. has created a strong backbone for any business to tether their dreams to and let them run.

Enablement is the shared theme that has brought CariNet Inc. and InWorldz, LLC together. The joint venture will provide InWorldz with access to the latest in hardware and software technology available to support efficiency and scalability.

Powered by this venture, InWorldz will have access to systems and expertise that will increase the effectiveness of their business processes, free up development resources, and increase profitability.

The joint venture will provide both companies with the opportunity to continue to explore the growing virtual world market and provide the services and support that enable the individual as well as organizations who will use virtual world technologies in the future.

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5 Responses

  1.' Jeff Spanger says:

    I am confused. In the time I have been around OpenSim I have seen Openlife announce in meetings they were joint venture partners with CariNet, I am pretty sure Reaction Grid also partnered in this way with them.. I am certainly not despairing InWorldz, I just do not see anything here or on their forums that appear to amount to more then CariNet having been there for them and being willing to continue to do so as any company would do for a customer that pays them X amount or more. Allowing scalability for a larger user base if InWorldz continues to grow. is like saying "Hey, the company we pay money to says they will treat us well and enable our expansion if needed. as well as give us support along the way". Wouldn't that apply to any grid and service provider scenario in theory? Sakai of OpenLife (who as a side note is re-branding his grid as "3DMee" on Monday) had photos of him touring Carinet, speaking with staff, managers, etc and
    getting in a joint venture with them.

    What am I missing here? Even this blog article sums that up:

    "The CariNet team consists of a dedicated group of individuals willing to go the extra mile to make sure they have a quality product their customers can rely on. From power, to network, to hardware and software, CariNet Inc. has created a strong backbone for any business to tether their dreams to and let them run."

  2. Jeff, no other OpenSim grid is partnered with Cari.NET, other than InWorldz. They are a solution provider to other grids, yes, but not partnered with them. Partnering allows us to delve far more deeply into hardware and technical enhancements that power our grid, and by doing so, splitting the cost on that. We are already able to take advantage of that with things we're currently testing that we would not be able to normally, and that is really what this means.

    As for 3DX aka 3DMee, he never partnered with them, and in fact no longer uses them as a provider. There's alot of talk out there on who is "partnered" with whom, but the press release had to be approved by both companies, after meeting for a week to make sure both companies goals were aligned and our motives were on the same page.

    Hope that helps answer your question.

  3.' Jeff Spanger says:

    Thank you for the explanation, Elenia. I have followed a little more of the thread on your site today and between that and what you wrote here, I still remain kind of confused but I do understand it seems it will benefit you and yours over there.

    As for Sakai, I remember him showing in the grid pictures of him at Cari.Net and he definitely had a partnership with them at one time. I know where you are coming from about both companies having to approve a press release, but he was partnered (for lack of a better word) with them based on his word and pictures back oh, I think he announced it to us two years ago or more. Back then I don't recall full Press Releases being released. It was down to bloggers, forums and of course in world meetings to relay that info. That is one fascinating aspect of OpenSim in how there were few full grids and now it seems like there are tons of grids. I guess that gets a nod to the OpenSim devs for making improvements that increasingly add features and stability. OpenLife has been through lots of bumps, it will be interesting to see if Sakai is finally in the position to deliver the grid we have all waited for. I guess tomorrow begins the process of finding out.

    Thank you again for the explanation. And Maria, sorry to derail with OpenLife some. This article just made me recall the Cari.Net/OpenLife and Reaction Grid/Cari.Net partnerings of the past. Elenia is dead on about lots of people making making "partnership" type talk. When grid owners deliver what they promise, it is always a win for the people on those grids and for Opensim by way of contributions made when they can be. 🙂

  4. Faithful Follower says:

    I feel sakai is delivering a great grid and has people there baking him up and supporting him. People need to keep there comments to themselves. Sakai is a great person and fun to chat with and has reguar meetings and lets us know whats going on with the grid.

  5.' Jeff Spanger says:

    I think I stand corrected. Sakai/Shiny 3dmee posted a response to my post over on his own forums.
    "We have absolutely nothing to do with presently. Due to the fact that we wanted a higher level of reliability and connectivity options that could not offer and our platform made a major change.

    We actually took our service offerings to a new data centre and connectivity options. There is a post about it somewhere around the forum.

    However I think for long term residents they can easily see since we made the change service outages have dropped dramatically and european users receive significantly better ping, bandwidth and significantly less packet loss.

    *A small hint 3DX server are also in the same data centre as wordpress. (a much higher level)"

    So, a bit ambiguous of a response there (he did not say he didn't have that partnership, just that presently he has nothing to do with Apologies if I misspoke.