OpenSim land area, active users on the rise

The top 40 OpenSim grids gained 1,756 regions this month, the largest one-month increase since last September. It was also the second-largest increase overall, since we started keeping track in August 2008.

There are now 22,582 regions on the top 40 OpenSim grids, 269,310 registered users, and 17,602 active users. The number of active users was up by 1,398 from this time last month, the largest single-month increase on record.

Total regions or standard region equivalents on the 40 largest OpenSim grids. (Hypergrid Business data.)

A total of 213 grids reported some statistics this month, but most had few regions. In fact, the total number of regions on all 212 grids was 24,678 — leaving just around 2,000 regions distributed on the 172 smaller grids.

Popularity rankings

For company and school grids, popularity is not an issue — the grids are set up for a specific purpose, and if they meet that purpose, then they are successful. The same is true for grids run by niche communities.

But when it comes to social grids, the rule is: the bigger and busier, the better. People looking to make new friends look for grids that already have the most users. Merchants looking to sell content will go to the grids with the most potential customers. Event organizers looking for the biggest audience… you get the idea.

With that in mind, here is our listing for the 10 most popular grids this month.

Top 40 grids sorted by activity:

  1. InWorldz: 6,305 active users
  2. OSGrid: 3,588 active users
  3. Avination: 1,801 active users
  4. FrancoGrid: 1,074 active users
  5. Island Oasis: 931 active users
  6. Metropolis: 902 active users
  7. Craft World: 503 active users
  8. 3rd Rock Grid: 459 active users
  9. AviWorlds: 417 active users
  10. Kitely: 370 active users

The biggest gainer was Metropolis, which moved from seventh to sixth place as a result of a gain of more than 400 new active users. Kitely gained almost 100 new active users. InWorldz and OSGrid strengthened their leading positions with gains of around 300 and 200 new users, respectively.

AviWorlds was the only grid that made our most popular list without being a top-40 grid by land area. At 55 regions, it just missed making it onto the biggest grids list.

The two most popular commercial grids, InWorldz and Avination, are the two biggest direct competitors on the list. Both have similar region costs, both have been working on physics improvements, both protect on-grid content by prohibiting hypergrid teleports and restricting exports, and both are general-use social grids.

However, when one grid pulls away from another, it can be difficult for the other to catch up since popularity feeds on itself, especially without a clearly defined niche.

InWorldz has been pulling away from Avination recently in active users.

Active users on Avination (in red) and on InWorldz (blue). (Hypergrid Business data.)

And this seems to be reflected in region rentals, which are the primary income streams for both grids.

InWorldz region counts (blue) and Avination regions (red). (Hypergrid Business data.)

OSGrid posts gains despite controversy

OSGrid continued to face criticism about recent management decisions, including child avatars not being allowed in grid-owned plaza regions, and the end of the regular weekly town hall meetings. Some residents claim to have been banned from the grid, or from its forums, while others announced they were taking their regions away from OSGrid or demanding a refund of their PayPal donations.

OSgrid is an open grid, allowing users to connect home-based regions, or regions hosted by third-party vendors. One of the points of contention is that the new president of OSgrid, James Stallings, works for a commercial hosting company, SimHost, and some users worried that this would give SimHost an unfair advantage. However, no other hosting companies have reported any problems with the new management, and Stallings has stated that the grid will continue to be free for users to connect to.

Despite the controversy, OSGrid gained 785 new regions since this time last month, 1,022 new registered users, and 194 new active users. This could be a sign that most users welcome the new management, expect greater stability and a more sound financial and legal footing, or have simply been ignoring the dust-up.

Metropolis posts record gains

The German-language Metropolis grid got caught up in the controversy as well, since the grid was home to some of the banned avatars, who traveled to OSgrid via hypergrid teleport. OSgrid temporarily disabled hypergrid connectivity to that grid as a result. The resulting attention may have worked out in Metropolis’ favor, however, since it gained 536 regions, 422 registered users, and 448 active users this month for new record highs in each statistic.

The growth was significantly larger than any previous month on record, as well. For example, the largest previous single month gain in regions was 76 regions last September. The single largest gain in active users was 167 active users last August.

Metropolis, like OSgrid, is an open grid. Users can connect their regions, or take a region that was previously connected to, say, OSgrid, and move it over. Instructions for connecting to the grid are here. Users can also rent land from the grid, or from third-party hosting providers like Dreamland Metaverse. The grid also offers free 4,096-square meter parcels.

Check your backups. Seriously, check your backups right now.

What Virtual World closed down this month as a result of a combination of hardware, database and backup problems. They had 98 regions last month, and 172 registered users. As a result of the technical problems, most of the grid’s data was lost or corrupted.

“As [of] now we just have a third of the database. Most assets [dated] after November 19, 2012 are lost or partially available,” said owner Guy Quicksand in an announcement on the grid’s Website. Keeping the grid open wasn’t an option, he said. “We will lose all residents, lose trust… So I decided to close the doors… I am sorry for all that happened, and hope eventually you can forgive me for closing the doors at What.”

