Kitely seeks input on new marketplace

Kitely — the low-cost, cloud-based OpenSim grid — is planning to launch an online content marketplace, and is looking for content creators to provide input about what features they would like to see.

Discussions began at in-world meetings on November 28 and December 4, and have since continued online, on the Kitely users forum.

Content creators have been asked to suggest possible categories and subcategories for objects, and what types of information about content would be useful for merchants and buyers.

Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner

“Our goal is to improve upon the Second Life Marketplace,” Kitely CEO Ilan Tochnerย toldย Hypergrid Business. “Content creators have already told us various ways in which they believe this can be achieved.”

One major difference is that Kitely allows users to copy or download entire regions, in the form of OAR files. In addition, Kitely plans to offer hypergrid connectivity in the future, allowing users to teleport to other grids. Some content creators may be fine with having their content leave the grid, while others are not.

To deal with this, Kitely marketplace merchants will be able to sell their content with export permissions, or without.

“Content creators will be able to sell content at different prices for items with and without this export permission — or not offer this option at all if they wish to make the content Kitely-specific,” Tochner said. “Content creators and buyers can have the best of both world. The same content protection you get with a closed grid while maintaining the ability to export OAR files and, in the future, export items via the hypergrid.”

The marketplace will start getting rolled out in the “next couple of months,” he said. But details are still being worked out, he added.

“And the full functionality won’t be available all at once,” he said. “We will deploy things in stages.”

Those interested in learning more about the marketplace can also come to the regular Kitely Mentor Group meetings, he said, which are every Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. SLT on the Kitely Beach region.

Kitely Beach, location of the Kitely Mentor Group meetings. (Image courtesy Kitely.)

Merchants looking to get a head start can start uploading their content to Kitely today, he added, using Imprudence, Angstrom, or Second Inventory.

Each user gets six free hours of use the first month they sign up, plus one free region capable of holding up to 100,000 prims. They get two free hours each month after that.

In other Kitely news, grid regions will now load faster, co-founder and VP of R&D Oren Hurvitz announced today.

“The improvements we rolled out today make Kitely perform significantly better than regular OpenSim,” said Tochner. “Worlds start faster, assets appear more quickly, and lag after login has almost been eliminated.ย ย It’s even more impressive when the viewer cache has been cleared beforehand so you can see how much better assets are streamed in Kitely than in Second Life and regular OpenSim. This is very big news from a usability point of view.”

This improvement will go into effect the second time a region is started after the upgrade goes into effect, he added.

In addition, Angstrom has been added as a supported viewer, Hurvitz announced.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

25 Responses

  1.' Ilan Tochner says:

    Thank you Maria,

    We’re currently using the Kitely Mentors Group as a type of focus group and a place for shared brainstorming of ideas for how to create the best virtual world marketplace for both merchants and buyers.

    I really recommend that merchants who wish to expend their customer base from SL to other grids join us and participate in these discussions. Now is the time to help form a marketplace that addresses the various issues people have been complaining about in the SL marketplace.

    The first stage of the marketplace roll-out will include the merchant control panel so that merchants will be able to prepare their offerings before the marketplace is open for business.

    I recommend that content creators who wish to
    sell on the Kitely Marketplace start uploading their content into
    Kitely today. They can use the free region they get with our Free Plan
    to set up a private world into which they can import their
    content and test it in a safe environment. Importing content can be done via regular viewer uploads (there
    is no upload cost in Kitely), via Imprudence or Angstrom, and via Second
    Inventory (instructions for using Second Inventory with Kitely can be found here!startviewers ).

  2. Ener Hax says:

    dang Ilan! you and Oren are so busy with just about every aspect possible with OpenSim! excellent and good luck!

  3.' Minethere says:

    exciting!!–)) and now i know why my region page was down today..hehe
    I made a note to try and come to Wednesday meetings…I wish I could get my friend Anna of Inbiz Market for inwz to join in…but she is to busy, it seems.

