Global Conference on Gifted Education Meets in Second Life

The Global Conference on Gifted Education held its eleventh global virtual meeting in Second Life last week, taking advantage of the platform’s global reach.

(Image courtesy Global Conference on Gifted Education.)

“Information can be accessed from anywhere in the world,”said Leslie Graves, member of the Executive Council for the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, who presented at the virtual meeting on Aug. 27. “For example, there were people from at least ten different countries there last night.”

The low cost of the platform is also a major benefit, she added, since the organization is able to keep the meetings free for participants.

“They can see and hear speakers they would normally have to travel and pay to see,” she said. “For the presenter, it is a good platform, because they get a broad exposure to a multicultural and international audience.”

Although the organization is headquartered in Bavaria, in southern Germany, the events are conducted in English. Graves herself works in Ireland as an educational consultant and resource advisor.

This month’s topic was about how libraries benefit gifted children. Previous topics included underachievers, supporting the emotional needs of gifted children, and using virtual world technology in gifted education.

Last month, David Deeds, technology manager and teacher at the Changchun American International School in China, talked about starting an OpenSim grid for education.

Next month, Mary Bruck, founder and the President of Critical Thinking Institute LLC, will talk about engaging students in critical and divergent thinking. Attendees can preregister for the event here.

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Miriam Pia

Miriam Pia is a freelance business and technology writer based in Dörverden, Germany.

3 Responses

  1. Lisa Coradn says:

    As a regular attendee of these conferences, I think this article is remiss in not recognizing the organizer, Roya Klingner. Her creative and innovative skills make this all possible. I do thank you for raising awareness of the conferences. They provide a fantastic opportunity to hear world renown speakers from around the world in the comfort of your own home.

  2. Joe Builder says:

    I think its a great Idea 🙂 But if it pretains to Opensims SL is the last place to hold a conference. Many Grids have set up areas for Speakers and Confrences but seems they always find there way back home (SL). Go figure, I was under the impression almost everyone wanted to leave the SL tyranny, who has set up home base in opensims? I guess not.

  3. Joe —

    Second Life is actually still the best place to hold conferences. More people have Second Life avatars than avatars on OpenSim grids, so fewer of your guests will have to register, create new avatars, etc…

    In addition, Second Life has the best voice of any grid. Avination is the only other grid with Vivox voice, and Whisper voice still isn't finished. (Though it sounds fantastic. I can't wait for it to be done.)

    If you're creating a conference space for a captive audience, then you can create avatars for everyone (say, for your employees or students) and manually install Whisper for them — or use the company behind Avination to get a Vivox-enabled private grid.