Island Oasis invites grid owners to confab

Island Oasis, a commercial social grid, is inviting other grid owners to a grid summit to discuss griefing, copyright protection, creating an association for grid owners, and other issues.

The First Annual Live Summit of Virtual Worlds will be held on March 15, 2013 on the Island Oasis grid, the company announced this week.

Chilling on Island Oasis. (Image courtesy John Mossman.)

“This is actually something that I and my partner have had in mind for quite some time now,” grid co-founder Karl Dreyer told Hypergrid Business. He goes by Damean Paolino in-world, and his co-founder and partner is Nicole Oberlin, also known as Sugar Paolino in-world. “We have always felt that having an open dialog between grid owners could be greatly beneficial for all and can go a long way in furthering the growth and viability of virtual communities around the world.”

Dreyer and Oberlin decided to announce the summit now because of some recent events and issues that arose on the grid.

“I feel that the obstacles and issue that we’ve encountered cannot be unique only to Island Oasis,” he said. “I’m confident that the vast majority of grid owners have encountered these or similar issues at one time or another.”

Most recently, Island Oasis received negative attention for their decision to ban Linda Kellie, a well-known creator of free content for the OpenSim community. You can get free avatars, buildings, animations — even entire regions — on her site. In addition, many grids — including Island Oasis itself — have used her content to jump-start their freebie stores and help newcomers settle in. Her content is all-original, no strings attached, and can be used for any purpose, including commercial, and, as a result, she’s become the closest thing to a celebrity in the OpenSim universe. You can read her open letter to Island Oasis here.

One issue at stake is the degree to which grid can promote themselves on other grids. As some grid members can get very passionate about their chosen virtual communities, conflicts can arise.

“I feel that an open forum and, yes, possibly the formation of a formal organization, will foster a sense of cooperation and an ongoing open dialog between the grid owners, subsequently benefiting all of the parties involved and ultimately benefiting the residents of all virtual worlds,” said Dreyer. “We’re not claiming to have all of the answers, and yes, we acknowledge and respect the fact that we are all still in competition with each other to varying degrees. We are simply taking the first steps in trying to bring the grid owners together in a casual town hall-type environment.”

Dreyer said that Island Oasis will be making an effort to contact as many other grid owners as possible before the event and give them an opportunity to contribute to the agenda and discussion topics.

The summit will be held on Island Oasis, which is not accessible via the hypergrid. Those wishing to attend the event can register for an Island Oasis account here, if they have not done so already.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

12 Responses

  1.' Gaga says:

    I think not being Hypergrid enabled will put off many grid owners that are since that is how they choose to travel. Also, a lot of people are plain tired of bothering with yet another avatar registration.

    Still, I think it is a good idea and I promoted it on Opensim Virtual here…

    Island Oasis cordially invites other Grid Owners to attend their 1st Annual Live Summit of Virtual Worlds.

  2.' Esme Darkstone says:

    Seems as if sensationalism rules the day, anything to shift focus to amass the readers instead of the reality of what was announced. Recently Island Oasis made an announcement on their News page announcing a Summit. The same day I wrote a Blog article about community and thought “hey, great way to add at the end the announcement of the Summit” since furthering a sense of community is hoped for with the Summit.

    While my Blog post does touch on one or two issues such as promoting a grid on your own land in another virtual world as well as the sentiment of a shared sense of community the post was no way intended to state (and it doesn’t) that the point of the summit it to focus on 1 resident, one residents issues with the Island Oasis grid, nor is there anything “at stake”. The opening statement posted in this article leaves the reader assuming what the focus of the summit is. Which is indeed a bit misleading. Yes, it was asked of one of the Island Oasis grid founders if the topics of grieving, copyright protection, creating an association for grid owners, and other issues would be covered and yes those topics may be covered and yes they most certainly could but it is not the focus of the Summit nor the main topics of the Summit. In short, the way it was presented in this article was intentional and left as an opening to again focus on one resident and that particular residents issues as well as leaves an opening for the author to again cite accolades for an individual. Sadly what was NOT asked was whether the announcement of the Summit was sparked by any interaction with any particular resident. Sounds like more sensationalism in an effort to keep drama in the focus and another excuse to bring up 1 particular user/contributor of virtual worlds. Where has actual reporting gone? or have we all been reduced to using real news topics as a means and as a platform for supporting a person especially when the supposed topic of an article is regarding something completely unrelated?