The grid will stay up until next weekend, he said, so that users can “gather what can be saved.” After that, both the grid and the website will be completely shut down.

If you are the owner of a commercial grid, this should be a reminder to ensure that you have off-site backups of all grid database and, more than that, that you do regular testing to make sure that the backups can be recovered without problems.

Toyota sponsors road safety grid in Thailand

On a brighter note, building continues on the Toyota Road Safety grid, based in Thailand. This is an educational project titled White Road Community, sponsored by Toyota and involving faculty from Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University. You can find its Facebook page here.

The grid is hypergrid-accessible, but currently under construction. I look forward to seeing what it develops into.  I’ve seen grids sponsored by technology companies like Intel or IBM, or by small virtual world consulting firms, like Virtual Event Planners International, and many grids run by schools and non-profits. But this is the first OpenSim grid I’ve seen backed by a major, non-tech corporation that is open to the public.

The Thai-language Toyota Road Safety grid.

Kitely’s planned marketplace attracts merchants, users

Kitely reported another month of growth, which, according to CEO Ilan Tochner, is due to the ongoing development of the Kitely marketplace.

Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner

“Merchants from Second Life and other OpenSim-based grids [are] starting to upload their content into Kitely in preparation for the opening of the Kitely Market,” he told Hypergrid Business. “We’re seeing some merchants that have previously only sold their content in Second Life take an interest in Kitely and we look forward to seeing their content being made available to Kitely users.”

Kitely stands out among the other OpenSim grids because of its unique hosting, pricing, and content management models.

All regions are hosted in the Amazon cloud, and can hold up to 100,000 prims and up to 100 simultaneous avatars, and can be grouped together into megaregions, or, as Kitely calls it, “Worlds” of four, nine, or sixteen regions each. These regions are only up and running when someone visits them, and go to sleep when their empty. This on-demand model allows Kitely to charge dramatically lower rates than other providers.

Kitely also offers a choice of standard monthly flat-rate billing, or billing based on time spent in-world.

Finally, Kitely allows content to be exported if and only if the creators allow. The new marketplace, for example, will allow merchants to specify whether the content must stay on Kitely, or can be exported to other grids — via the full-region OAR exports, or via the soon-to-be-rolled-out IAR inventory exports and hypergrid teleports.

The code for filtering out protected content from OAR exports has already been donated to the OpenSim community, and it’s likely that IAR filtering code will be donated, as well. The hypergrid filters may or may not be donating, depending on whether they’re part of the OpenSim basic code, or part of Kitely’s proprietary grid management infrastructure.


More than 90 grids seemed to be suspended this month, so we’re not going to list them all here. Most of them are either would-be commercial grids that are in the pre-launch stages, school grids that are currently not in use, or personal grids that have been down each time we checked. If they stay down we will mark them as closed.

Meanwhile, we’ve added several new grids to our database, including AuroraScapeAtcradarTamerlane GridV Life OnlineFlownet VillageISV FairfieldNovusKTU Uzem, Swiss GridHousecity, Ingen LabNuevoBlueMoonFantasy-Estates, Sundbyberg, Han Held Home, and the unfortunately named Secondlife World, which is probably about to get a letter from Linden lawyers any time now.

If there’s a public grid we’re not tracking, please email us at [email protected]. There’s no centralized way to find OpenSim grids, so if you don’t tell us about it, and Google doesn’t alert us, we won’t know about it.

The official OpenSim website — — began tracking download numbers for the software last month, and this month’s total is 4,223  downloads for four different versions of the packaged OpenSim software, up significantly from 1,472 downloads last month. Part  of the increase was due to the release of a new version of OpenSim, 0.7.5.

The Diva Distro, a more user-friendly version of OpenSim, has been downloaded 543 times over the past month. The total number of Diva Distro downloads now stands at 19,279. This does not mean that there are nineteen thousand mini-grids out there, however — someone might download the software but never use it, or download it once and use it to set up many grids. And it doesn’t include the Diva Distros used as part of the New World Studio distribution of OpenSim.

Diva Distro is also part of Sim-on-a-Stick, a version of OpenSim packaged to run on a USB stick, which was downloaded 542 times since last month, for a new total of 17,389  downloads.

Meanwhile, according to data from The Hypergates, the number of hypergate jumps on their network increased by 1,263, to 13,056, the largest increase in two years. The system now has 675 registered hypergates, up by 6 from last month, on 63 different grids.

This data is very limited, however. For example, not all hypergates are part of The Hypergates network — anyone can create their own hypergate by dropping a script on any object, such as our touch or walk-through single-destination hypergate script. In addition, many people do hypergrid jumps without using any gate at all, simply by typing a hypergrid address into Map-Search, or by using a hypergrid landmark created during a previous jump. There is currently no way of tracking that traffic.

Our own Hyperica directory now tracks 110 grids that are accessible via hypergrid. This past month also saw 76 unique visitors to the Hyperica in-world hypergate terminals, down from 83 the previous month.

Meanwhile, Second Life continued to lose land according to data from GridSurvey, with 227 fewer regions today than the same time last month. The Second Life grid now has 27,722  regions, down 2,779 regions from this time last year, and 4,163 fewer regions than its peak in June of 2010. According to GridSurvey, the last time the grid was this small was in June of 2009.

