OSgrid has new legal status, welcome region

OSgrid has been incorporated as a non-profit and registered with the state of Texas, grid treasurer J. D. Celko announced Thursday on the grid’s forums.

Celko, who is also known as Amy Storm in-world, said that the grid has also received its federal tax ID, and are currently applying for tax exempt status from the IRS.

“We are actively working on the few remaining details, but have every reason to expect the process will continue to go smoothly,” she wrote. “We will begin drafting bylaws very soon and will make them available to you as soon as they are ready.”

She also announced the opening of a new welcome station on the grid, located at the OSgrid Welcome Station region.

OSgrid is the largest grid running on the OpenSim virtual world server software, and allows users to connect regions for free. It is also a testing ground for new releases of OpenSim, and hosts regular weekly meetings of OpenSim developers. The grid recently had a change of leadership after hosting company SimHost stepped in to help the grid out after the University of California at Irvine dropped its sponsorship of some grid servers.

Since the change, the grid has been gaining around 1,000 new registered users a month — and around 1,500 new registered users over the past two weeks. The grid also gained more than 700 new regions between mid-January and mid-February, and another 250 new regions over the past two weeks. OSgrid region numbers fluctuate greatly, however, and are not necessary indicative of on-grid activity.

Arrival area on the OSgrid Welcome Station.

It has movement tutorials, starter avatars, a translation tool, a few other useful starting items, and a gate to other destinations on the grid.

It has a very modern, futuristic feel, like a teleportation deck on a brand-new space ship.

OSgrid offers a choice of six starting avatars at the entrance.

Previously, OSgrid offered a choice of two starter avatars on LBSA Plaza.

The avatars are complete sets, including bodies, skins, hair, clothing, and associated attachments. Each avatar also includes a notecard describing the provenance of each item. As of this moment, license terms are not included, so users should assume that the content is licensed to use only on OSgrid unless instructed otherwise by the original creators.

Furries and other types of avatars are stored away in pods behind an “under construction” sign.

“In another section of the station, new residents will be able to choose additional avatars including furries, aliens, elves, a tiny, and others,” Celko said. “These avatars are presented in vendors that are shaped like stasis pods. There is even an empty pod for residents to try out. Near the extra avatars are boxes of shapes, hair, clothing and eyes for further avatar customization.”

A blinking, dotted green line directs new users through the station, past a variety of tutorials, and finally to a room that showcases other destinations on the grid.

At the end of the path there’s a gate to other important OSgrid destinations.

The line ends at the entrance of a gate that takes users to other regions on the grid.

Overall, a very professional design and a nice, though slightly impersonal, introduction to the grid.

Celko’s announcement thanks a number of volunteers who donated their time and content, and also thanks eight greeters. The welcome station will feel a lot more personal when the greeters are in place.

OSgrid is also in the process of rebuilding LBSA Plaza, which is not only the default landing region for OSgrid residents, and the default destination for hypergrid travelers, but is also a busy and popular location known as the “crossroads of the metaverse.”

Today, LBSA Plaza has a bit of a dark and closed-in feeling, but the new design seems to be a lot more open and significantly brighter.

The Tempest region on OSgrid is a work in progress.

It’s also surrounded by attractive landscaping, and has the feel of a modern airport. Visit it in-world by looking for “Tempest” on the map, or via hypergrid by teleporting to “hg.osgrid.org:80:tempest”.

OSgrid has recently been the center of some controversy after it blocked hypergrid teleports to the Metropolis grid and replaced its traditional weekly town meetings with a “suggestion box” style system.

However, judging by this week’s weekly briefing report, the grid administrators seem to be fairly open to criticism.

One of the questions addressed was about reopening the hypergrid link to Metropolis.

The official answer was that the link would remain closed “at this time” because it has “almost completely eliminated” problems associated with visitors from that grid. In the lively discussion that resulted from this announcement, grid residents argued both sides of the issue. In particular, some residents pointed out the lack of sufficient security controls to deal with individual hypergrid visitors that forced some region owners to close their regions to hypergrid visitors altogether.

In addition to underscoring the need for better hypergrid security tools, the discussion also highlighted the need for better communication between administrators of different grids, so that they could act in concert to police bad behavior.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

69 Responses

  1. jamiewrightiw@gmail.com' Jamie Wright says:

    ” As of this moment, license terms are not included, so users should assume that the content is licensed to use only on OSgrid unless instructed otherwise by the original creators.”

    Maria, if you’re looking for the licensing info on the starter avs you can find it here at the original source:


    The documentation included includes my source material as well.

    • Fantastic, thanks!

      For folks who get the avatars on OSgrid and don’t know about the OpenSim Creations link, will you be adding the licensing information to the included attribution card, as well?

      • One thing I’ve got to ask that’s been bugging me, however — what does “non-commercial use” mean when it comes to avatars?

        It’s clear that you can’t resell them. But can you, say, give them away for free on a for-profit grid? Or distribute them for free, and with attribution, on a website that also sells avatars?

        You could argue that the presence of high-quality freebies on a commercial grid or marketplace helps promote those venues.

        Or can residents of for-profit grids upload these avatars for their own private use?

        This happened last year, and created a bit of a mess for all the folks involved.

        • emperor@secondgalaxy.com' Emperor says:

          Hi Maria

          I noticed your question and it is a good one to ask. my development team is getting ready to open our grid as well and it is a question we have been wrestling with.

          I could be wrong but from my understanding the term “non-commercial use” means you can use the content and transfer it to others so long as there is no profit involved of any kind i.e. reselling under your own brand or as a third party vendor. I would also point out that each open source license i.e. BSD, GPL, LGPL, creative commons, etc have some variables as well.

          So I think this becomes trickier when you are dealing with multiple licenses. The easiest way to clear it up for the moment is going by the creator’s attribution card as to what their allowing as part of their licensing. The open source licenses set the guidelines but ultimately it would be up to the content creator I think as to what they would allow.

        • v@tgib.co.uk' Vanish says:

          Non-commercial in Creative Commons terms is a very broad specification. It not only contains profit derived from the sale of the item, but also other means of generating money through the use of the product, such as advertisements, donations, etc. CC has a faq entry to that issue here: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Does_my_use_violate_the_NonCommercial_clause_of_the_licenses.3F

          As it says, it’s situational, and depends on the intention of the user. Personally, I don’t want to give any assessment on whether or not the use of OSGrid is okay, I’ll leave that to the users whose items are used.

    • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

      Yeah, some of the source stuff is mine 🙂
      I love how that works.

      I recognize some of the hair, the AO stands and a few pieces of clothing and maybe even the skins if I am not mistaken.

      I know that that one guy avatar is one that you made Jamie and you give away on opensim-creations.com. I’m assuming that all of this stuff is open source. At least I know that the stuff that is mine is.

      • Linda — Yes, I read the attribution card, and you were credited for the content.

        • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

          I wasn’t worried if I was getting credit or not on anything. I was just commenting that anything that is mine doesn’t need a license. But I’m sure they know that.

  2. me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

    That welcome center has been on there for years, no one ever used it though.

  3. stormingamy@gmail.com' Amy Storm says:

    Jamie Wright’s avatars were used with permission and were taken directly from an avatar mini mall oar she distributes. I assumed the licenses were in the boxes. I will make certain it is by tomorrow. Jamie’s avatars have proven very popular with our new residents and are a huge improvement. I especially love the two alien avatars that will be distributing soon.

    Other avatars, those in the stasis pods, are net yet being distributed but licenses will be included.

    A few articles of clothing made by Linda Kellie are on the avatars in the pods. Nothing made by Ms. Kellie has been distributed. Her items will be removed before the avatars are made available. I apology if this has caused her any distress.

    Don’t worry, the avatars will all be fully dressed, looking even more adorable and ready to go in the next few days.

    • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

      I am not distressed in the least that you use my items. Anyone is welcome to use them. I was simply stating that anything that is mine is free to use without any attribution or licensing. Jamie makes wonderful avatars and some of the parts of her avatars are derived from my templates. I am fine with that too. She has a lot of talent.
      Personally I don’t support OSGrid anymore and I cannot and will not provide customer support to that grid. And personally I hate how that grid is now bein ran. But that does not, in any way, change my licensing (or lack of) of my products.

      • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

        No woories I’ll supply them being I own one of the top Stores in SL for Makeovers/shapes and skins. This should end the bickering

        • UMMMM nobody is bickering. Maria said she didn’t know what license those avatars had. Jamie and I stated that they are open source as they use her creations along with my templates. And that’s that. But good. I am glad to hear that you are willing to do that for them. That’s nice of you.

          • joeybhyx@gmail.com' Joe Builder says:

            Thank you Linda, I can only speak for myself I been treated very well by the powers to be and Im really a nobody so for me that means alot. I did it as a friendly gesture is all.

        • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

          We’ve also banded a bunch of people together to assist OSGrid with this Joey. And you can be sure none of them will be looking for a pat on the back over it. They do it cause they like to do it and to help people out, not because they are glory hounds.

          • Once again. I was simply stating that my items don’t have a license on them and I saw that some of my items were there. You and the other drama queen bullies can push out your “she was just trying to get attention” thing as much as you want but smart people aren’t going to buy that.

  4. tnsweeps@gmail.com' Just stop says:

    Man, read up on something before you post what you believe is fact. It’s really not that hard.

    “The old organization OSgrid, Inc which was formed and functioning in
    California was and has always been operated as a non-profit. That
    organization was suspended by the State of California, and the name was
    abandoned. The current new organization has the same name, same
    polices, and same purposes and has been set up in Texas, a new state and
    location, but its status is now being determined by the State of Texas
    and the IRS.”

    There, not hard to understand is it? Name stayed the same, everything else change. Stop trying to create problems with false and misleading information. If you don’t understand it, not talk like you do.

  5. I’ve got step in here. Linda Kellie’s content is specifically distributed with no attribution required. She’s one of the few creators I know who does this.

    • anonymized-817873563@disqus.com' Guest says:

      I didn’t say she didn’t, I said there are plenty of people out there that don’t hate OSGrid, that make better content, and don’t need to be “fawned over” constantly, and remind people that it’s THEIR content. Too bad you don’t step in when people talk about OSGrid like you did here Maria.

  6. anonymized-817875423@disqus.com' Guest says:

    Yes it’s amazing, that they go for over two years in a suspended state by the State of California and Hiro knew this all along because he brought it up at the townhall meeting before moving the servers. It was back then that the finances were iffy and they had to consolidate the plazas to cut costs.

    Now all of a sudden when it’s revealed with pictorial proof of the suspension and what was on their web page, they run to the Secy of State in Texas to form a “new” corporation, but have the same people behind it, and now it’s run on Hiro admin’s own company servers.

    “”The old organization OSgrid, Inc which was formed and functioning in
    California was and has always been operated as a non-profit.”

    It was suspended by the state over two years ago, if it was run as a non-profit claiming it was, then it was run in violation.

    • tnsweeps@gmail.com' Just Stop says:

      Now there’s a grasp. I’m guessing your trying to imply some connection.

    • guest2@timberwolfhaters.com' guest2 says:

      You should get your facts straight, the servers that OSgrid services and plazas are running on are provided by Limestone Networks and paid by OSgrid from donations they receive.

