Zetamex Network

Zetamex logoUS $15 per month for a 20,000-prim region with up to 40 simultaneous visitors on Metropolis, Zetamex, Atek, WestWorld or other open grid. No setup fee.

Can be configured as four separate regions, or as 16-region variable-sized region. Includes a management console with restarts and region backups.

Other price options also available, including:

  • $35 a month for 60,000 prims and up to 80 avatars, on up to nine separate regions or a 16-region variable-sized region
  • $70 a month for 120,000 prims and 100 avatars, on up to 16 separate regions or a 16-region variable-sized region

Read more about simulator hosting here.

Hosting also available for white-label commercial grids at $25 a month for the central grid services. Grid hosting also includes a 15 percent discount on simulator plans for any regions added to the grid, and allows attachment of self-hosted regions.

  • Zetamex gives most excellent service. I highly recommend them.

  • I have been using Zetamex’s Hosting Services for around a year now, for my regions I have in the Metropolis Grid.

    It was easy for this non-tech type to get going and any questions I had were answered quickly via their customer service interface. Tim has always been there to help with any issues but I can’t recall I have had any other than tech questions. How to use the console and such things.

    I first started with an offering he had for a free region for the only requirement being to put a sign to their site that had been created, and it is still there @ HG hypergrid.org:8002:formyfriends.

    I liked how he handled things and was comfortable enough to start paying out some real money, but even so, he has such low pricing on entry regions/simulator use that it allows me much freedom and places to display my terrains business, all in Metropolis.

    I have recommended him to many people and promote him whenever I get the opportunity, and some of my best Meta friends rent from him…this trust is important to me.

    I have a 25 region cluster that is limited use types where I display all sorts of terrains I made. HG @ hypergrid.org:8002:pupae and look around, if you wish to. Feel free to ask me to drop in any from my sales page. http://minethere.blogspot.com/2013/05/region-creations-portal.html

  • Jo Ireto

    I used to recommend ZW.. it was a smooth running grid, quiet, not involved in drama, which suited perfectly for a couple that just wanted their own sim to enjoy. Unfortunately, not quite sure what happened but since a couple of weeks ago, it’s littered with bugs, I haven’t been able to log in and reach our sim, at the time of this post, it’s been a week since I can even log in to the grid! The ticket service which was expedite, now tickets are piling up and going unanswered, even with some “brush off” replies suggesting “it’s your fault”.. that you can’t log in to ‘our’ grid! And to top it all of, you can’t find a website that actually has any news, there are at least four and they all seem in complete disconnect with one another.
    I would love to recommend ZW again.

    • hack13

      I apologize that you are having issues. We are working hard to resolve the issues that seem to be plauging ZetaWorlds users, we have just resolved about 80% of them and are on the last leg of the updates. As for keeping up with us, be sure to check the ZetaWorlds site and our Google+

      • Jo Ireto

        Thank you for your reply, it’s very much appreciated. We have really enjoyed one year of stay in ZW. But the lack of communication was disheartening and in this, the websites are a problem. Especially with some of the ticket replies we got. It’s understandable that issues will arise, if only those were communicated promptly, people wouldn’t feel deserted. Best of luck.