OSgrid leaders address hosting restriction rumors

Update: James Stalling has provided more information about the recent administration changes to the I Live on Science Land blog. And member albertlr Landar has provided a nice overview of the non-profit situation on his forum post, Non-Profit Tax Deductible status of OSgrid & other matters.

As we mentioned last month, OSgrid has had a leadership change, with former president Michael Cerquoni – also known as Nebadon Izumi in-world — reducing his management duties with the grid, and James Stallings, co-founder of OpenSim hosting company SimHost and a contributor to the OpenSim code base, taking over the leadership duties of OSgrid.

Stallings, who is also known as Hiro Protagonist in-world, set out some policies which caused an outcry among some members of the OSgrid community, such as banning child avatars from the main grid plaza regions.

These policies, for the most part, have to do with grid community standards and don’t have much of an impact on enterprise users one way or the other.

OSGrid’s LBSA Plaza is the cross-roads of the hypergrid.

However, discussion continued to escalate, and rumors began circulating about more fundamental issues which could have a serious business impact.

For example, Bob Airhart, of Loveland, Colorado sent a letter to Hypergrid Business today claiming that he is no longer being allowed to offer free land on OSgrid.

“I have been a resident of OSgrid for over three years and as of January have been bullied, forced to follow new rules of residents not allowed to speak of or advertise of free services of any kind,” he wrote. Airhart, who is also known as Boba Solo in-world, said that he hosts “many regions” on OSgrid for free, but will try to remove them “as soon as possible.”

Airhart is also the founder of the A Virtual World grid, which currently reports 69 regions.

He also accused the new leadership of attempting to privatize the development of the open source OpenSim software, and of cutting off OSgrid from the rest of the hypergrid.

When asked if any of this was correct, Stallings told Hypergrid Business, “No, that’s crazy.”

“Just to be a little more clear, we prohibit soliciting of any kind to new and old users on our plazas,” said former president Cerquoni, who remains involved with the grid. “In terms of everything else, I think that person is greatly misinformed.”

OSgrid is the largest grid running on the OpenSim software, with over 7,000 regions. It is the oldest OpenSim-based grid as well, according to Stallings, and will be celebrating its sixth birthday this coming summer. It also serves as the main testing ground for the OpenSim software, as well as a common meeting place for owners and residents of smaller hypergrid-enabled grids. It allows users to connect outside regions to the grid, including regions hosted on home computers, and with third-party hosting vendors.

Several competing hosting companies currently offer land on OSgrid, and will continue to do so.

Dreamland Metaverse, for example, is a popular hosting provider, but will be adding the option to rent regions on the Metropolis grid starting next week due to customer interest.According to Dreamland, there has been no indication from the new OSgrid administration that third-party vendors are no longer welcome on the grid.

In addition to SimHost and Dreamland, OSgrid regions can also be rented from Oliveira Virtual Lands, Zetamex (formerly SoftPaw Estates),  Talent Raspel, YourSimSpot and MA Rentals, among others.

Those looking to connect home-based regions for free  can download the region server software here, a version of OpenSim pre-configured for OSgrid, and find the instructions here. Those who need help can find it on OSgrid’s live chat channel, on the OSgrid forums, or in-world from other users and grid administrators.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1. My personal take? Running a giant grid like OSgrid requires the technical skills of a genius, the smooth-talking abilities of Bill Clinton, the peace-making skills of Jimmy Carter and a giant set of… feet. Big feet, yes. James may have the first and the last, but he can’t be expected to be a seasoned politician and peace-maker the first day on the job.

    I have no personal opinion on his policies. If they work, we’ll look back and say that he did the right thing in the face of opposition. If they don’t, some new policies will replace them. OSgrid will survive either way.

    So far, there seem to be no substantive changes to the way the grid is organized, or the function it plays in the OpenSim community and testing and development process.

    I recommend that people who are upset wait a couple of months for the emotions to cool down, then reassess.

    • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

      Thanks for the article Maria. This issue and others of the kind have been and are being talked about all over the place.

      Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that offering someone free land is considered “soliciting”? And the man that made up that new rule makes money from charging people for land (his hosting service).

      I don’t think it’s wrong that Hiro owns a hosting service or that he makes money from it. I do think it’s wrong if he isn’t allowing people the FREE SPEECH of offering people free land at the plazas.

      I think it’s very weird that you didn’t address the more important story that OSGrid closed off hypergrid jumping to and from Metropolis grid. I mean your whole website is about Hypergrid … it’s right there in the name (hypergridbusiness.com).