  4. Gaga says:

    Personally, I am not a fan of web market place sites and, while I accept they speed up product search, viewing and delivery I feel the downside is they take people away from in-world stores which makes it less viable to maintain them. I speak with some experience having run a themed trader’s market in Second Life for over three years now. I can tell you that three years ago my in-world sales were much higher than today while the traffic has gone through up’s and down’s but not changed nearly as much. I sell my own stuff and affiliated goods so I know exactly what the sales are. Many other role play venues also rely on market sales and rents to offset their sim costs just like I do but, for many – including some I know personally – they rely almost totally on renting plots. I have advised filling the empty plots with affiliate stuff to keep some revenue coming in and that works up to a point but, irrespective, sales are down by more then half what they were several years ago for all but the most busy regions, and even those are down on what they were.

    I have more to say on the reasons why and what I think should be done about it here…
    but suffice to say that a lot of merchant vendors are closing their in-world stores in Second Life which is hitting the land rental business just as hard as other pressures. Kitely is still a small commercial grid so it is unlikely they will experience the same problems that SL Market Place causes in-world trading in Second Life but if the grid grows and trading seriously increases then the Kitely Market place will hog the trade and keep people from using the stores as much. Sadly, too many vendors and merchants are just there to make money so market place sites suit them fine. No wasting money in-world on store fronts and, by the same token, they don’t spend any of what they earn to help the economy go round. And that means they don’t contribute to the community either. They are net takers and just there for the money!

    • True that. Just to add that SL residents closing up shop is probably less to do with less visits from users and more to do with the reality that the economy makes it hard to justify $300 a month for a single region, and OpenSim offering far lower price models are pulling residents out of SL by the droves.

      Here’s a case: Me! I had 3 sims in SL between 2006 and 2010. I had moved, traveled, had a lot of changes and had no choice but to turn loose of the last one because I can’t justify forking over 300 bucks a month when I’m not even online for who knows how long.

      Now with Kitely as my new home of choice, I picked up the $35 plan and that doesn’t hurt to keep sending that over each month while I’m locked into real world business and unable to get in and relax and play. Once I can clear a path, I’ll end up picking up a couple of static regions at $40 and still be able to afford leaving it static when the need arises.

  5.' Gene says:

    Ilan sounds good but I do have one question as far as a content creator
    with allowing oar files of a region to be downloaded. Is there a way to save content from being copied by the region owner to make it theirs?
    From what I have read if they down load an oar to their hard drive they can then upload it to a standalone and god mode it to them.
    Thanks Gene

    • Gene —

      Kitely has been filtering OAR exports since the summer of 2011:

      If there’s an object on the region that wasn’t created by the user, and cannot be copied or transferred, it is not saved — you get an empty area on the region where the object used to be.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi Gene,

      Kitely already filters out content from saved OAR files so that anything you didn’t create or don’t have both Copy and Transfer permissions for will be excluded from the OAR files you create. For details see:

      Our plan is to add an Export permission option to anything that will be sold using the marketplace so that you, as the content creator, will be able to decide whether the items you sell will or will not be exportable from Kitely. If you decide that a particular item won’t be exportable then Kitely will prevent it from being saved to OAR files, IAR files, and from being transferred out of Kitely to other Hypergrid connected girds and standalones (Kitely doesn’t currently support Hypergrid so no items can currently be exported using that method anyway).

      For additional details about our plans, please see the ongoing discussions taking place on the user forums and the meeting notes from the last few Kitely Mentors Group meetings:

      • I’d like to know what the mentality and rationale is with creators who don’t want their stuff being exported. I think it’s pretty anal myself but whatever. They’ll ultimately find themselves on the short end of the profit stick at the end of the day.

  6. Sharks. Zombies. We need those.

    K, I need those.

    And boat scripts that actually work.

    Looking forward to returning…hope my stuff is still there ;-p

  7.' CandleFOREX says:

    Good explanation. Your not the only one who thinks its an apples to oranges comparison.

  8.' Ilan Tochner says:

    For those following this thread, the Kitely Mentros Group meeting place has changed.

    See my post on our new official forums: