Residents petition Lindens on exchanges

In the wake of the recent closing of at least 16 third-party Linden dollar exchanges — only AnsheXPodex, and Crossroads are still up, as of this writing — some Second Life residents have launched petitions to allow third-party exchanges to remain, or asking for more information.

A petition on, Linden Lab: Lets try to open a discussion about the third-party tiers!, seems to use the word “tiers” to mean “exchanges.” It is seeking 200 signatures, and has garnered 153 so far.

There is a new French-language blog up about the petition, and the Terms of Service change in general, TOS Linden Lab 2013.

A German-language petition, Reintroduction of exchange business in Second Life, is seeking 10,000 signatures in favor of allowing properly approved third-party exchanges to stay in business. It currently has more than 1,200 signatures.

“Because otherwise, I’m out of the game,” wrote one petition signer.

There is a discussion about the German petition on the Second Life general discussion forum, and a video posted on YouTube (see video below).

European residents, and Second Life users based in other countries, are particularly affected by the shut-down of third party Linden Dollar exchanges because they may not have access to PayPal or credit card payments. Third-party exchanges accept a payment through a wide variety of other channels, including prepaid cards, text messages, direct billing, and telephone payments.

In addition, credit card processors sometimes flag international payments as fraud, meaning that even people with access to credit cards may have trouble buying Lindens on the official LindeX exchange.

Finally, third-party exchanges provide services that Linden Lab cannot, such as faster payments or local-language support.

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Maria Korolov

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16 Responses

  1.' Yoshiko Fazuku says:

    anshe stoped doing L transactions

    • Did they post a statement anywhere?

      • It seems that their “buy” functionality is still working. I’ve been testing it out… I don’t have any Lindens to sell, though, so haven’t tested that one. I hear that people are getting contradictory answers via live support chat.

      •' Yoshiko Fazuku says:

        if you try to do a transaction they return it and send you an email saying they are no longer doing trades in Linden

    • Ener Hax says:

      if Anshe can’t influence LL – no one can. there was a time, back in 2004-05 when LL did pay attention to Anshe and residents but that is long gone . . .

  2. The petition reached its goal of 200 signatures… the German openpetition petition is at 1,272… Not that you can really make a private company do anything by signing a petition, but it is sending a signal that people really care about this.

  3. Ener Hax says:

    ha ha ha, Linden Lab listen to anyone? if they did not care about IBM reducing their stake from a high of $12 million inSL (and other VWs) in 2005-06, then why would they care about 200 sigs?

    pessimistic? nah, realistic, but i’d love to be wrong about it

  4.' Gaga says:

    I don’t get it. I read the TOS and it says LL will not take any responsibility for credit card fraud and is withdrawing the use of their Risk API so where does it say no one can exchange $L?

    I understand the panic because Linden Lab are famously being silent on meaningful clarification and reassurance to the exchange business’ and since they are holding people’s money they fear LL will ban their avatars and deny them access which will cost them dearly.

    Nice one Linden Lab. You done it again!

    • Talla — Linden Lab contacted the exchanges individually and told them to cease operations. But there might be some good news coming… stay tuned.

  5.' Joe Builder says:

    Anshe? Stats say Rich Grainger has twice as many regions as Anshe. If it matters

    •' Dave Bell says:

      Last I saw, Anshe Chung has several alts running estates. See the Top Ten at www,, and you will see Victoria Chung, Jessica Chung, and Miriam Chung. There’s another couple in the top twenty.

      I suppose they could be distinct people, but it that really likely?

      •' Joe Builder says:

        Then again Gridsurvey is not a reliable source, Never has been. yes I know there is a few still #1 is Rich Grainger. Many say he may be a linden, then again they say the Chungs are. Questions we will never know the truth on. Also correct stats from LL is not known only guessed. In Early 2008 I rented from Grainger a few times I saw him with more than 1 linden in world talking. Again we only just guess what’s really going on there.

  6.' Anaelle Emerald says:

    Hi, yes i made the petition on, sorry if i used a bad word to describe the exchange :/ i’m french so my english isn’t perfect yet :p I seek for more than 200 signatures actually it’s a step at first it was 100 then 200 and now 500 and once reached 500 it will ask for more…it’s a way to keep people motivated… More we have and better we feel, it mean that people HOPE. even if i perfectly know that Linden Lab dont use to listen to us, it’s still better to fail by trying than fail by doing nothing…i dont know if it’s understandable what i’m saying…sorry again

  7.' AviWorlds says:

    Anyway Joey Hyx says that Grid Survey is not reliable and not correct, not real. Can you please tell me a real source that says the opposite and actually backs up what you say that SL is doing great and increasing in private regions? What is your source of information please.

  8.' Hannah says:

    According to virwox’s website, they’re in talks with Linden Labs. What that means is anybody’s guess.