    The article could have had the same opening statements that could be said to be true:
    “Island Oasis, a commercial social grid, is inviting other grid owners to a grid summit to discuss Educators in a Virtual World, Non-Profit organizations in a Virtual World, Grid features, Viewers, Servers, Data bases and other issues.”

    Now re-read that opening statement of this article and re-read the above sample I just gave. You would be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere to say they carry the same sentiment. The one I just gave, while being just as accurate, since both statements include the words “other issues” it isn’t being used as an opening to completely shift the focus to another unrelated topic.

    So why the Summit? The Summit has been discussed for many months by the Island Oasis founders and due to recent developments such as how the asset server(s) store the asset data as well as increasing land owner abilities has sparked the desire to set the date and make the announcement of the date of the Summit. These recent in-world developments is the sole reason the Summit date was finalized and the announcement made. Any further assumptions are erroneous. The only thing in regards to potential Summit topics stated in the previous Blog post had said nothing specific. To quote my own blog
    “Furthering the sense of community between Island Oasis and other grids, the owners of Island Oasis cordially invites Grid Owners to attend their First Annual Live Summit of Virtual Worlds they will be hosting on March 15, 2013. During the Summit the floor will be open for public discussion of a myriad of topics specific to virtual worlds and grid owners.”
    Neither was there a list of topics posted on the Island Oasis News release.

    No list of topics for the Summit have been released yet since the Owners of the Island Oasis are currently acquiring a list of topics that other Grid Owners are most wanting to be addressed. Both founders of the Island Oasis grid are open to suggested topics as relating specifically and solely to Grid Owners. Any grid owner can contact them via email. Once that tentative list is compiled, this too will be announced on the Island Oasis News.

    Summit topics can be any of the following: Community between Virtual Worlds, Educators in a Virtual World, Non-Profit organizations in a Virtual World, Grid features, Viewers, Servers, Data bases, coding, virtual land, mega regions vs non-mega regions, in-world- features for residents, security, copyright protection and so much more.

    What the Summit will NOT be is a grandstanding platform for issues revolving around one specific resident, but rather issues specific to being a Grid Owner and community & communication between Grid Owners. Only Grid Owners will be allow to attend the Summit. Press releases regarding the summit will be as per each Grid Owner has authorized to release.

    So lets leave the sensationalism out of it, personal platforms and personal agendas out of it and stick to the facts or at least rethink the titles of our written pieces to accurately reflect the point of the article and the topics contained therein. I am looking forward to reading the facts of the outcome of the Summit. When I want opinions and sensationalism or reporting that attempts to link two unrelated topics together I will look for the National Enquirer.

    Alysin Paolino
    Marketing Director, Island Oasis

  3.' Hans Nerido says:

    The grid Owners need a association ? to protecd copyrights ? Griefers ? and issues ?

    hmm??? the contet creators and inworld builders gave you the right to talk about our creations ? some creators did but only this ones they want make money here in opensim. so a few ppl say now whats going on in opensim because they want steal the money from other Users ?
    Dear Owners i smell BULLSHIT
    you want talk about griefers ? really ? you must make an association to talk about 1
    griefer ??? i know only our all friend Jack, or is Linda an griefer and other ppl like her ?
    i semll it again.

    Before you talk about copyrights talk with your builders and conten creators, if you try to ban the user on your grid, like the users can leave your grid but without the content i promise you alot content creators and builders leave your grid.
    If you need RULES like in SL go to Linden Labs beging there and maybe you can add your Grid to the SL grid, they love ppl like you.

    I know a server is not cheap, but if you cant pay GO WORK dont steal the money from other ppl. For this behave from you i have only one word MONEYSHARKS

    Dear Users, this Owners want talk about you but with you ? NO

    I’m from the Metropolis Grid and i asked my Owner you want go there and talk about my copyrights ? the answer was clear Hans i never go there and talk about your copyrights or the copyrights from my other builders and content creators.
    If we need anything to change we talk at first toghether and not with other grid owners.
    i think this is the right way, the other way is a behave like Linden Labs
    we donf need new rules to help some ppl to make money here because they are to lazy to go work every day.

    We have alot Grids around with only a few rules :
    respect other people not matter where they from or what they believe
    respect the copyrights from other people, or you must leave the grid
    we dont need more rules for the spirit of OpenSim.

    only some people need more rules, to protecd you, or your stuff ?
    NO only to make more money with YOU !
    If you wont this, LEAVE this Grids dont spend your money for nothing.


