Firestorm opens office in OSGrid

The Firestorm viewer now has an office on OSGrid, project developers announced yesterday.

According to Jessica Lyon, lead developer at Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc. the office is located on two regions donated by Walter Balazic, owner of the Littlefield Grid and founder of the Littlefield community on OSGrid.

OSGrid is the largest grid running on the OpenSim platform, and is hypergrid-enabled, allowing travel to other grids. OSGrid residents who want to visit the Firestorm office can find and teleport to “Firestorm Island” in the viewer’s Map window. Residents of other grids can hypergrid teleport to Island if their home grid allows hypergrid teleporting.

The Firestorm viewer has traditionally been aimed primarily at Second Life users — in fact, it was recently ranked both the most popular and the most stable viewer on that grid.

Firestorm developers recently announced support for an OpenSim-focused version of the viewer, however, to comply with Linden Lab and Havoc licensing requirements.

“Having a region there helps us to further test Firestorm’s OpenSim capabilities and work towards ironing out all the bugs,” Lyon said in her announcement.

There are some areas, such as megaregions, hypergrid teleports, logins to multiple grids, and prim and building limits, where the standard distribution of OpenSim differs from Second Life.

The new Firestorm headquarters. (Image courtesy Jessica Lyon.)

Firestorm has also started working with the Simulation & Training Technology Center, a branch of the United States Army Research Laboratory to help make OpenSim more secure for their grid, Lyon wrote. The Army will also be contributing some of their work to the Firestorm viewer.

Although the Simulation & Training Technology Center does have a presence in Second Life, their focus remains on OpenSim, she added

Although the release date for the next version of Firestorm has not yet been announced, many features of the new version have. According to Lyon, the new version will contain features like saving or restoring custom camera positions, a spellchecker and autoreplace function, a new font designed for dyslexic people, and many more.






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Anastasia Korolov

Anastasia Korolov is a graduate student in plasma physics and freelance technology writer based in Washington, D.C.

12 Responses

  1. Ener Hax says:

    that is really great news! thanks Anastasia

    * pet peeve – this is even improperly cased by Adam Frisby, but i think it is OSgrid – lower case “g” (lol, sez the one who is pseudo-bauhaus style when it comes to any capitalisation!) =)

  2.' minethere says:

    just informed a bunch of folx in island oasis of this article….really good to see firestorm working on this….much needed!!

  3.' Frans says:

    Wow, they made a actual office building?
    You would think that the makers of a Virtual World client would have some clue on what would make a good virtual experience. Office buildings are generally the least engaging environment you can create.

    •' Sam says:

      What do you suggest a cuddle cave or a space station? Some people try to be professional, I saw the building it’s awesome.

      •' Frans says:

        I’m not suggesting such themes as a cave or a space station, that is the wrong starting point for design. You start with what you are trying to tell people or have them do and then what you minimally need to accomplish that, and for VR where you locate that in space. You will have to come up with a design sauce that things will be themed in, sure.

        A office is just a bunch of rooms stacked on top of each other, I would object to that if it was set in a cave or a space station too. That very literally stacking on top of each other is a necessity for RL offices that is not really the case for a Virtual locations. Specifically when you see the amount of space in front of it that seems to be without function, other than framing a rectangular building.

        •' sam says:

          How do you know there isn’t a plan for the space in front of the building?

          •' Frans says:

            I will stand corrected on that, if there is. As this is a opening message in public, I can criticize the design choice.

          • Ener Hax says:

            i want a cuddle cave! that’s a wicked cute idea! but an office building is okay – to each their own and they are hardcore viewer coders! who cares what their building looks like, just how well it renders in their viewer! =D

            Maria, i have to really stop myself with OSGrid because that seems to make more sense and many of the devs spell it that way – my years of teaching make the typos of other jump out (but i don’t see my own and will blame being a frog for any English misspellings!) =D

        •' CandleFOREX says:

          What are they to do? Draw a virtual office and pretend its there?