February Region Counts on the Top 40 Grids

We are now tracking a total of 540 different publicly-accessible grids, 232 of which were active this month, and 213 of which published their statistics. There were a total of 24,678  regions,  286,798 registered users, and 19,496  active users on all 213 grids.

Many school, company or personal grids do not publish their numbers.

The raw data for this month’s report is hereA list of all active grids is here.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

69 Responses

  1.' hack13 says:

    29th place… not bad for 15 days old 😀 GO AURORASCAPE GO!

  2.' Hannah says:

    There’s a few points that are not correct.

    “The German-language Metropolis grid
    got caught up in the controversy as well, since the grid was home to
    some of the banned avatars, who traveled to OSgrid via hypergrid
    teleport. OSgrid temporarily disabled hypergrid connectivity to that
    grid as a result. ”
    1)Metropolis may be german based, but they are expanding beyond being “german language” -their site and forum are supporting english as well.
    2)Avatars were banned *after* moving to Metropolis, the ones that moved to Metropolis from osgrid had not been banned, and **most** remain unbanned in osgrid.
    3)Your phrasing implies that people were engaging in harassment from metropolis grid. It did not -the closest was that someone who was unaware of the conflict tp’d as a kid avi to osgrid.

    4)As far as I’m able to tell, hypergrid teleports are still disabled on OSGrid’s end, and no end date has been announced by the osgrid administration. That means that they are not “temorary”, they will be “temporary” once connectivity has been restored, and not before.

    • I hope the hypergrid connectivity is restored soon, and from what I’m hearing, the grid admins are looking at other solutions to the cross-grid griefing problem.

      If the block does become permanent It would be very bad news indeed for the hypergrid, since OSgrid and Metropolis are two large, significant, open grids and should have good connections in place.

      •' Minethere says:

        What cross-grid griefing? Is there some proof of this? I personally only know of one person who said they were from osg come to one of my regions and try to cause me issues. I mostly ignored this person and ejected/banned them when it became clear they were just trouble makers.

        I have seen much worse elsewhere.

        Griefing in anything but sl is largely a non-issue and owning our own regions makes it a simple thing to deal with, for the most part. We don’t have to wait on some admin to baby-sit us to safety-))

        The hg block is silly and self-defeating. To my thinking it is only just some hot heads trying to show they are the king of the block. bleh, give ’em all some shots of estrogen to calm ’em down a bit-)))) Have ’em walk around naked for a while-)))

        HG blocks are simple to overcome anyways, I do not see the point. All ado ’bout nothing.

        •' Guest says:

          Hi Lady,

          proof it self and do your self a favour trust only what you self see. in the alst weeks i saw so manny fake posts you cant know who you can trust. look in the osgrid forum Han is back he is the newest member now there. than look for jamie wright she post anything with an falling ava from the sky after tp. so when she can make inworld an tp she is not banned. than look in the metro forum you find them both there.
          the same with galen, he is not banned.

          i think the most guys they moved you know self, so you can proof it
          only some guys they throw the mud in the osgrid AFTER !!! they moved, was banned.

          i’m sure this would happend on all grids, no owner say thanks when ppl throw mud in the grid after they leave it.

          i see no way to find out what up with the user accounts, but you never met this new 2000 users in the grid, you see only the old metros and the new ones from osgrid online. maybe the newbies all to shy to go inworld.
          and i dont know what happend with the HG in osgrid, it works fine for all osgrid user and only metro is off, its not so worse because the most osgrid user dont know it loool

          •' Minethere says:

            Well, if I read your english right-)) I do only believe what I see for myself. But I can also see other things, such as passion, and hurt.

            I can also distinguish offensive moves by people from defensive reactionary moves.

            From all I have seen with the osg stuffs, it all started with osg admin types doing and saying some things FIRST, then ppl reacted. This is, of course, normal human behavior.

            People really need to stop buying into all the rumors and such and look at things from how they started, then it is a pretty simple thing to follow the rest and remove all the nonsense.

            Even in my own issues with inwz, I was reactionary, tho some with obvious agendas [and possibly mental issues, I dunno, I’m not the one who prescribes their medications] would like to paint a different story, they often cite things that happened that were reactions to the actual problems, while avoiding dealing with the real issues…in any case, it’s obvious to intelligent ppl…so who cares?

            I think most people react to things rather than cause issues, it is only those who are self-important types, or power hungry folx, who take offensive actions [or those who actually DO have power, but I don’t really, personally, see that as true in virtual worlds].

            Virtual worlds are full of ppl who are sitting in their underwear who talk a lot of talk and do a lot of things, that they simply cannot do in real life. Some kind of Freudian thing, I think-)) Overcompensating for a lack of real life control that many of us recognize we do not have.

            Most ppl in virtual are awesome though, so, on balance, it is a really wonderful thing. But the few with “issues” need to either get on medication, change their medications, increase their medications, or add a new outfit to their wardrobes, that of a straight jacket…bleh

      •' Linda says:

        So OSGrid is claiming that the whole Metropolis grid was griefing them? Because it is very very easy for them to ban one avatar name or IP and not have to ban an entire grid.