    • osgfr@mail123.org' ILIKEOSG says:

      This person hasn’t a clue what they are talking about, but that’s no surprise. First of all Hiro didn’t take over until Jan, and since Hiro wasn’t running the corp, nor was he involved in it, I don’t see how he could know it all along, but hey, this is what uniformed trolls post just to make their point even if it’s all incorrect, so take it for what it is. As soon as it was discovered AFTER he took over, he immediately went to correct the situation. Course it’s no fun to put the actual facts here, it’s much more entertaining to put false information up as fact and hope the majority thinks it’s accurate. Finally, and Guest2 below has it right… The OSGrid servers are on LSN which last time I checked isn’t owned by Hiro Protaganist. Anyone can verify that for themselves if they are interested. Any more misinformation you want to put out for people to read?

      • You’re right. Hiro did take action to correct this. And he gets props for that. But that doesn’t change the controversy of the fact that people were donating to OSGrid and lead to believe at the time that they were donating to a registered non-profit. That’s pretty big news.

        This article shows how OSGrid is “now” legally running as a registered non-profit. And I think that everyone believes that that is a good thing.

        • stopthebs@123mail.com' StopTheBS says:

          I think everyone should start thinking really hard about the difference between a NON-PROFIT organization and a NON-PROFIT CHARITABLE organization. Don’t tell me that people were donating to osgrid for some tax write off thinking it was a charitable organization because that is absurd. I’m positive not one person expected to write off these donations on their taxes at the end of the year as if this was a chartiy, so let’s be realistic. This whole smokescreen that everyone is carrying on about is simply another excuse for people who like to cause trouble and drama to have fodder to create an issue that doesn’t exist. Osgrid’s NON-PROFIT status was a problem for them with regard to taxes and filing paperwork and their issue alone. It has absolutely nothing to do with how people donated money to the grid in order to help pay for the infrastructure. They didn’t operate any differently during the 2 years that they had what is clearly a clerical issue regarding the status of their corporation. The fact that you all are insinuating that Neb and or the Admin team that was running osgrid at the time was doing anything with the money other than using it for this grid is despicable. Here’s a group of people that volunteer their time and effort to run a grid so everyone can be there and have sims for free and a bunch of people want to run around making it out like there was something sinister going on because someone neglected to file a piece of paper properly. Get over it.

          • me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

            I donated to them a couple of times. I thought they were a registered non-profit and figured that meant they filed their taxes as such and they were accountable for the money and where it went. So the fact that they weren’t registered for a few years does matter.
            And Hiro knows enough to know it matters and that is why he registered it when he took over.

          • Yeah, I was a bit bummed to realize I was not donating to a registered non-profit. I did regular donations (not big, but at least monthly) the whole time I was on OSGrid. Eh. Still glad I supported the grid in a small way while I was on it, but… a mild bummer. Glad at least it is a non-profit NOW.

          • Yeah, I too and not upset that I donated. I know that it takes time and effort to run a grid like that. I’m not saying that anything sinister was done with the money. I just think it’s bad that it was handled that way.

            I do know that Neb, Dan and Key put a lot of work into running that grid and answering questions and offering support. And i do know that some of the servers had to be paid for.

            That doesn’t take away from the legal issue though. At least now they are on track.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Hannah says:

            “The fact that you all are insinuating that Neb and or the Admin team
            that was running osgrid at the time was doing anything with the money
            other than using it for this grid is despicable. ”
            The servers were donated through a grant from the university of california, if I remember right.

            You brought up a good question -since the servers were paid for, and since there was no advertising and the staff were volunteers..what *did* happen to the money people donated?

          • keygruin@gmail.com' Key Gruin says:

            Let’s get the facts straight please, only the asset server was donated. There were three other servers for the plazas with a total monthly cost of roughly $500 or more. I don’t have the exact figures but I hope that answers the question.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Hannah says:

            Actually that does answer my question, in a refreshingly direct manner too. (which is in direct contrast to the way that other questions have been handled ..ie, with vague non-answers [ the metropolis block question] or flat-out ignored [when WILL a TOS be put on the website].

            Thank you for taking the time to clear that up. 🙂

          • stopthebs@123mail.com' StoptheBS says:

            You are wrong, that was 1 server. Again, get the facts straight.