      Also I think your recommendation sucks Maria. Why should people who have made
      OSGrid their virtual home for so many years just sit around and wait and
      watch as one man destroys it? If people have a problem then they should
      stand up now and state what is on their mind. Of course they can’t do
      anything about it because he has the final word and controls the servers. But that shouldn’t stop people from standing up against
      him and saying their piece.

      My advice to people would be to stay
      the hell away from OSGrid and pretend it doesn’t exist and hope that it
      sinks into the big black hole that Hiro is digging for it. And to the
      people who intend on staying there I would suggest they stay away from
      the plazas that he controls so dearly. And to new people who are
      entering….. teleport out of the plazas as soon as you arrive… go anywhere
      else and never look back. Better yet, pick a friends sim before you
      even log in and put that as your log in destination so you never have to
      go to the plazas at all.

      • Grids cut connectivity to other grids all the time, usually because of temporary griefing problems. If OSgrid doesn’t restore the link, or cuts links to many other grids, then this would be a problem.

        The question of whether this is a stopgap measure until they figure out how to deal with this long term, or a permanent policy, we’ll know soon enough. Given OSgrid’s role on the hypergrid, I personally think it will get cleared up. But, in any case, it’s too early to tell.

        As far as soliciting on the plazas goes — if I had my way, every plaza will be packed with advertisements for on-grid stores, services, etc… I do enjoy seeing business flourish.

        But a lot of people don’t like seeing that, and get really annoyed by it.

        But it’s totally up to OSgrid to decide that kind of thing. And they are a non-profit, so it makes sense. I don’t have any reason to think that SimHost will begin pushing their hosting services and kick other hosting providers off the grid.

        Meanwhile, it’s common for non-profits to give some credit to their sponsors, so I wouldn’t be bothered at all to see a “sponsored by SimHost” sign up anywhere.

        Could the admins be nicer? Probably. But you also have to remember that they’re all volunteers. Nobody is getting rich off of OSgrid. Meanwhile, they’re running the biggest grid, with the most users, giant inventory databases… without any paid developers or system admins.

        Give them time to settle in and let things shake out.

        • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

          Ok so you thought the anti-soliciting thing was big news but them closing off hypergrid access to a major grid is not big news?

          They closed off Hypergrid to and from a major grid. You are not “DispelRumorsAboutSoliciting.com” you are “HyperGridBusiness.com” ………… just sayin.

        • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

          All I will say is I gave Vbinnia’s Steam region lm to someone new to Metro I got to check it out, from a closed grid, who would bring more ppl in if he likes it, and he could not tp to it and commented on the “forbidden” notification. I also informed her of this.

          He is into Steampunk and there was no way I was going to tell him of all this stuff going on as I knew he would pack up and go back to his “safe” closed grid. I told him it was a temporary issue, which is what I really hope it is.

          I find this extremely annoying when I am trying to get ppl to explore the free metaverse and it is not good. This reduces what I can show them in several regards. So I am just going to stop bringing ppl in for now and take a watch and see attitude. HG needs to be re-enabled to Metropolis and ppl need to grow up.

          Fortunately Metro offers much to see and do, but that’s not my point here.

        • anonymized-794943883@disqus.com' Guest says:

          Grids cut connectivity to other grids all the time, usually because of
          temporary griefing problems. If OSgrid doesn’t restore the link, or cuts
          links to many other grids, then this would be a problem.”

          The ONLY reason it was done was out of fear of people leaving for a competing grid, a lame attempt to stop the hemmorage, but it backfired because people know that was the real reason, it’s obvious.

          • peterschwier@kabelmail.de' Guest says:

            From Guest to Guest

            is this your Apres Love and Peace Party from the Metropolis Grid?

            What we see is how act this grid, for Metro is it not importend how they can pickup users only they can, no way is wrong to do this.

            and like Walter said all smell like META7, why ?
            your owner is JCS IT-Concept Solutions ?

            we just wondering this company is only exists in your forum and all search ending on an empty website. we searched now 3 days and find nothing from this “big” IT Company. An It Company without any contacts in the real world ????
            No entry in the business directory, from the hometown ?
            No entry in any swiss phonebook ?

            It smell like META7, like a big fake.

            And Hiro should reopen the gate to Metropolis ??? You want send more troublemakers on our grid ?
            Dan, Hiro, Neb if you read this the status quo is fine for us,

            Like the Metropolis Admin said: WE DONT NEED THEM !

    • anonymized-794389990@disqus.com' Guest says:

      I thought you did a nice job reporting this Maria. Unlike some uninformed people who not only aren’t involved in the grid anymore, but have badmouthed it, loved it, badmouthed it again, loved it, etc.. depending on which way the wind is blowing, as I’ve stated before in my blog and elsewhere I haven’t noticed any of the admins of OSGrid badmouthing any grids out there (other than a recent prohibitive measure regarding a grid that had several members who were coming to OSGrid attempting to cause trouble, and if you want to call that badmouthing that’s up to you) unlike members of other grids that do all they can to try to make this situation look alot worse than it really is in order to promote THEIR grid.