        You and I and everyone else knows that this is bully tactics and they were just trying to make a point. They puffed up their chest and beat their chests it as apes do and made a clear statement that they were the ones in power.

        This also goes for the banning of child avatars from even logging into OSGrid when they state that child avatars are just not allowed at the plazas. These are not stupid men, they clearly know how to ban someone from a few regions without having to ban them from the entire grid.

        I’m amazed that some people just don’t see the bullies for what they are.

        I don’t care if OSGrid closes their doors to hypergrid all together. They can fall totally off of the face of the metaverse and virtual worlds would be better off at this point.

    •' Guest says:


      you are banned only inworld but you can go in the osgrid forum ?

      and jamie is not banned inworld and also not banned in the forum ?

      thats wired.

      maybe only the guys with the big mouth are banned, this guys they told around

      no childs and no furry avas are longer allowed in osgrid.

      and i cant hear anymore how much and how fast Metropolis grows up.

      last wendsday night metropolis got over 100 new users in 20 minutes, great.

      the wired thing was, at this time was 38 users online and in the next 3 hours comes no other user online. so over 100 user make a new account but they go not online to see the new world ????

      this “grow up” goes now over 6 month, we got over 1000 accounts but you see never an new user online.

      take a look in the regionslist, nearly 400 regions are empty there is only water or a stonedesert and this from start on, never was any ppl on this regions or build any prim there and look on the server ip than you can see who owned this regions.

      han in the last years i heard we grow up, but only the same avas comes online,

      now comes you and your friends from osgrid but where are the other 2500 users ? we grow up ? only the user and regions statistic grows up, maybe we got phantom users loool
      like wanda told, we have manny friends in sl, i’m glad they help us to grow up

  3.' Hannah says:

    *re-reads article* Hey! name in lights! I totally missed that the first time around. I don’t mind visitors, but since “han held home” is on my personal cable modem, expect LOTS of crashiness!

  4.' Gaga says:

    “Despite the controversy, OSGrid gained 785 new regions since this time last month” And since OSgrid has not done it’s regular cull of dead slots on the grid so those that have left should have been properly taken into account for this survey it amounts to a distortion of the figures. I would have thought you might have noted that, Maria.

    •' SnootsDwagon says:

      Is good point. SL has same issue; it’s reported a large number of their grid stats are in un-used company-funded land, a lot of which still contains builds from the people who abandoned it so it doesn’t look empty. If OSgrid hasn’t culled dead slots, could be this stats report is a bit premature.

  5.' Minethere says:

    Good report, as usual regardless of any specific issues some have, I always enjoy seeing it and look forward to it-))

    4 small items I noted-lol

    Unless my eyesight has gotten much worse overnight, I do not see Island Oasis on the top 40 list. Tho I also noted their “grid owners powwow” thing seems to have gone away too, and they recently posted some new rules on content I would need to hire a lawyer and professor of wordology to try and make any sense of.

    Inworldz regions numbers totals were inflated recently due to this, kindly provided by Elenia, one of the grid owners, who had enough sense to know “someone” would notice….lol

    They are still down 58 full regions from Sept 18th.

    Metropolis numbers are up, as I had suggested they would be last month, but not just with osg folx. I know quite a few who are there from closed grids and this is likely to increase substantially over this next month, assuming all things stay the same-))

    Kitely is moving along very nicely and with the notations of eventual HG access and content protections as well as their other unique concepts…I think it is a wonderful thing to be involved in for us all. I believe they need everyone’s full support and people should really make their accounts there. At the very least one should reserve their name. This is important to do in up and coming grids in order to insure that someone else does not take it. If your avie name is important to you, make an account in Kitely, as it will continue to become more and more a major player.

    This is often done with domain names, buying them with the various TLDs and simply using the unneeded ones as redirects or parking them for safe-keeping.

    ty for your efforts maria-))

    •' SnootsDwagon says:

      It might be noted by all that total region numbers– in the current market– are likely irrelevant. At this point it’s more a novelty stat than a useful one. Why? Because we’re mixing free sim numbers and grid-sponsored sim numbers and paid sim numbers all together. Once again we are comparing apples to oranges to bananas. People will accept free because it’s free– as proved by OSgrid having the largest number of regions but half the active population of Inworldz. As for grid-sponsored sims– those will rise and fall regularly as testing and exhibit needs require.

      The total number of regions on Inworldz is only relevant when considering the number of PAID regions– of which I would venture they have significantly more than any grid outside of Second Life.

      At this stage of early development, all grids will have regular and constant fluctuation of region numbers. It should be expected that no-cost grids will regularly rise in region count (and that a bunch of those regions will remain empty and/or unused). Grids where people pay for regions will have region count rise or fall depending on many factors, including the economy.

