MA Rentals

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US $35 (25 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on OSGrid, with no setup fee and 14-days free trial. Payment via PayPal, OMC, L$, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Other region prices include:

  • $6 (4 Euro) for a 1,000-prim region (available to customers who have at least one other region size)
  • $15 (10 Euro) for a 3,500-prim region
  • $70 (50 Euro) for a 45,000-prim region

Support for OMC multi-grid currency, windlight, Vivox voice, hypergrid, email module, NPCs, and more. Educator discounts available.

MA Rentals has been offering OpenSim region hosting since 2009. Connections are also available to OSgrid, GermanGrid, Metropolis and World4Us. Other open grids available on request.  Support in English and German.

Customrs have access to a bugtracker and an administration panel that offers region restarts, renames, owner transfers, OAR and IAR uploads and downloads, terrain uploads and downloads, region restores, cloning of regions between different grids, and region and visitor statistics.

A demo of the webpanel is available here.

See land sales page here.