3rd Rock looks to real world music fans for new users

While many OpenSim grids are trying to attract users from Second Life, or other grids, 3rd Rock Grid has decided to reach out to the real world for its latest marketing and outreach campaign, centered around its 3RG Music Village virtual performance space.

The campaign will include targeted advertising through music-related blogs and online communities.

“Artists are now using services like YouTube, providing a 2D web experience to their listeners,” said 3rd Rock founder Butch Arnold. “This community however has not yet added the immersive and highly interactive 3D space to their toolkit.”

Aerial view of Music Village. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)

Aerial view of Music Village. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)

A virtual space such as the 3RG Music Village, would offer performers and artists a space in which they could meet virtually with their fans, he said.

“We have committed 2% of our gross income to our marketing efforts and intend to increase this as funds become available with growth,” Arnold told Hypergrid Business. “We are very excited about reaching out to non virtual world users as this helps not only 3rd Rock Grid, but other grids as well as these new users will eventually find many other grids to explore.”

And it’s not just about buying ad space.

3rd Rock Grid is making available a number of free plots, each with a pre-built clubhouse, for artists and fan clubs, as well as virtual content such as instruments, turntables, and clothing. There are also orientation videos to help newcomers get started, written documentation, on-site grid staffers, greeters, and an online support desk.

A fan club house in 3RG Music Village. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)

A fan club house in 3RG Music Village. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)

Those looking for more space can get a full region for as little as US $12.50 a month for 7,500 prims, and $25 a month for 15,000 prims, as part of a limited-time offer.

3rd Rock Grid is a closed commercial grid. In this month’s stat’s report, it was the eighth most popular grid by active users, and the 11th largest grid by land area. It competes with other closed, commercial grids like InWorldz and Avination for customers and its primary revenue stream is land rentals. As of May 29, the grid had 305 regions, 8,522 registered users, and 418 active users.

The Music Village events office. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)

The Music Village events office. (Image courtesy 3rd Rock Grid.)


The grid is five years old, and is known for its busy event calendar. Focusing on music performances is a way for 3rd Rock to differentiate itself from other social grids.

People interested in learning more about the Music Village can contact Arnold at [email protected].

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  1. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    I love 3rg for it’s music scene. This is a cool addition. I wish them all the best. [and now I need to make some time to go see this]-))

  2. christian.noone@gmail.com' xchrisx says:

    Best opensim grid i have had the pleasure of visiting so far and fully testing out, sim prices are good and all come with no restrictions on use 🙂 which is a massive plus for people wanting to get away from second life.