      I will say again– as I said last month– total number of regions on these grids seems to be an irrelevant figure *at this time* (not saying it always will be). All it does in this time period is give us some general idea of how much attention is being paid to these grids overall. But just like freebies in our inventory– many of these “regions” sit there unused and forgotten. To attain any kind of valid measurement of region numbers we would have to couple two figures we don’t have for all these grids: total user hours and unique visitors. We do have the “active users” figure, which is as close to a valid figure as we have at this time. Beyond that, quoting total region numbers and mixing no-cost grid figures with subscriber grid figures may be considered as nothing more than throwing numbers in the air to see where they land.

    • The Summit of Grid Owners is still in place and will still happen and the owners of Island Oasis very much look forward to it.

      As far are new rules we haven’t posted any new rules they are simply guidelines meant for educational purposes to protect both content creators as well as those who purchase or obtain items such as, but not limited to textures, sculpt maps etc.

      These are general guidelines that you will see most grids observing. The only thing different is that we have chosen to provide them publicly in an effort to be informative.

  6.' AviWorlds says:

    I do have a small point to make here. Our stats may be a little confusing but in reality our ACTIVE users number is 1257 and 418 out of that number were unique logins meaning 418 residents logged in for the first time in 30 days.
    But our ACTIVE users total is actually 1257 residents.

  7.' AviWorlds says:

    Having land mass is great but if you look deeply into this a grid that has too many regions and no traffic is not good at all for its economy or even the residents meeting ratio among each other. So if you look at our active users list which is actually 1257 residents; all of them in a 55 region space. That is a good number of avatars conducting businesses, meeting new friends, being a resident for such a small land mass area.
    AviWorlds is not worried about land mass we want what is happening at the moment. More peoples mass than LAND MASS. Land we will continue to grow monthly. People are the HARDEST to bring in and KEEP!

  8.' AviWorlds says:

    I just want to point out here that the wording for the most popular grid list needs to be specific. Is it based on an unique amount of new users in the last 30 days so that would really mean the grid which gained most new users!
    My stats say 418 new users in the last 30 days. Unique. But it also say we have 1257 ACTIVE members.
    So if Maria is basing her numbers on the new first time logins my number would be then 418.
    If it is the number of ACTIVE users then my number is 1257 users.
    ACTIVE is active there is no other meaning for it.

    So AviWolds with just 4 months of age should be in FOURTH place on the list no 8th.

    • Alex —

      You have a total of 1,531 registered users. These are all the users who have signed up for accounts.

      You have a total of 1,267 active users. These are the users who have ever logged into the grid.

      302 new users registered for accounts this past month.

      430 unique users logged in at some point during the month. These are the Active Users (last 30 days) that are on your stats page.

      These numbers are all in line with typical statistics for a grid your age.

      There is no particular question about what these numbers mean, and its fine that you publish more data than other grids do, and people are welcome to go look them up.

      •' AviWorlds says:

        Well Maria sorry for being a pain here..But I cant say UNIQUE is active. Unique means they logged in the grid once. ACTIVITY like you say your forum here means something else. ACTIVE is ACTIVE meaning the user is coming in and out everyday and is a resident in the grid.
        UNIQUE is ONE OF a KIND. that does not show if the user CAME BACK and was actually ACTIVE in that grid.

        So according to your FORUM description above you say ACTIVE and not UNIQUE USER NUMBERS.
        My grid shows the activity log on that STAT. So my real ACTIVE USER is 1270 now.
        Total user is total of all users like you said that registered in the grid.
        I am sorry but I cannot accept and for me not because it is my grid but I see a BIG DIFFERENCE between ACTIVE and UNIQUE.

  9.' AviWorlds says:

    and yes our accumulative number is 1516 users. That is the accumulative amount of users. Which keeps growing.

    All other numbers decrease or increase. They fluctuate.
    Maria says that our ACTIVE numbers are in fact accumulative number. That is not true and it is being misrepresented on here.
    ACTIVE is active
    Registered users is the accumulative one.
    Unique in the past 30 days is what it says ….number of NEW users logged in the past 30 days.
    Active means that these residents ARE ACTIVE. not dormant…

  10.' Linda says:

    I enjoy reading these stats but I always say that they don’t really mean too much.

    For one thing if OSGrid does their clean up (if they do) their numbers will probably be way down due to the mass exodus of users this month so far.

    Also I don’t understand why this was posted since you posted the stats for Jan. and this month is only about half over. You are surely not considering this the stats for February are you?

    Numbers make my head hurt.

    • I post these on the 15th of every month as a historical accident. The first couple of times, I did it by coincidence on the 15th without putting any particular thought in it. I didn’t think they were going to become these huge monthly reports.

      Now, switching over would be a huge amount of work. And so I’m kind of stuck. Once in a while I consider switching, then start thinking about the statistical implications… and the thought just kind of goes away.

      •' Linda says:

        Ah ok, That makes more sense. I thought you just found yourself with some free time and decided to post them early 🙂 I should have known that you don’t have free time 😛
        Thanks for clearing this up. 🙂

  11.' AviWorlds says:

    A grid cannot be accurately measured by its popularity by using the UNIQUE amount of users in the past 30 days. That does not show if a particular user has returned to the grid and is AN ACTIVE resident.
    Most grids on the list above are giving MARIAs blog their UNIQUE stats. Therefore I consider this list to be misrepresenting AviWorlds actual and correct ACTIVE users amounts.
    It is not AviWorlds fault that the other grids are not giving Marias’s blog their ACTIVE USERs stats.
    Or then Maria should re word the topic to the grid who had the most UNIQUE users for the past 30 days.