  7. me@lindakellie.com' Linda says:

    The conversation was about the licensing of the avatars there. Since I recognize some of my stuff I was just posting about how they don’t need a license for that.
    And I recognized Jamies work there too and that I know she distributes it through Opensim-Creations.com and that it is opensource.
    But great to see that you found a way to personally slam me. Pat yourself on the back and puff up your chest and strut around awhile…. you’ve earned it.

    • wp123@metrogrid.com' Wolf Paws says:

      Well Linda, I’ve read your blog. If you would actually act as you say and stay out of the drama instead of stirring it up, people might not treat you this way. But you seem to be a liar. You post about how nice you are, tell everyone to use your free content, then have to announce when someone does it. Then you’ve spent since the beginning of the year telling everyone how nice you are and how happy you are to be out of the drama, yet, you have created most of the drama around this osgrid situation. After all I’ve seen from you, I can tell you I won’t use your content anymore, I’d rather use content from someone that isn’t looking to get something out of giving their content away. I think there are alot of people out there that donated to that osgrid welcome center that didn’t have to make an announcement here that they did so.

      • grenvillejameson@gmail.com' Gren says:

        You could always make your own content if you bothered to learn how and put in the time.

        • wolfpaws@mail123.com' Wolf Paws says:

          I do thank you very much. And I give alot of it away and I don’t look for someone to kiss my a** and thank me like Linda does over and over again.

          • grenvillejameson@gmail.com' Gren says:

            Everyone knows what Linda has made, I never heard of you though and what you say as Linda looking for people to kiss her a** and give thanks all the time is probably a misunderstanding on your part, I merely see her stating that she made xyz, rather than saying all kneel and give praise like you are insinuating.

            To my mind she made things for the fun of it and reward was seeing people use her stuff, if you are having a bad day , there’s no need to take it out on her, besides some opinions are best kept to yourself about others.

      • jim@gridmail.org' Jim Tarber says:

        You’re free to not use Linda’s content of course, but I think you missed the point that the article wasn’t clear about licensing so Linda just stepped in to say that some of it was hers and everyone was free to use it. I don’t see a down side to that comment. It’s not announcing she made it for ego, but rather to clarify that you were free to use it. This is a very Good Thing.

  8. gary7@gmail.com' Gary 7 says:

    I’m not sure how content is more important than code myself. Seems to me if you have no code, you have no platform to run on and the content makes no difference, but ok.

    • grenvillejameson@gmail.com' Gren says:

      Hi, what I meant was after OpenSim was up and running it was content that was more important than additional code at the time. Of course the actual OpenSim programming was the number one priority, I thought that went without saying…

  9. stormingamy@gmail.com' Amy Storm says:

    Once again, OSgrid staff asked and was given permission to distribute Jamie Wright’s great avatars, the creator to distribute them. Because the term “non commercial” in Creative Commons is not so clearly defined when it comes to use by non-profits, we wanted to be sure we were not doing anything outside of Jamie’s intent. She generously granted us permission to use them. Whenever I see one of our new residents looking great in one these avatars, I am happy. We will continue to distribute Jamie’s avatars as they were made.

    The other avatars in the OSgrid Welcome Station are governed by broader licenses, either public domain or attribution only. Some of these avatars are dressed in clothes by Linda Kellie. We will change the outfits.

    On a positive note, because of the publicity from the article and maybe the controversy about content, OSgrid received many content donations yesterday. We will be talking more about that in next week’s .Weekly Briefing.

    On a personal level, it is my belief that most creators who release content into public domain or license them using a Creative Commons license do so to enrich the experience and enjoyment of people who use them. It sad to see items that were placed in the public domain used as a weapon. It’s disappointing and disheartening.

    • The skins, hair and/or clothing that jamie used that were my templates (and not saying that all of the things she used were my templates) are fine for her to use and for her to distribute any way she pleases.

      There is no “controversy” over the content. Jamie and I both have made it clear that OSGrid isn’t doing anything wrong with using those avatars.

