Kitely Marketplace launched

The Kitely Marketplace is now open for business to residents of the KitelyΒ grid with over 700 items listed. The web-based platform allows users to buy items for either Kitely Credits or real money, using PayPal.

Payments made via Kitely Credits help preserve the anonymity of the buyers, while PayPal payments result in real money being paid to the vendors. Currently, Kitely does not allow users or merchants to redeem Kitely Credits for cash, in order to comply with virtual currency regulations. Kitely takes a cut of each transaction — see this page for more details.

The single largest category is art, with 189 items, followed by animations, which had 133 items as of today.

The avatar appearance category, which includes skins, shapes, tattoos, eyes and hair, had 111 items. Clothing had 79 items.

The Kitely Marketplace allows merchants to set any of four permissions — copy, transfer, modify, and export. The export permission allows buyers to save those items as part of their OAR files, or take them with them to other grids once Kitely is hypergrid-enabled. Currently, over 200 items are marked as available for export.

(Image courtesy Kitely Ltd.)

(Image courtesy Kitely Ltd.)

For more information about how the Kitely Marketplace works, check out today’s announcement.

The Kitely Marketplace is currently small compared to those on the larger grids. The inBiz marketplace, for example, which serves the InWorldz grid, has over 2,000 items of clothing alone. SpotOn3D’s Synergy marketplace has over 700 apparel listings.

However, this is the first day for the Kitely Marketplace. Unlike other marketplaces, Kitely also counts all the different variations of an item, such as different colors, as a single item. Counting all the variations as well, gives a total count of almost 1,000 items, said Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner.

In addition, Kitely promises to be a multi-grid market, with delivery to any hypergrid-enabled grid.

There are two other multi-grid marketplaces — HGExchange and Cariama.

However, despite having been launched more than two years ago, HGExchange currently lists less than 30 items in its clothing category. It also seems to be poorly maintained — it’s grid list includes the Nova grid, which shut down a year and a half ago.

Meanwhile, the Cariama website has been down for at least two months now.

The only other multi-grid marketplace is SpotON3D’s Synergy, which allows merchants to deliver into Second Life, but not to any other OpenSim grids.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

7 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    Additional things to point out is how well the MP site has been developed. Very nice interface.

    Purchases deliver to a special folder in your inventory.

    Content creators can opt to have real money go to their paypal account, or to the Kitely money, KCs…which can be used to buy content on the MP and even be used to pay for land…which is the least expensive of any commercial grid also, and includes more innovation in OARs upload/downloads [thus you can finally save your region in a file on your computer, no lost work, ever againm due to grid errors or account access removal].

    I expect that now it is live more people will finally see the value in putting content in.

    I already made a few purchases-))

    Other than the SL MP, the other markets have been building for some time, and Kitely has already launched with a good start of content. Tie in the proprietary Export ability [opt-in] and the future launching of Hypergating ability, this grid is really going to do well.

    Already it has more regions than any other commercial grid, by far, other than SL.

  2.' Ilan Tochner says:

    Hi Maria,

    This is much bigger news than just another marketplace opening… πŸ™‚

    I think your readers should REALLY read our blog post announcement to get a fuller picture of what this launch means for the Hypergrid-connected metaverse and for professional SL and OpenSim content creators as well.

    As an aside, there were almost 1000 different product variations listed when we opened the marketplace this morning (in more than 700 different products). Clothes, for example, had 128 different product variations in the 79 products you mentioned.

    It is also worth mentioning that the other multi-grid marketplaces you mentioned can only deliver to a few preconfigured grids that install some software on their end (modules and/or inworld vendors). Kitely Market, on the other hand, will be able to deliver to users of any hypergrid-connected grid without requiring grids to set anything up. With Kitely Market you’ll be able, for example, to start a freshly downloaded version of sim-on-a-stick and have export-enabled products that you buy delivered to your avatar.