      This is a frankly handful of troublemakers that don’t think the OSGrid admins should have the RIGHT to set policy on a grid they spend their time supporting and operating… for free I might add. Here’s the long and short of it in my opinion…. If you don’t like the policy, don’t go there. Start your own grid, go to another grid, or do a standalone. But the logic behind going on and on badmouthing OSGrid is beyond me. Nobody is FORCING anyone to go to OSGrid. Personally, I love the grid. I think the Admins do an outstanding and thankless job for everyone there and have for years, and I’m sure will continue to give everyone the outstanding service they have in the past. There’s a great community of people there, and 98% of the people on the grid haven’t got ONE issue with the policy.

      I’m sure I’ll get hateful replies over this post which is fine. At least I’m not a hypocrite and post how I don’t do things like that and am not hateful then post things like we are seeing all over the Metaverse blogs….

  2. sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

    Maria, I posted an article about what I had observed in forums and postings about these changes at OSG. Which resulted in a pretty good discussion on G+. From that discussion, I am convinced that there is more going on than what is generally known.

    More than anything else, there is a general dissatisfaction, even anger, that a grid that claims to be community oriented is not engaging with the community in a way that encourages discussion and resolution.

    There seems to be more but I do not yet have enough info to post anything about it.

    • Managing a community is really, really hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t start teaching course in it soon. (If they don’t already.)

      Technologically-oriented people in particular are at a disadvantage here, because they expect there to be right answers to problems. They assess a situation, come up with a solution, put the solution in to practice, and expect folks to evaluate the solution on its merits. Instead, people take every decision personally, make conclusions about motives before all the facts are in, over-react, find conspiracies where none exist (okay, okay, some conspiracies do exist, but usually not for long, since people like to blab).

      When managing a community, sometimes you may have to settle for a sub-optimal solution that addresses emotional concerns and hypothetical concerns, instead of an optimal solution that just deals with the practicalities.

      And you have to provide the community an opportunity to vent and be heard, no matter how ugly it gets, and not take it personally.

      The worst times is when a community is stressed due to change. When MMORPG’s roll out new expansion packs, for example, or change the pricing structure, or change the way marketplaces work.

      On OSgrid here we’ve got a situation where not only is there new community management in place, but they’re also coming in at a tough time, during a change in grid management. As opposed to, say, gradually taking over the duties of managing a community during a more peaceful period.

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        I subscribe to the theory that when there is smoke there is fire and also the one that it isnt paranoia, if its true…but, thats just me [and i dont feel like adding proper punctuation]

  3. services@farworldz.com' Gaga says:

    What you didn’t mention in the article was the big debate going on at the Opensim Virtual G+ community here…

    There is more to this issue than just child avatars and reading through some of the comments on G+ you get an idea at least even if Nebadon and Hiro dismiss the whole affair as rumor and drama.

  4. I hope the trouble/drama makers on OSGrid would shut up or leave. I support the OSGrid Staff. There may come a time when I disagree with something they do, but I’ll deal with that then. I understand banning child avatars, nothing more creepy than the thought of pedophiles walking around in children’s skins (my opinion). Hiro and Neb have been hosting community discussions in weekly town hall meetings, so no one can say they are not trying to engage the community. Also they are available on the #osgrid IRC channel on freenode if anyone has a question.

    • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

      I’m going to go ahead and tell you that this whole “only child molesters wear child avatars” thing is a load of nonsense.

      You comment is ignorant, hateful and offensive.

    • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

      The trouble/drama makers in this case is Hiro. Sorry to slap you with that bit of honesty. He could have made his rules and posted them in a professional way and been a real man and done things without name calling and slapping banning on innocent people. But he didn’t. He came in like a tornado and did his damage. This is HIS drama. He made it. He probably is enjoying it.

      I’m surprised that you would support him. But I am even more surprised by what you say about child avatars. Even on my most outspoken blogs about meta7 and the sexual ageplay and my hatred of that, I never once lumped all child avatars into that category like you just did. Shame on you.
      Role play is done by everyone in some form or another. For instance I know that you don’t look like your avatar. You are role playing. You are in a skin that is not yours.

      I kept looking at your name on this post to make sure it was really you. This just doesn’t sound like you at all. 🙁

    • no@comment.com' nocomment says:


      every gor roleplayer torture womens…
      every furry molesting animals…
      every ego-shooter player runs amok…

      btw. im wearing a child avatar, to be freed from sexual things.

      thank you.