  12.' AviWorlds says:

    A grid cannot be accurately measured by its popularity by using the UNIQUE amount of users in the past 30 days. That does not show if a particular user has returned to the grid and is AN ACTIVE resident.
    Most grids on the list above are giving MARIAs blog their UNIQUE stats. Therefore I consider this list to be misrepresenting AviWorlds actual and correct ACTIVE users amounts.
    It is not AviWorlds fault that the other grids are not giving Marias’s blog their ACTIVE USERs stats.
    Or then Maria should re word the topic to the grid who had the most UNIQUE users for the past 30 days.

    •' Minethere says:

      I would love to see more types of numbers, regardless if they are useful or not [with apologies to Linda-))) lol]

      I think Maria, can if she wishes, attest more accurately to her sometimes statement these are obtained from grid owners.

      If active users would be a more accurate number to use, then I am all for it.

      I think that, given your statement above, +aviworlds, this would really change the playing field substantially.

      I only ever use numbers, myself, as a gauge as to where to put my efforts in marketing, for the most part. Aside from where I simply prefer to live my virtual life home, which is of course, a very personal subjective thing for us all.

    • Every grid reports “active 30 day users”. So do you. These are the number I use.

      Active 30 days users is the total number of people who logged in at least once to a grid over the course of a month. Each person is only counted once. It’s a nice number to have to see which grid is used a lot, though it doesn’t say how long each person stays online. (I’d love to see total in-world user hours, too!)

      AviWorlds also has a number of other different numbers on their stats page, including the total number of active users. These are all the users that have ever logged into the grid since day one.

      This is not a particularly useful number — the older a grid is, the more of these “logged in at least once” users it’s going to have, and it doesn’t show how a grid’s popularity changes month-to-month.

      The only use I see for this number is internal, to track how many people register but never log in. If there’s a big difference between the two, it’s a sign that there’s a breakdown somewhere in the process — maybe people have trouble downloading the viewer, or the registration email gets lost, or something.

      Other grids don’t publish their “total actives” and I’m not sure why AviWorlds keeps asking me to run theirs. They’re not relevant, not useful, and can’t be compared to those of other grids.

      •' Minethere says:

        Maria Korolov “Active 30 days users is the total number of people who logged in at least once to a grid over the course of a month. Each person is only counted once. It’s a nice number to have to see which grid is used a lot, though it doesn’t say how long each person stays online. (I’d love to see total in-world user hours, too!)”

        I would love to see that number also!!

        “Every grid reports “active 30 day users”. So do you. These are the number I use.”

        Which is something I see as a problem, but then, of course, nothing can be done about that. I do know that certain grids have quite a bit of activity, such as Metropolis has stress-free and very fun and cool events that are well attended.

        Since Metro does not have the commercial aspects I find it quite nice to be there.

        Metro gets a considerable amount of hypergaters also.

        •' AviWorlds says:

          yes Maria herself has told me that AviWorlds is the only grid that actually shows an ACTIVE user stat number. All the other grids do not so it would be UNFAIR for her to use the CORRECT stat number from my grid! I think it is unfair that AviWorlds has the correct STATs and the other grids do not according to the name of the forum here.
          So AviWorls should be the only grid on that list until the other grids come up with the correct STAT that says ACTIVE USERS like mine says. Not UNIQUE USERS. thanks

          •' Minethere says:

            Yes, thru help>faq>map and stats

            I didn’t see it on the main splash page but perhaps I missed it.

            I agree it appears to be a valid concern. But, personally, I would not wish Maria to stop the presses until this is addressed, because, after all, some grids may not be at all interested in showing this number…I can feel confident in that, at least.

            In any case, perhaps Maria will comment further.

          • A number of grids publish unusual stats. Some report 60-day active users. Some report 7-day active users. But the vast majority report 30-day active users, so that’s the one I decided to go with.

            Maybe more grids will start reporting total active user numbers. I’m not sure why they would, or why people would find it useful, but perhaps there’s something here that I’m missing.

            If that happens — if it becomes a widely-reported stat, and people start clamoring for it, then I’ll add it to the monthly report.

            Right now, it’s really a non-issue. Anyone who wants to see AviWorlds’ total active users can go and look it up. If they want to compare it to that of other grids — well, they can’t, because other grids don’t report it. Except AviWereld. (no relation, except for the fact they’re hosted by the same company).

            But I am definitely not going to list the total number of active users on AviWorlds and compare it to just the 30-day active users of other grids.

      •' AviWorlds says:

        no. Wrong Maria. The stat that report the users that registered since they one is the TOTAL USERs STAT number I show on my stat page.

        Here is my page:

        As you can see I have a TOTAL USERs STAT and an ACTIVE USERS STAT. That is the correct ACTIVE not UNIQUE like most of the grids mentioned on the list here says. They all say UNIQUE USER. unique means ONE TIME! ONE! ONCE! not ACTIVITY.
        thank you.