  3.' Joe Builder says:

    Idea of a Marketplace is a very good one, Except there is many grids with stores with *Buy for 0* using SL content From Fashion shoes to Top quality hair to name a few.
    So that’s your competitor a tough one to beat. So sadly as long as Copy Botters run amok through the metaverse sales will be mediocre at best. I know sounds extremely Negative but we all have to look at what we do from every angle.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi Joe,

      Napster and illegal music downloading sites existed long before iTunes (and the many app stores that followed it) became available. I agree that too many people steal content when they can’t get it legally but, and this is the good lesson that iTunes taught the world, once people can conveniently and affordably acquire content legally a significant number of people will choose to do so.

      The OpenSim-based metaverse is currently in that pre-iTunes stage. You can get content legally in some places but it is usually a lot more hassle to do so than to just visit some inworld store that gives away copybotted stuff. Kitely Market is designed to do for virtual goods outside Second Life what iTunes did for music – make it possible for content creators to earn money for things people can easily steal from them in other, less convenient, websites.

      Successful SL content creators that refrain from selling to OpenSim-based grids leave the door open for people to sell copybotted versions of their content to people who want their content but can’t get it legally. It isn’t a question of whether people will be able to steal from them – they already can and do. It’s a question of whether the content creator can profit from the people who are actually willing to pay them for their content but currently have no option to do so in the OpenSim-based grids which they use.

      Content that you export via the Kitely Market retains the permissions with which you bought it – this is not the same Export mechanism that is now being pushed by Avinations and some viewer developers that requires exported content to be full perm. If people take content they buy and then use god privelages on some grid to change DRM restrictions (which is what perms are) then they are breaking the law the same way that copybotters are. Some people have no qualms doing that but there are enough people who prefer to buy legal content that even online music stores feel safe selling music without any DRM (which is a much more easily usable form of copyable content).

      •' xchrisx says:

        Just a small quick reply. Thats not completely true about sl creators, i have note card and chat with some face to face in world and asked them direct if they would make certain items requested for an opensim grid that i spend a lot of time on πŸ™‚ And they were more than happy to do so πŸ™‚ be it using a free temp shop or keep one permanent. Far as the music subject goes my friend you must be living under a rock :O both movies and music are downloaded illegal more today than ever before, and with iTunes noway. they had a drm so you couldn’t transfer ect one min, then the next min you can get a program online that could remove it with one click. Both copybot and illegal downloading will always be there no matter what the best devs in the industry do, there will always be a hacker, programmer somewhere who will be one step ahead. Thats the digital world and will always be.

        •' Ilan Tochner says:

          You’re making a strawman argument xchrisx, I never said content wasn’t being illegally copied (my comments are here for people to view them, I suggest you reread them as well). What I said is that having a convenient and affordable marketplace that can easily deliver to the places people want to use content is the best way for content creators to make money when people can easily steal their content in other websites.

          Having to approach SL merchants and get them to bring their content to your grid of choice is not as convenient as getting that content illegally on some website or grid. Being able to go to Kitely Market, buy the content you want and have it automatically delivered to your grid IS more convenient than trying to find an illegal copy of that content somewhere. That is a convenience many people are willing to pay for.

          Your merchant friends would also have a much easier time selling via one online marketplace to all OpenSim-based grids then having to open and maintain a presence on every OpenSim grid they want to be able to easily sell to. Even if they choose to build a shop in a grid that is hypergrid connected, potential buyers are still much more likely to view their items in the easily searchable Kitely Market than they are inworld.

          I discussed this, and other objections people have raised in the blogosphere, in depth in the presentation I gave in the OpenSim Community Conference a few days ago. You can see the video and the slides here:

          As an example of how Kitely Market can help merchants sell more you may wish to consider that Apple removed all DRM from songs sold via iTunes in April 2009 and their sales have been growing faster ever since despite there being more places from which you can easily download illegally copied songs. See and

          •' Minethere says:

            As well, at least as I see it, and what I do and will continue to do, is still maintain shops in various grids, simply to give folx something to see as they move around the Metaversum.

            This also serves as advertising and I see no reason why other content creators will stop doing this, other than simple lack of time constraints.

            I do this now while selling on online MPs and will add Kitely to the url givers when I can sell my terrains using it….some fine day…lol