    • no@comment.com' nocomment says:


      every gor roleplayer torture womens…
      every furry molesting animals…
      every ego-shooter player runs amok…

      btw. im wearing a child avatar, to be freed from sexual things.
      thank you.

      • anonymized-794840456@disqus.com' Guest says:

        Thing is they aren’t doing that in the public plazas… That’s the point. What you do in your private sim is your business. What you do in the Public Plazas run by the grid administration “isn’t” your business, it’s theirs. BTW, those groups you mentioned aren’t the ones causing all this drama, it’s the child wearing avatars that are causing it. All THOSE groups seem to be able to abide by a simple request and policy without all the noise…

        • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

          Then could you use whatever influence you have and please work on getting HG to Metropolis reopened? I really wish to share osgrid with some friends, and I can’t do that now from our regions in Metro.

          • You know everyone is assuming this is a permanent situation. As I have stated before, and I am sure the admins agree, they don’t WANT a war or the drama. This is being caused by a few people who have no interest at all in following the simplest of rules on a PUBLIC sim. My suggestion Minethere… Log into OSGrid and talk to Hiro. You’ll find he’s not the Ogre that you see presented here. People have been doing alot of “speculating” and “mudslinging” against OSGrid, Hiro, and also me personally and my group. When we respond to DEFEND it, everyone has a hissy fit. Remember, OSGrid didn’t START by banning that grid, or by making any remarks, people you see HERE started it like the person who’s blog has been mentioned:

            (taken from Jai the Grid Expore Kid! =^.^= blog):

            “However, these issues are important, as a good friend brought up this very same point to me and it is as follows:

            “if I remember right, Hiro owns Simhost, and Simhost hosts Littlefield
            and most (if not all) of Walter Balazic’s regions. (WB being the owner
            of Littlefield)

            All of the old greeters were booted out and replaced with people from …Littlefield.

            Putting them in the perfect spot to influence new users and
            guide them into buying hosting through Walter…and (by proxy) Simhost.”

            In other words, Hiro is flaunting his power and using it for his own personal gain.”

            You all want to sit here on this set of replies, call Me/Us liars, badmouth us and carry on high. You might want to try READING that first. It was ok for him to toss lies out, but when I speculate, and have an “opinion” it’s a problem.

          • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

            I haven’t said any of that personally. I just have a very simple request is all. The HG needs to be reopened, and those who have influence should get that done, that’s all.

            I don’t wish to add to Hiro’s or any other osg admins with more discussion. I am unknown to them anyways, and unimportant…all I want is the HG reopened, that is all, and nothing more. All the rest of the discussions are between you all.

            I’m just an innocent bystander, a regular player who wants to show my friends around.

            The HG closing is just simply not good, and needs to be corrected.

            The other issues can be worked out among those concerned, as time goes on and level heads come into play.

          • It’s just how the post laid out Minethere, wasn’t directed at you, was directed at the post from nocomment… It just fell into place there.

          • anonymized-794942313@disqus.com' Guest says:

            Don’t even waste your time with OSgrid any more, Hiro shut off the HG, effectively isolating his grid, and that’s fine, it shows the overreaction that’s going on. Drop em, delete the login url from the viewer, don’t look back and just move forward now. Metropolis is the way to move forward and I’ve already set up a donation schedule for myself to give them monthly funds to help out.

          • numa2004@hotmail.com' CheckYourFacts says:

            Perhaps you should check your facts, unless of course your whole point of posting was to spread additional rumors and lies. Hiro did not “shut off the HG”. In fact, it was Nebadon that closed the hypergrid link to Metropolis because there was a child av that came from there to intentionally be confrontational as a result of this policy.

          • anonymized-795227516@disqus.com' Guest says:

            Hiro, Neb, Dan, it doesn’t matter which one of them did the actual shutting off, or how many branches, Hiro is the one in charge and the buck stops at his desk now. Several people reported it in various places, that’s no rumor and that “confrontational child” you claim was quite a while back supposedly attending a Town Hall meeting at the time which was open to the public , or so we were told.
            Shutting off the link to metropolis is still shutting off HG, and if as you claim it was only to metropolis then that looks mighty suspicious as former residents have been going to that grid, and it’s no coincidence HG was shut off to it.

          • anonymized-795231157@disqus.com' Guest says:

            “Perhaps you should check your facts, unless of course your whole point of posting was to spread additional rumors and lies. Hiro did not “shut off the HG”

            Before flapping your yap again, you will notice my reply was to this post-

            Then could you use whatever influence you have and please work on getting HG to Metropolis reopened?”