      • Yeah, this is weird. I totally don’t see that Jamie or Linda Kellie are causing any fuss here AND they are letting their stuff be used freely whether or not they are still on OSGrid at all. I think that’s rather cool of them. That there have been other donations of content is also cool, of course. I try to share my content as well in whatever grid(s) I am in.

    • ohhai@mailinator.com' ic whatudidthere says:

      ” It sad to see items that were placed in the public domain used as a weapon”

      I agree. So please stop using them that way. 🙂

    • jim@gridmail.org' Jim Tarber says:

      I really don’t get why the creator stepping to say that you can definitely use the items any way you want to leads people to believe that you can’t. Perhaps the deal is too good to believe.

      Don’t remove Linda’s stuff unless you don’t like them. The only controversy here is that there was some initial confusion over licensing that that clarifying that, to say that it’s fine to use in any way, is somehow being interpreted in a negative form. It’s not. Use the stuff. It’s not complicated. Linda made it very simple. Use it any way you want. You don’t even need to attribute it to her. She did so, that you would know it was okay to use in any way.

  10. Thank you for your kind words. But I don’t agree that my stuff is more important than the coding. In fact my stuff is just stuff. Some if it is good and some is bad. I am glad you enjoy it though.

    This blog isn’t about me. I was simply stating that OSGrid has the right to use my stuff if they wish and without a license. And that Jamies avatars use some of my bases and templates and she has released them opensource so they won’t be in trouble for using her stuff either.

    I do not like OSGrid anymore now with the new admin changes. I will not provide any customer support there. But they are still free to use anything they wish of mine just as anyone else is.

    And that is all I was stating.

  11. observer@mail123.com' Observer says:

    Difference is, that person doesn’t tout they are anti Drama like you do then run around spewing hatred and drama wherever you go:


  12. The voting system seems to be working — thanks, everyone! And a few comments went into the moderation queue, but not many, so that seems to be working as well. Excellent! Excellent! (Rubs hands.)

    Meanwhile, I’d like to point folks to http://gridgod.com/, an online forum set up specifically to debate contentious issues!

  13. observer123@gmail.com' Observer says:

    A grid admin, not part of the corp Timber, and we all know what you did and who this is. You are a nasty small person and I hope it comes back and gets you someday.

    • anonymized-818419948@disqus.com' Guest says:

      That’s your claim, fact is, the posts all say “administrator” one who is connected to the top, and since Dan and Key were unpaid volunteers, Neb was the admin, and Hiro was involved on the backend of things at least as far back as 2010. With the gent who started the paperwork and then fell out, it was his credit card and his paypal accounts being used to pay OSgrid bills and take “donations” but he was no longer involved.
      Since we know Dan and Key didn’t have such access to paypal or the credit card, that leaves Neb and Hiro.

      • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

        Well since your so hot to look at corporate paperwork Timber, why don’t you look to see who was in the corp? I don’t see James/Hiro listed there, do you? That being the case he wouldn’t have access to it, and Hiro was NOT in the OSGrid corp at ANY time up til now. So I guess what your doing is calling Neb a thief? Is that right?

        • anonymized-818456594@disqus.com' Guest says:

          You cant get your name listed on a non-profit incorporation papers once it’s suspended, and he only needed a password and user name.
          It’s in the townhall logs about the paypal acct, and the credit card which was soon to expire and no longer being able to be used.
          Drama queen that you are Walt, you are calling Neb a thief not me, and my name is not “Timber”

          • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

            If you are claiming anything was done “illegally” with these donations, Neb was the admin. So therefore you are calling him a thief essentially. Either you think the money was used wrong or you don’t. Clearly you think it was used improperly or you wouldn’t be so concerned with how they manage their backend paperwork.

          • Fact #1 – OSGrid was not a registered Non-profit for the last few years.

            Fact #2 -OSGrid claimed to be a registered non-profit on their donation page while their non-profit status was suspended.

            Fact #3 -People donated money thinking they were donating to a registered legal non-profit organization.

