Help me fix my ugly hyperport

If anyone has visited Hyperica lately — hypergrid teleport to — you might have noticed many of the gates not working correctly.

The scripts keep requiring manual restarts because they keep doing weird things, and I haven’t been able to track down the problems. But it’s all a moot point, anyway because the main reason for having these scripts is now gone.

You see, until last week, it was impossible to teleport more than 4,096 regions in any direction. And some regions were much farther apart than that, requiring jump regions in between them, to serve as way stations.

To deal with this issue, I set up a system where if a destination was too far away, a gate would automatically transport you to an intermediary gate, then that gate would transport you to another intermediary gate, which would then send you on. Automatically.

And the system worked — as long as all planets were perfectly aligned.

But now none of this is needed because the 4096 bug has been fixed. A single hyperport can send people to destinations all over the metaverse, as long as the traveler is using an up-to-date viewer.

So I can throw out all those non-working scripts, and have a permanent set of gates to the hypergrid’s top destinations for shopping, community, education, role playing, exploration — all the fun stuff.


I’m not a person who thinks well in 3D. I can lay out a newspaper page or a brochure, set up a database, or write an article. But I can’t arrange things in three dimensional space so that they look good.

My current hypergates on Hyperica. A bit sterile.

My current hypergates on Hyperica. A bit sterile.

Can anyone help out here?

Here are some questions that maybe you guys can brainstorm on, in the comments:

  • Should a hyperport be outdoors, under an open sky? Maybe with some stores or coffee shops for travelers to stop by at?
  • Should it be inside, like in a modern airport? Maybe the gates along the perimeter, and some freebies and announcements in the center?
  • Should it look like something out of Stargate, all futuristic?

Or maybe there will be several hyperports, in different styles and formats, and hypergrid travelers can decide which one they prefer.

I’m thinking … a style somewhere between The Hobbit and the old welcome area on ReactionGrid. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to visit — in OpenSim or in Second Life — for inspiration?

And the gates themselves…

Right now, I’m using a simple blue circle. I think it’s an obvious visual that screams out “hypergate,” just like a blue underline screams out “hyperlink.”

But there are a few other hypergate designs out there: Stargate-inspired like The Hypergates, stone arches like Pathfinder’s, various dialable gates, walk-through gates, a teleporter-style gate where you step into onto a round pad and are teleported away, and so on.

Which gates do people prefer?


A hypergate that can be dialed to go to any destination in The Hypergates system.

A hypergate that can be dialed to go to any destination in The Hypergates system.

A gate by OSgrid's Lani Global, with a list of destinations.

A gate by OSgrid’s Lani Global, with a list of destinations.

A scripted gate by Whitestar.

A scripted gate by Whitestar.

Pathfinder's BlamGate -- walk through to be instantly teleported to a pre-set destination.

Pathfinder’s BlamGate — walk through to be instantly teleported to a pre-set destination.

A teleporter by Diva Canto (hypergrid inventor Crista Lopes). Step in and be immediately teleported to a pre-set destination.

A teleporter by Diva Canto (hypergrid inventor Crista Lopes). Step in and be immediately teleported to a pre-set destination.

A hypergate on the Festa 24H region on OSGrid, part of the Oliveira Grid Portal network.

A hypergate on the Festa 24H region on OSGrid, part of the Oliveira Grid Portal network.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1. And since a few people missed it the first time around: We’ve been able to tell for a year whether a destination is up or not (and its coordinates!) with an in-world script.

    Here’s the script that lets you check the status of a single destination, either on the hypergrid, or on your local grid:

    Here’s a script that lets you check a whole list of destinations at once:

    •' Merrie Schonbach says:

      Maria I like the idea of a airport with hypergrid gates. You could add little good stores inbetween. I think it would be easy to use, interesting to walk around and with a directory I think it would be a good choice.

  2.' hack13 says:

    I notice that most of my clients prefer The HyperGate, which is the first one you asked about. However I like this version, it tends to be the one that causes the most problems as the script tends to run buggy after a few uses and then the region needs to be restarted. It is something I am not really sure we can do anything due to the script being obscured. I have asked the developers to look at it on their site, but have not got a reply yet.

    • There are two main problems with The Hypergates (which I also love, by the way).

      First, it requires people to add their destinations to it by installing a gate on their regions. Most people don’t bother, or have problems getting it to work, or don’t have the configuration files set up right, or what have you.

      Second, there are already thousands of hypergrid-enabled regions on the hypergrid. Too many to sort through using a single gate like this. And the hypergrid continues to grow.

      •' hack13 says:

        I would really like to see something like the Metropolis InterGrid Port, let me share the HG link with you: Krater

      •' EmilyH says:

        Me and my friend are trying to make a site like the hypergates but easier to install. In theory if all works out ours would just require rezzing an object answering a simple what is your port number question and you just leave it there so the server can check your region is still around. We thought of the same issue with how clumsy the inworld is so we decided to just make it webpage only. Were hoping to have it wiki style so people can edit there own listing and put it in a catagory with pictures of the region. We’re working on it anyway.