            I said-

            “Guest Minethere • 10 hours ago
            Don’t even waste your time with OSgrid any more, Hiro shut off the HG,”

            It was a response to minethere’s post about shutting off HG access to metropolis, GET IT now?

            I don’t care what he shut off, I have no intention of HG over there in the first place, I didn’t know it even worked to get to or from there from metropolis, I created an acct on metropolis and logged into it directly on the first day.

          • anonymized-794940039@disqus.com' Guest says:

            “Log into OSGrid and talk to Hiro. You’ll find he’s not the Ogre that you see presented here.”

            Sure, by now he’s changed his public face due to the firestorm resulting from HIS statements which were logged, one doesn’t need to talk to him, they only need read the statements he MADE that are in various logs.

            “if I remember right, Hiro owns Simhost, and Simhost hosts Littlefield
            and most (if not all) of Walter Balazic’s regions. (WB being the owner
            of Littlefield)”

            More than a little conflict of interest there… no wonder Walt is here defending him!

            Oh and by the way Walt, there was no one from Metropolis who either “started” this or anything else, it was *ME* who discovered that grid by accident three weeks ago when I went in a Google search to find a back up emergency grid that allows home connections in case OSgrid FAILED as it was poised to do by Hiro’s revelation that the grid was losing the University hosting and was forced to move to new servers. Also due to his stated financial difficulties keeping hte grid up, not to mention the expiry of the non-profit incorporation and credit card- consolidating the plazas onto one server to save costs.

            I was looking to place a mirror backup on a backup grid, and found Metropolis was for all intents and purposes identical to OSgrid- allowing free connections for regions, more stability etc.

            Once I started setting things up there that first day, the Hiro logs started circulating with the outrageous insults and threats multiple times to shut down the whole grid, it becamse very clear the grid was now going to be this one guy’s personal battle ground and he alone was now going to dictate or if he couldn’t have his way he would just pull the plug.

            That first night I told a couple of friends in OSgrid im chats about the new (to me) grid I found and was setting up on, one came to look and liked what they saw and then did some research and chatted with the admins and moved over I think the very next day.

            Of course one friend tells three other friends and those friends each tell three more friends, and before you know it theres a whole community essentially transplanted now from OSgrid to Metropolis as a result because people who associate with one another a lot generally want to stay together.

            “In other words, Hiro is flaunting his power and using it for his own personal gain.”

            The logs show it, you don’t need rocket science to translate his words into what he means: “my way 100% or the whole grid gets the plug pulled.”
            Just wait till he decides keeping “slaves” is no longer acceptable either since that’s also illegal in RL if you want to split hairs on legal issues, then you’ll have to find a new place to move to.

        • sag@ich.net' nocomment says:

          these three examples are ironic… and im not interested to discuss with a bdsm/fetish/porn provider.

          • And I’m the Bigot huh? You all should start looking in a mirror for a change. A majority of the work our group does there has Zero to do with that. I’ve not mentioned it HERE not even once as something we participate in, but again an anonymous user with a personal attack and a lie…..

          • kein@kommentar.com' nocomment says:

            this is my last comment. you are talking here about OSGrid. i have not written anything about the OSGrid. i responded to the comment by samulke greenway.

            “I understand banning child avatars, nothing more than the thought of creepy pedophiles walking around in children’s skins (my opinion).”

            so what is your problem now? with whom i discuss is my own decision.

        • anonymized-794950173@disqus.com' Guest says:

          “What you do in your private sim is your business.”

          EXCEPT when for any reason you can’t get on your home region you land by default on Hiro’s PLAZA, and if you happen to have an avatar he doesn’t like, or you might be nude, or bound in slave chains or something, then it’s a problem.

    • anonymized-794951736@disqus.com' Guest says:

      . ” Hiro and Neb have been hosting community discussions in weekly town
      hall meetings, so no one can say they are not trying to engage the
      community. Also they are available on the #osgrid IRC channel on
      freenode if anyone has a question.”

      And they banned one of the participants who had what Hiro claimed was a “child” avatar (Ive seen a screenshot of this “child” and laughed.
      I think we’ve seen quite enough in the logs and those who were standing there during the tirades, we don’t need to ask further questions of them or see any more of it.

  5. savino@skynet.be' savino svm says:

    i see alle days osgrid troubles i am it now tired all this troubles
    take you time for write peacefull blogs. this people in osgrid need change and look a better manager. allone the people there builders visitors sit in osgrid need change write a blog go not help the problems allone more problems.