  13. I do have one question for Maria, was the omission of Island Oasis in error? And if so will you be correcting your article where you state that “The biggest gainer was Metropolis, which moved from seventh to fifth place as a result of a gain of more than 400 new active users” since amending the stats to include Island Oasis would see Metropolis listed as 6th and not actually 5th of the top 40 grids.

  14. Island Oasis, previously included many times in this recurring topic of grid stats published on the 15th of each month, has now been omitted from the list that is reported on.

    Our current active users are 928 which would place us 5th on the list ahead of Metropolis, if the grid had been included in the list and we currently have 152 active regions which would have us the same as Real Country leaving us between Craft World and Open Virtual worlds.

    At first I thought the omission was since Island Oasis is no longer a hypergrid, but there are several among the list that do not meet that criteria. Why we were omitted from the list that is reported on is unknown to Staff of Island Oasis, but I wanted to post our Grid Stats for the many who have contacted me personally and have asked.

    • It was omitted by accident — I just updated the list with the Island Oasis numbers in.

      As the number of grids proliferates, the job is getting very very difficult to do manually.

      Not just gathering the data — though that’s bad enough — my database has 540 grids in it. Half of them are closed, but have to be checked each month anyway because old grids keep re-opening after being down for a while.

      But also contacting grid owners to get info from them, clarify questions, etc…

      Any volunteers out there interested in pitching in?

      • Or does anyone have any ideas for better ways of automating it, rather than just screen-scraping those welcome pages that have the stats in a standard format. (Many grids don’t. Many others have stat data in foreign languages.)

          • I’m not sure how that will help — the data on the stats pages is updated in real time, out of a database. So either you’d get that alert every couple of minutes for every grid, or not at all, depending on whether Google picks up the database data, and how often it’s spidered. And even then, you’re back to the screen-scraping problem again.

            On the other hand, if there was a way to automated the data collection, I could grab the data say, every hour instead of once a month, and could chart which grids are busy when, maximum users on a grid, etc… Lots of useful stuff.

        •' Gaga says:

          I’ve solved most of the problems in reading the mess grid owners leave their welcome page stats in and this includes handling languages but can’t do much about what is missing altogether. I can ping the grid server too to see if it’s on line but the scraper can read if a grid has the ONLINE/OFFLINE notice up anyway. Hell, all of it can be faked ya know and, in my experience, I’m damn sure it happens!

  15.' Joe Builder says:

    Lets not forget the MANY grids who fudge the numbers and send them in, Oh there is many. And the large number of false accounts and empty regions just to have there name in lights..

    •' Bobby says:

      I agree with Joey Hyx , lots of grids with empty region an fake users account to make the numbers jump up higher of the rest. Dont be surprise if SL is doing the same tactic when they started and so with other grids

      •' AviWorlds says:

        Not in our grid. AviWorlds will prove it. We have all the email accounts from people all over Brasil and the rest of the world. We have their log reports in our data base saying exactly what country, hour they logged in. We have now over 1600 new members. All in a 55 regions land mass area. That makes it absolutely positively 100% sure you will see someone or someone will see you or your items you are selling. 🙂
        We are also studying a way to provide an ECONOMY STAT with some numbers to indicate aviworlds is actually a pretty busy grid. 🙂

        •' Gren says:

          I honestly never heard of AviWorlds until this week, sorry to tell you that. I don’t read this website regular just ever couple of months, am too busy in RL and on my sims.

          I heard of all the other main OpenSim grids like OSGrid, Avination, Inworldz, German Grid, Island Oasis, etc but not yours, must be new or I keep reading Avination when it says AviWorlds, yes that’s possible as I’m getting very lazy when reading in my old age…

          Retention I think is the important factor with users and at the end of the day how much land you rent them, I mean SL is full of freeloaders who don’t buy L$ but sure they have thousands of users and millions of alts lol.

          •' Linda says:

            I had over 60 avatars in SL (not all at the same time). I had a friend that had over 80 and that was like 3 years ago. I can just imagine how many he has now lol.

          •' Gren says:

            Ha Linda, I am surprised you had time to create so many alts considering all the things you have made… I thinj if I was running a grid I would want to implement not only decent age verification but gender verification and restrict number of accounts to two per household. Welcome to the dictatorship 🙂

          • When I first started SL I think you were only allowed 5 accounts if I remember right. You also had to have a credit card on file to join. If they had kept that up then I think SL would be a better place.

            But since they changed that and it was so easy to create new accounts I just did. I loved making up new names and dressing up a new avatar. Most of the time my friends knew of my alts. I am not the type that can go around anyone I know (friends or enemies) without telling them who I really am. I never created them for that reason. If I wanted time alone I just would create an alt and go places that none of my friends hung out in. That’s much harder to do in smaller grids. It was easy in SL. I still create new avatars but I always put my rl picture and my website URL in my profiles so people know it’s me. I don’t like for people to feel I am trying to be deceptive.

