vComm and its team offer a whole range of services and products in support of various aspects of the setup and running of virtual platforms, including Second Life und Open Simulator.

Virtual Worlds

Services Offered:

  • Landscaping:¬†design of scenery, parks, plants and open air spaces as well as their realization.
  • Architecture and interior design: architecture and design of buildings, auditoriums, offices, and common rooms.
  • Construction: the construction of buildings, offices, reception and common areas, auditoriums, education and training rooms as well as objects to be used as pieces of furniture or commodities. This covers everything from furniture to presentation screens to coffee cups, the pictures on the walls, carpets, elevators and much more.
  • Scripting: many objects have a dynamic function that can be programmed using scripting language: vehicles, coffee machines, elevators and teleporting equipment, presentation tools, doors. Scripting is also of importance in game-like applications, for example in team-building events.
  • Avatar Design: creation of lifelike avatars based on real people, together with clothing, hair and accessories
  • Virtual Presentations in Second Life and OpenSim: Powerpoint presentations can be uploaded to vComm server, without having to manually convert them into images, and to present them in Second Life on a virtual screen. The company also offers a wide range of tools to support training, workshops and presentations.
  • Training: VComm can train users, and also offers coaching for in-world meeting moderators.
  • Meeting Space: VComm rents¬† auditoriums, seminar rooms and conference rooms.