    • Hans,

      Not sure where you are getting your information but to clarify a couple of points no one with Island Oasis has said anything about grid owners NEEDING an association, but instead hold the sentiment that one would be beneficial. After Island Oasis first announced the date for the Summit Maria had contacted one of Island Oasis’ co-founders and asked:

      “Do you plan to use the meeting to found an organization for grid owners, to discuss cross-grid griefing, copyright protection, or other issues?”

      The response she was given from Damean Paolino was:

      “I feel that an open forum and, Yes, possibly the formation of a formal organization, will foster a sense of cooperation and an ongoing open dialog between the grid owners, subsequently benefiting all of the parties involved and ultimately benefiting the residents of all virtual worlds.”

      The Summit is NOT to talk about individuals creations. The purpose of the Summit for Grid Owners is to discuss issues relevant to being a Grid Owner. The day to day functions of operating such a business. It is about the Grid Owners work. Yes dealing with residents is part of the daily work of a Grid Owner but there are many, many more issues to be covered that are relevant to operating a Grid.

      As for “do we want to talk to residents?” YES! Which is why since the first month Island Oasis began in early 2011 the Staff has hosted a Town Hall meeting open to all residents to attend. The open meeting is purposefully held twice to accommodate residents of differing time zones. After presenting grid announcements the floor is opened up to residents to openly ask or discuss issues they choose. Beyond that we have a number of ways residents can contact staff if they need assistance both in and out of world.

      I won’t go into lengthy commentary on your other incorrect statements/assumptions, but in short… we do work, we no problem paying for our servers and do not steal and we charge less than most grids, since money isn’t our focus, and we do care about protecting the creator and follow the rules to ensure protection. To date we have had only 1 DMCA filed with the grid and YES the content was removed.

      And again to be perfectly clear: The Summit is NOT to talk about individuals creations. The purpose of the Summit for Grid Owners is to discuss issues relevant to being a Grid Owner. The day to day functions of operating such a business. It is about the Grid Owners work.

      Marketing Director, Island Oasis LLC

  4.' Avia says:

    If I read this article well it seems Oasis wants to go transparant with all other grids and discuss several issues like copyrights etc.

    First of all, in my opinion, the issue with Linda Kellie, in Oasis, should have been seen as a transparant way of working from her side, and she should not have been banned because one gridowner accused her of dragging peeps out of Oasis.

    If they are followers of transparant working with all grids, they should have encouraged that instead. Am I confused or they?

    Second , as a content creator, I am a follower of free content for all, but… leave the credits with the content creator.

    Which is technically not working.. yet?

    Then why do we all this efforts, while I think, put that effort in solving the isssue with copyright to leave the name of the contentcreator on the content, in any world. That would solve all this overloaded discussions, and it would be a standard rule, which is written for open simulators.

    Third, I don’t think all gridowners are open for an association which probably takes too much time about discussing issues and a diversity of ideas which will never fit in one association.

    •' [GM]Leviathen says:

      And again The linda Kellie issue has NOTHING and then NOTHING to do with all of this.. FORGET linda KELLIE it isnt the first time she get banned from a grid anyway, so can we for once stop about linda kellie, she is a history subject so lets move on and look forward to all the great things that still can be done at Open simulators.

      And again comments and the discussions are misunderstanding..

      because, the summit is intended to welcome ALL grid Owners.. NOT JUST hypergrid, There are more ways, its not only hypergrid.

      but i am kinda sick and tired to read over and OVER and OVER again about 1 person while its not about 1 person..

      1 person isnt the most importend thing of Opengrids..

      simple example with SL it self.

      1 linden is just 1 linden.. and not the whole world.

      and anti copybot i am game for that.. that will Benefit ALL residents on ALL grids not only IO but for ANY grid owner.

      Best Regards


      •' Avia says:

        Seems I rather have upset you writing about Linda Kellie, but you should understand that she is a rolemodel for an open and transparant way of working in all grids for many users. So it should not be ignored.
        Seems you stucked on the word ‘Linda Kellie’, but
        If you read my message further you see what I mean and what I am standig for. I stay to that.

  5.' Starchild says:

    Setup one sim that is over 4096 away from Island Oasis mainland. Allow Hypergrid to that sim for the meeting for that weekend or day. Make sure people can get to that sim from OSGrid. Now you have a nuetral location. Better yet just set it up on OSGrid. Island Oasis can still be the “host” of the event – just make it where we can come from everywhere. Walled gardens and freebie content are killing opensim. Anything that is free is not going to promote growth.

  6. Ener Hax says:

    wow, the power one avatar has eh? sheesh!