  16. Ener Hax says:

    hmm, i think the activity level of the avatar is key – Simona Stick is the hardest working avatar in the world! i bet she averages about 72 hours per day, especially on a school day in Kate Booth’s class! =p

    funny how close D2 was to Soas! weird even!

    thanks for the data Maria! =)

  17.' AviWorlds says:

    well the name of this forum here is (OpenSim land area, active users on the rise).
    Maria is basing her list on the UNIQUE USER’s STATS from all the grids. That is not correct then.
    As far as Im concerned AviWorlds is 4th on that list because being that the name of the forum uses ACTIVE users and not UNIQUE USERS.
    AviWorlds CURRENT ACTIVE USER STAT is 1270 users. Means that the user is ACTIVE and being a part of the grid. Not an UNIQUE user that just registered and just logged into the grid for the first time. that does not tell if the user is in fact active in that particular grid or not.

  18.' Joe Builder says:

    Just a question how accurate is the stats on the splash screen being most grids take there numbers from that? and whats the % of less or more on the numbers. I have a small grid myself and the number grow but I do know who comes and goes and they don’t match. So with that said would it be safe to say approximate active or unique users? Just a question.

    • Depending on how you have your splash screen is set up, it should be pulling the data right from your database. If the data isn’t being collected correctly, and it’s important to you, try to figure out where things are going wrong and get help from a developer.

      I have seen some cases where the numbers don’t make sense. For example, the data shows several users currently logged in, but a zero for active users.

      You can log into the #opensim IRC chat here, or with your preferred IRC client:

  19.' Bobby says:

    Hey Aviworlds

    Why are you so concern about numbers ? you got 1000+ registered users im sure you register them yourself to make the numbers looks huge, Well we know every grid tactics, So no need to be too loud, you are just 4 months old and already thinking that you’re a major player in this industry.

    I too can set up a grid register 5000+ users myself , set up 500+ regions myself and i can be on top of you. So please dont be too loud as if you are competing for an OSCAR Awards.

    Be respectful so that any future resident of yours on google AVIWORLDS and finds this argument about you being 4th. . This will just turn their steam down seeing what kind of grid owner you are.

    Just my 2 cents advice mate !

    •' AviWorlds says:

      Yes go on register 5000 users on your grid and then I want to see you log each and every one of those users in your grid on a daily basis in order to get the ACTIVE USER STAT. That should be fun and would also take you the whole day perhaps…
      Anyway I have nothing to prove here I see where this is going to now.
      God Bless!

      •' Gren says:

        A good programmer could do that, so they are logged in without having to do it manually.

  20.' Gren says:

    Looks like Kitely is at the bottom, which is surprising when you consider the amount of publicity gives to Kitely, wonders if Maria has shares in Kitely or is related to the Ilan guy.

    I digress, if opensim user numbers are really growing then thats a miracle in itself as most don’t seem to do any paid promotion on the web or spend enough time on marketing full stop.

    • Kitely gets a lot of my attention first, because it’s different from all other grids in their business model and in their execution. Other grids are making incremental improvements in performance and usability, if any. Kitely’s user interface is the most innovative of any. The only similar comparison is SpotON3D’s web-based viewer plugin (which I’m also a fan of, and have written about quite a bit).

      But the other reason that Kitely gets so much publicity is something that any grid could do. They’ve figured out the kind of stories that I like to run, and they’re always providing me with material. For example, each month, when they send me their statistics, they also send in a bunch of quotes about what’s happening on their grid. Every single month. No other grid does that.

      I love getting quotes from grid owners, especially ones that no other blogger has. And if there’s anything in there I think is interesting, I’ll pull it out, add a “told Hypergrid Business” to it, and attach a headshot if I’ve got one on file.

      Again, none of the other 200-plus active grids do this.

      Or a grid will send me an announcement, once, of some on-grid event (and I don’t cover on-grid events), get upset that I don’t do a story, argue with me about it, and then never send anything again. The folks at Kitely don’t seem to mind If I don’t run one of their announcements. Or if they do, they don’t tell me. If I call or email with a question for a new story, they seem glad to hear from me.

      Kitely may not be the best grid out there at building a community. They seem more interested in the technical infrastructure. But still, making it into the top ten without much deliberate community-building at all (no welcome center, no greeters, no on-grid events) is a pretty decent accomplishment, given how many grid there are out there actively trying to build communities.

      • Ener Hax says:

        Kitely is unique and, for me, coming from a background of having many sims in SL and then having a dedicated server for two years – Kitely feels like a great mesh of the two. i can keep my world private and it is exactly like having my own server or i can make it public and it’s like being in SL

        as Maria said, their website is incredibly innovative and simply a joy for telling others how to come see me – they only need to go to my world’s Kitely page and press Enter World and the website does everything else

      •' Gren says:

        Hi Maria, I see what you mean about grids providing you with material being an important aspect. From what you describe it appears Kitely does not want to copy SL to the letter and thats refreshing if so.

        Personally I prefer Aurora-Sim to OpenSim so I have to do my own hosting but I think it’s worth the effort to have all the extra features Aurora-Sim has over OpenSim.

        Some more promotion of and about Aurora-Sim would be nice.