            Fact #4 – OSGrid was not operating legally. So it doesn’t matter if it was Hiro or Neb ….someone was taking money that was intended for a registered non-profit organization. Doesn’t matter what they did with that money. They were still operating illegally.
            Fact #5 OSGrid is “now” operating as a legal non-profit.

            So there are your facts. So stop being a drama queen and calling people names here and crying about being voted down. The facts are clear .

          • guest@gmail.com' Guest says:

            So the question remains the same. What happened to the money that was donated to a suspended non profit org who keeps displaing on their web page that they are NPO?

      • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

        Oh, and Dan and Key aren’t listed as Admins??? Again what’s this from you Timber 1/2 facts to suit your case as usual?

        • anonymized-820512517@disqus.com' Guest says:

          You cant get your name listed on a non-profit incorporation papers once
          it’s suspended or change the names, and one only needs a password and user name to access paypal and credit cards.

          Dan and Key are technical-software people, they don’t run the company or have access to the funds.

          It’s in
          the townhall logs about the paypal acct, and the credit card which was
          soon to expire and no longer being able to be used.
          Drama queen that you are Walt, you are calling Neb a thief not me, and my name is still not “Timber” mr slave man.

          Hiro didn’t take over as *admin* till then but he was operating behind the scenes and now the sims are moved over to simhost- his own company.

          You claim he is new now just since January is is innocent?

          Want to stick to that after reading this?
          Notice these were posted in 2010, and that a reply in this thread points to a post made by Hiro Protagonist/James Stallings on May 21, 2010 where he makes a specific reference to

          “I am probably one of those referred to as ‘various “authorities”‘.
          “WE at Osgrid”
          And more importantly, he states THIS, proving he was administering the grid in the background in 2010 and using his simhost company:

          “Thanks and kindest regards
          James G. Stalling II aka Hiro Protagonist
          OSGrid Admin and SimHost.com hosting provider”

          Lilith Heart Plants in OSGrid – ALL STOLEN
          ‎05-22-2010 07:26 AM

          05-22-2010 07:27 AM
          Sorry to hear…..:-(
          You may want to contact the developers.
          This was recently posted by:
          James G. Stalling II aka Hiro Protagonist
          OSGrid Admin and SimHost.com hosting provider.

          Hiro’s own May 21st 2010 post, where he signs off as:

          Thanks and kindest regards
          James G. Stalling II aka Hiro Protagonist
          OSGrid Admin and SimHost.com hosting provider

          SImhost was “connected to” Osgrid through Hiro even back then, his signature proves it. Simhost is a for-profit entity, so naturally the question would be why is a for-profit company involved with a non-profit company now hosted on their own servers and admin’d by none otjher than Hiro himself?

          Hiro is not only the new registrar according to this public record:

          But on the top of the list of “directors” on this public record too:

          Seems to me you are digging yourselves an even deeper hole as these documents reveal themselves and show the lies we are being fed on the time line and web site page.

          So please stop LYING to us about how he just traipsed on in and took over just now by starting in JANUARY 2013, because he was posting back in 2010 (when the text on the web site stated what it did) that he was connected to the grid as an administrator.

          The very same people are involved, starting with Hiro himself then as now and there is documented and photographic proof of this.

          Posting screen images of documents that have been untouched by anyone for over two years is not “inaccurate” as you claim, in fact, it’s evidence that would work fine in a court of law. I vote your posts down because I totally disagree with everything you post here, every bit of your angry, hate-filled spews towards me and anyone else who dares post the documentation.

  14. ilikeosg123@gmail.com' ILIKEOSG says:

    And how were you going to get IRS paperwork mailed to you for this so called DONATION? Did you provide OSGrid Inc your Name Address and Social Security number in order for them to send you the appropriate documentation? Stop blowing smoke up everyones ass, your a troll and a troublemaker.