  6. fernando.francisco.oliveira@gmail.com' Fernando Francisco de Oliveira says:

    I used to have a “free land” group tag in my avatar, and I was asked to not wear it in plazas, but in friendly and well explained private imessage.
    I think some rules have to be stablished to the common grid good.

  7. joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

    My 2 cents, I just opened a Grid of my own and been going to Osgrid LBSA Plaza now for 2 weeks on and off every day. I have spoken to Hiro many times even asked some questions concerning Opensims I find Hiro very professional and willing to help. It looks to me a few people have turned this mole hill into a mountain with alot of drama. Yes there is some guidelines that people need to follow if they have a problem with that I say go somewhere else its just that simple. (Joe Builder)

    • anonymized-794927355@disqus.com' Guest says:

      “It looks to me a few people have turned this mole hill into a mountain with alot of drama.”

      Read the Hiro public logs again, you obviously didn’t the first time, the “drama” as you coin it was his doing completely, the logs show it.
      It’s no “drama” when the man made outrageous comments, or that the official non-profit status for this company, and the credit card used to pay for the bills have been allowed to expire because it all was registered in some former admin’s name and no one can reach him any more.
      Meanwhile, with having to economize to keep up with the bills by combining plazas onto one server, and having an expired IRS non-profit incorporation status, multiple donations being made to what was a non-profit entity which has expired, is going to inevitably be looked at by the IRS, does not inspire confidence this grid will even been viable and up a month from now or six months from now.

      Who needs that insecurity and instability when there’s several other alternatives which don’t have those issues, nor some guy taking over at the top end who has a prejudice against specific classes of people based on their choice of a FANTASY/FICTIONAL virtual avatar that they happen to enjoy using.

      • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

        I been following all the copy/paste conversations from OsGrid and the Drama Queens its really simple. If you don’t like it go somewhere else, Thats the bottom line why do you continue to go against Grid Rules??? Maybe Metro has no rules and people run around doing what they damn well please. If thats the kind of chaos you choose so be it. Stay in Metro and be happy and laggy thats all. 🙂 Have a nice day

        • anonymized-795006759@disqus.com' Guest says:

          Maybe yall should go look at the TOS/rules link on the OSgrid web site, notice it’s BLANK and always has been…

    • anonymized-794952538@disqus.com' Guest says:

      “and been going to Osgrid LBSA Plaza now for 2 weeks on and off every day”

      Two whole weeks on and off huh? yep, that certainly is long enough to know the whole story!

  8. arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

    Hello all. My 3 cents; OSGRID has the right to put in place their own TOS, restrictions, rules etc. If people do not like it go somewhere else or open up your own. No big deal!

    • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

      Its funny you should mention OSG’s ToS. On OSG’s home page, check the menu. Under the Info heading you will find the link to OSGrid’s Terms of Service. If you click that link NOTHING happens. It doesn’t go anywhere. Not even a blank page.

      Donate works, though.

      So does the Wiki link. And no mention of a ToS on the Wiki, either.

      Seems to me that any reasonable person would conclude that there is no actual ToS. Even if there is, how can a person know what the rules and policies are if they cannot find them?

  9. anonymized-794948704@disqus.com' Guest says:

    The Metropolis grid is just as easy to connect a home server to, exactly the same way as OSgrid,you download the pre-configured OpenSIm software here:

    And then you only need edit 2-3 files, two if using the built in SQlite for the database, the OpenSIm.ini and gridHypergrid.ini need to be edited for your port (its default is 9000) and your personal settings for things like chat, whisper distances etc. Then your Regions.ini file from a previous connection to OSgrid can be copied over and you are ready to connect.

    I would verify the coordinates in your Regions.ini for each region do not overlap regions already there, but your UUID, name,ip and other entries in that file should be fine just as they are.
    I had no trouble connecting at all, edited those three files, fired up terminal and the regions all connected and were up properly.

  10. joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

    Strangely all the trouble, griefers and drama came in droves from a certain address and that address has been blocked (HG) I would think after all the crying stops and some babies do some growing up, mentally and avatar apperance they will be allowed to come back and be with the adults. Any and all Grid administrators have the right to allow or not allow other Grids or trouble makers into there grid for any reason, This is the majority rule. This goes out to the voice who hides behind Guest. you just confirmed your type of behavior “unexceptable”

    • anonymized-795089262@disqus.com' Guest says:

      What “behavior” are you referring to, I stated the facts, but I guess that’s unacceptable to you! Go read the Hiro logs, you need a better education as to the reality.

  11. sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

    This is no longer a matter of the banning of some avatars, blocking access to another grid or the actions of drama-llamas. OSGrid has suddenly eliminated the Town Hall Meetings. This means that it doesn’t matter if you are in favour or not, we no longer have a voice.


