FireSabre waives fees for ReactionGrid refugees

Press release: Set-up fees waived for displaced ReactionGrid customers

HOUSTON — FireSabre, LLC, which operates Starlight virtual worlds for education, will waive set-up fees for the next 30 days for anyone displaced from ReactionGrid’s OpenSim environment.

ReactionGrid recently announced a move away from providing OpenSim hosting services to focus on its proprietary Unity-based Jibe virtual world platform.

Starlight offers both secure private spaces aimed at K-12 users as well as Starlight Public Spaces for educational non-profits, colleges,
universities and other educational users that want a public-facing virtual world.

Starlight Grid. (Image courtesy FireSabre.)

Starlight operates on an enhanced Aurora-Sim platform, a next-generation OpenSim environment that’s more stable, high-performance and, in general, offers much more functionality. It offers Vivox voice, groups, professional tech support, and offline message capability. It supports mesh. There’s also a web dashboard for browser-based account and world management functions including creating groups and accounts, ejecting and banning, tech support, restarting regions, and access to metrics and sim stats.

Fred Fuchs

Fred Fuchs, FireSabre CEO, said the company is committed, in principle and practice, to the idea that residents need to be able to create content.

“The ability of the average resident to build their own content is an important part of Starlight and we believe it is vital for education,” he said.

A basic $150 per month package includes 262,144 square meters of land (equivalent to four Second Life or OpenSim islands), and allows use of 100,000 prims. Spaces have been stress-tested, and support well over 200 avatars at a time.


FireSabre, launched in 2006, has long been one of the leading suppliers of virtual worlds for education, dating back to its work in Second Life’s TeenGrid. The Houston-based company helped create the first non-profit educational project for TeenGrid and built the first K-12 build for a school on TeenGrid. For more information, visit

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5 Responses

  1. Otaku Zone says:

    There are actuality grids that charge setup fees to begin with?

    • Otaku —

      Most don’t, especially those that have automated the region setup process.

      Some still do, especially if there’s a lot of manual configuration work involved or if they do a lot of custom setups for customers. Enterprise and education customers, for example, often have more complex requirements than folks looking for generic residential regions.

      — Maria

      •' Snoopy Pfeffer says:

        We at Dreamland Metaverse use highly sophisticated service management tools, that allow us to even offer private OpenSim grids without additional setup changes. But at the end what counts is, that you are a reliable OpenSim hosting partner, offering best service quality. As oldest and most experienced OpenSim hosting provider, chosen by many well known corporations and education institutions, we know what we talk about.

      •' Ilan Tochner says:

        Setting up things manually can be time consuming but there is very
        little reason for things to be set up manually in the first place so
        very little justification to charge setup fees. Automated processes can be created to quickly handle all the various usage scenarios and all the various system maintenance tasks . When existing automation isn’t enough it should be extended so that it will be.

        Kitely, for example, not only doesn’t charge setup fees it offers a free plan which enables people to create a region supporting up to 100,000 prims and 100 users with a press of a button. In other words, with Kitely you don’t need to spend money on setup fees and you don’t need to wait for us to setup the region for you – it’s all done automatically without delay.

        When we add new capabilities we add automation to support them as well so our system will continue working without people needing to seek our customer support. The system detects when servers hang and automatically restarts them, multiple backups are created automatically, etc.

  2. Ener Hax says:

    i also wave the fees for sim-on-a-stick setup! =D

    (actually, i was thinking of offering a custom version with a user named avatar and a fancy Corsair stick for like $50, wonder if anyone would do that?)