    • anonymized-818414783@disqus.com' Guest says:

      Walter: when you donate money you only need your receipt (paypal provides one) or visa card slip (visa provides that) and file your income taxes as itemized. Few will bother for a $10 donation, and I doubt the IRS is going to squawk and demand detailed paperwork on a $10 donation, they are more interested in those who make claims they donated $100,000 to “charity” or a “non-profit” that turns out to be owned and run by their brother-in-law’s company.

      • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

        There’s a big difference between a paperwork ERROR that has been corrected, and something that you are claiming (slanderous statement I might add) was owned and run by “their brother-in-law’s company”.

        • anonymized-818429732@disqus.com' Guest says:

          Sure, a two years long paperwork “error” everyone knew about!
          I doubt the IRS will buy that “error” excuse, maybe for a month or two expiry, not two years worth of official suspension by the state.
          I don’t buy that excuse, too many knew for too long what the status was and did nothing about it till just a few weeks ago when this whole topic hit the fan and documentation brought forth.

          I make no “claims” Walt, I post the facts with proof backing it up, and I was using the brother-in-law as an example.

          • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

            Your facts are all based on your petty hatred of the grid because they won’t let you run wild and grief the people that reside there Timber. You only post facts YOU can use to be a troll and be negative. Try posting “all” the facts for a change.

          • anonymized-818470034@disqus.com' Guest says:

            All the facts have been posted and documented with photos numerous time, that’s putting out the state records facts and the truth, as well as hiro’s own posts, if you can’t accept that then it’s your problem. The thing is the more you keep coming here and beating this dead horse trying to skew the facts and dismissing the photos, the more it looks worse and worse while you dig the hole deeper and deeper. More and more people are questioning just exactly what has been going on and you’ll notice more people have moved out of the grid as a result.
            I am not connected to any one else, I speak for no group and no one, I speak for myself and do my own battles thank you. I have not asked anyone to come here and vote or post, if they do that’s their perogative, but clearly you do, because I just mention your name and poof, minutes later there you are posting with your buddies trying to defend the actions of late.
            And once again, my name is not “Timber” Mr slave man.

          • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

            LOL.. That’s the best slander you can come up with? Your a real big man. Do you use racial slurs in RL as well, and spew hate at the homosexual community? I bet you do you bigot.

          • anonymized-818492796@disqus.com' Guest says:

            OIC, now someone is a “bigot” because they call you what you are? a slave owner with a BDSM group? You are probably aware that in real life, promoting or engaging in slavery in any form is illegal, just as illegal as age play would be between those imaginary “child” avatars your grid is so frantic about.
            In factuality I’m about as openminded as they come these days, but I’ll call it as I see it and if you own “slaves” you are a “slave owner.”
            Unlike you I don’t need innocent girls waiting on me hand and foot at my beck and call to order them around and tell them what to do and think.
            We got rid of slavery in the 1860s Mr Balzic, it has no place in modern society in case you forgot that.

          • wbalazic@123mail.com' Walter Balazic says:

            And you and your OSGrid hate cronies can vote these things down all you like. It won’t hide the fact that you and the Ex-OSGridites are here simply to troll, spread hate, and misinformation. We all know what kind of people you all are, and you simply demonstrate it here by putting up inaccurate information, accusing people of misdeeds, and then voting the truth down.

          • anonymized-818472952@disqus.com' Guest says:

            Posting screen images of documents that have been untouched by anyone for over two years is not “inaccurate” as you claim, in fact, it’s evidence that would work fine in a court of law. I vote your posts down because I totally disagree with everything you post here, every bit of your angry, hate-filled spews towards me and anyone else who dares post the documentation.
            I suspect your extreme and deep connection to this grid and hiro is far, far deeper than just being a simple “resident,” is it because it’s the only one you can have a slave/BDSM group on, or is there some financial incentive going on here?

    • anonymized-818415567@disqus.com' Guest says:

      I haven’t donated a dime to OSgrid because I run my own server.

  15. Ener Hax says:

    wow, lots of time when into that plaza! nice on the avatar tuts and flow for n00bs!