    • peterschwier@kabelmail.de' Guest says:

      Why the hell you some guys from the Town Hall Meeting you’re the voice from OSGRID ?
      To talk about child, dog, horse and pig avas is the voice from OSGRID ?
      You’r On DOPE Man ?
      The reason for the most osgrid user to stay far from this place is


      • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

        I have no idea what you are saying.

        • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

          lol…sorry..i just woke up and this got a rl laugh outta me…hehe

          • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

            I could probably figure out what he’s saying, but I have other problems to turn my ponderous intellect to solving, like whether to have scrambled eggs or sunny-side-up 😀

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            The guest seems to be saying he’s tired and many adult osgriders are being outspoken in the meetings from degenerates from a certain Grid who invade a adult town hall meeting to voice there sick wants and needs. Some of you kids need to drop it, and get over it stay away your not wanted. The majority who really matter in closing of the Town hall are in favor of the decision. The small Group who left The grid is not a loss but a gain. Nuff said……

          • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

            Nice little fit you threw there Joey. Thanks for the entertainment. I needed more drama to read. I was getting bored.

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            Easy Linda I can do a book on you, even tho I do not know you but many whispers and your reputation for years now is your known as the Grid Economy Destroyer so lets not open that can of worms 🙂 As you got the boot from one grid already on your resume.

          • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

            Oh good! I want to read that when you’re done please.

            I’m sure that you probably don’t use any of my creations. Right? I sure hope not because it would be so sad if you played a part in helping destroy the Grid Economy.

            I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’ve heard this all before and I don’t buy into the theory that I destroy the grid economy. I don’t make people use my stuff. I simply create it and offer it free. But if you enjoy holding onto that anger I am sure not going to spend any energy trying to stop you.
            I’m done with you now.
            Have a fantastic day!

          • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

            Just to step in here with a bit of truth…just because someone is banned from unimportant little grids by unimportant little nobodies who just have a few servers and a couple of sycophants means nothing. I mean, really-))

          • rintelnpeter@gmail.com' Guest says:

            Thanks Joey to try to explain what i want say.
            I’m sorry for that was than happend.
            Maybe its not my english its her english and she did not understand you want only help me.

            Linda what you just did with Joey is exact YOU
            alll ppl in the metaverse must according to the Diva Linda Kellie
            if not you blame this ppl.
            and if you really need more drama to read,
            read your owen blog there is enough drama for all ppl and all time.

            what Joey explain was exact what im trying to telll, this some guys really not the voice from the OSGRID and not even YOU.
            So what ? you want kick my back now ?

          • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

            No kicking back. You are right, there was a lot of drama on my blogs. There isn’t anymore. I hope you feel better now that you got to say that though. Have a wonderful day.

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            Ok lets not throw any more mudd, we can all let it rest 🙂

          • rintelnpeter@gmail.com' Guest says:

            NO not more and sorry !

            this is the mistake in nearly all blogs and we go even this mistake in trouble, this was only what i want show.

            I was sure after my comment comes a comment and than a critic for the comment….blablabla
            If we read a Report we should leave a comment, about the Report,
            not about the comments.

            All time when we start to make critic about a comment that comment a command for a comment that comment a comment….
            you see ?

            nearly no one read than the report, only the comments
            and i’m not realy better, maybe sometimes 🙂

            The prob from us humans is only we know how the world works only WE and NO other. We cant aczept not all think the same as we do and the trouble start.

            We are only 4 Humans, i dont count the silly Lady :-),
            and cant aczept what the other said, now count this high on the whole metaverse….. we Humans have along way to go before we respect each other.

            Again SORRY for this fool Game, but maybe other can learn from this example and next time comment the Report.
            now you can beat me.

            BTW this “trouble” is over, but when i read some blogs they wont peace, a lil german grid think about to send a flashmob with child avas to the osgrid plaza.

        • rintelnpeter@gmail.com' Guest says:

          Hi Lady, i’m glad you can laugh 🙂
          i know my english is not well and i’m happy some ppl can understand what i’m trying to say 🙂

          • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

            Apologies if I have offended. It never crossed my mind that your English is limited. I blame a late night and many hours working on other projects for my misunderstanding.

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        I was not laughing at you Guest…I don’t laugh at ppl like that-)) [usually]

        If I had for some reason wanted to comment to you on that it would have shown this in the comments here.

        I was laughing at Sarge’s response is all as my comment showing it was to him-))…no worries, I feel your passion.

        • rintelnpeter@gmail.com' Guest says:

          Hi Lady,now make you me laugh.
          I know you laughs not over me and i was sure you start to laugh after you read my comment. Why ? Maybe we are both silly Lady
          btw how manny guys call you Lady ?

  12. whitestarm@gmail.com' sick of dramatics says:

    Guest, Anonymous, No comment, and others posting without their avatar name are the oar masters stirring the cauldron of dissent and harming the overall OpenSimulator community. Congratulations on your successful efforts to create, maintain and increase the hostility and angst amongst the people on the grid and to involve as many others into your dramatics for maximum effect and damage yield.

    • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

      *takes a look at the name you are using after reading your comment*

      Uh-huh. Riiiight ……

    • anonymized-795226014@disqus.com' Guest says:

      Yeah we noticed YOUR valid real name, do we address you as Mr Dramatics, or Ms Dramatics? odd that someone would have a real last name of “Dramatics” wonder how many of those are listed in phone books in this country, probably none!
      If you want to assign blame, assign it to Hiro Protagonist and his outlandish comments and actions of late beign the true cause of all of this, don’t blame the commoner peasants for reacting to what Caesar does.
      People like you were probably like those in the 50s who verbally attacked and berated Rosa Parks as a “disgruntled trouble maker” when she decided blacks should no longer have to ride the back of the bus, or give up a seat for whites and she caused “drama” as you would term it here I’m sure by protesting the status quo and rallying other black people to her cause.

      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        wait here a minute now will ya!!! MY real name is Ms Dramatics, and I take offence to marginalizing all those in my family!!!!

        My real life brother, Mr fullofdrama Dramatics is a bonafide tobacco chewin’ country boy, full of vim and vigor…I gonna show him this also!!

        Then we gonna go tip some cows!!

  13. ankiebroersma@yahoo.com' 3 year OSgrid resident says:

    It is not the enforcing of rules that partly already excisted. Not the sudden descission to split newbie landings and normal lbsa hangout and not the banning of childavatars. Not the blocking of HG of Metropolis to avoid critical people saying their mind.

    It is the way how these things are implemented and communicated. All critical people are openly called drama seekers and people who agree are called the reasonable ones. Townhall meetings are stopped but read the two last transscripts and judge yourself about how this is done. There was no talk about it. Just an anouncement. Hiro changed from a friendly always helping guy to a bad communicating dictator within a month. He says it are group descissions but in the previous (not last) townhall meeting transscript, you can read a sentence in which even long time chief Nebadon is more or less surpriced that the newbies are split landing now. I won’t go into the rumor that this is done so Amy can advice region hosting on Simhost to newbies as I cannot virify this accusation. To me this is a clear example of people handling power badly. It is so sad to see the world I lived in for over 3 years to change from a friendly freehaven to ……. well something that does not feel like home anymore. A very very sad day for OpenSim. Not everybody will go to Metropolis and I dont think Metropolis is my thing either. But at the very least this means the largest opensim community has now fallen apart which on itself is already bad for opensim development. How underestimated again is communicating with communities.

    In addition I dont feel comfertable to put my real avatar name under this text as I am afraid this will have consequences for me in OSgrid and I still want to be able to visit some friends there once in a while.

    (shaking head in sadness)

    • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

      You are out of your mind, I didn’t know Hiro at all, i don’t have land in Osgrid but i did start up my own grid. I saw hiro in the Plaza messaged him asked a few questions about set-up he was friendly and most helpful. and speak to him now always about matters im not familiar with. So I have no clue what your talking about Mr. I suggest you start back up on your medication.

  14. fonecokid@gmail.com' ZZ Bottom says:

    ZZTT, ZZTT1, ZZTT2, ZZTT3 and TTZZ are born in Osg and in Osg they will stay!
    And they are strong adult regions dedicated to transgenders mainly!
    As we are not active anymore in any but SL, the best tribute and memorial we can make is to keep our regions alive where they are born, OSG!

  15. guest@guest432435.com' Guest says:

    i have no more words.

    one metropolis admin logged into opensimulator.org to update their user/region count. nebadon put the update back and blocked the metropolis admin from opensimulator.org

    what is now the reason for an action like this? a child avatar in hiro’s garden?

  16. joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

    Seems being underage-your case, check! and being extremely misinfored-your case, check! and Jealous as heck-your case, check! gives you the authority to keep this going. Its time to realize there are rules placed and you can’t handle the fact that your a rule breaker, again your case, check!. so with that said go back to your standalone and try to figure out where your parents went wrong. drop it already, you are the extreme minority in this soap opera you continue hiding again in Guest mode.

  17. I’d love to keep this thread open so that people can post actual news on this topic once it happens, but given the length of the thread — and the amount of personal attacks — I’m going to shut it down. If you have news, or want to write an editorial for us about this topic, please email me at [email protected].