        • The trick is to figure out how to get people to upload information. has a grids list, but it’s out of date and only has a small proportion of all the grids. And people can upload new destinations to Hyperica, but very few actually do.

          Good luck with your efforts! And if you want an export of Hyperica listings, let me know. I’m happy to share with other directories — the more information people have, the better.

          •' EmilyH says:

            Thank you. I’m hoping by making it easy (pretty much automated) that will help people be more willing to upload things. I guess will see. *crosses fingers.*

          •' EmilyH says:

            Hey Just giving you an update. my friend and I did finish this listing. Setup is simply and the list checks every hour or so to see if the sim is still there. You can check it out on if you’d like.

  3.' Chrisx84 says:

    i can never get those hypergates to work so i say make a airport since us users are in a way taking a virtual flight to new lands when hypergriding.

    •' hack13 says:

      Make sure your opensim configuration file you allow osTeleportAgent or else the scripts will not work as they are supposed too

  4.' Lani Global says:

    I don’t think you need so many gates.

    But maybe you need a better way to display the possible destinations cohesively and compactly. This will greatly affect the design of your region, and give you greater flexibility.

    In the Sci Fi Hub of OpenSim, we have about 40 clickable picture posters on the walls of a small pavilion. A poster for each participating region. The posters are arranged within local chat distance of a central walk-through teleporter gate.

    When the poster for Hyperica is touched, it dials the gate. The gate announces in local chat “You have dialed the gate to Hyperica”

    Also the poster brings up map teleport, so the user can then choose whether to walk through the gate or just click OK on the map.

    Hyperica is a huge Hub, so may I recommend groupings of about 50 clickable posters around each gate. Perhaps a building pavilion could have 4 gates and a total of 200 posters.

    Each building pavilion could be a Theme or a Grid (major grid), or a Category.

    Photo of Sci Fi Hub of OSGrid:

    • I do need a better way to display them… but I don’t like the idea of a clickable poster as a teleporter. I don’t mind one as a landmark giver, for some reason.

      I guess I want a gate that looks somewhat like a gate — but still has a way to display a poster.

      •' Lani Global says:

        Think of the “poster” as just a big picture button for the gate.

      •' Lani Global says:

        As web designers know, people tend to avoid scrolling.

        This applies to 3D environments as well. That is why product vendors show multiple smaller images of 6 products surrounding a central larger “selected image”.

        The common 7-product vendor design has been a proven success as an inworld GUI method, and could be applied to teleporter “selected destination”. The walk-in gate itself could display the center “selected destination” image.

        In OpenSim, an important aspect of designing a GUI for image display, is the way textures are cached. The upcoming textures need to be applied to a small face before they get loaded into the main display.

        • I’ve been thinking of having a gate that shows a picture of the destination in the center — panels on the sides with pictures of other destination… OSSL-generated text with names … maybe a Hyperica branded one, so the default gate takes you to the Hyperica hyperport, and you can drop in your own images for other destinations (putting the destination name in the image title and the hg address in the description…)

  5.' LaeMing Ai says:

    While a ‘Stargate’ certainly looks good and provides a very recognisable UI, it may be problematic for commercial grids from an IP perspective. My own gate has the familiar ring but just a standard SL-Ring, with a nice StoneTile texture on both visual and bumpmap layer, and moderate reflection. It looks good and is light-weight. I use particles instead of a texture for the ‘active’ indicator. I claim it is modeled on the ‘Arbai Door’ technology out of the Sherri S. Tepper books ‘Grass’, ‘Raising the Stones’ and ‘Sideshow’ (which predate the Stargate franchise by a good few years). 🙂 YlightyearageMV

  6.' Ann Cudworth says:

    Please feel free to visit Alchemy Sims Grid, Maria. I have a couple of configurations that may work, and would happily share the OAR.

  7.' Minethere says:

    The one at Festa 24H looks like it shows a photo of the destination and you click it to scroll to others…is this so? And if so, is it copiable? And if it is copiable, can someone post the HG for it pls, ’cause I want it.

    As to what it should look like…I rather like how Kitely did the first phase of their welcome region in style. I like an old look…Roman ruins type of thing even.

  8.' shawnkmaloney . says:

    I want a tele/hyper hub/port gate region on each grid where most of it’s gates work and there is noise/music to enjoy(or not, at least we have a choice to enjoy or not). and I most certainly do not want it in the middle of a mess of lag monsters such as stores. Don’t expect me to shop at a place that I use to GO to shop(or not shop) hahaha. I have 4 places that I rely on to get me to where I wanna be, with working gates and very nice music and no stores. and one of the ones is what Betty(minethere) is talking about in Kitely that can’t do nothin yet but can over in OSgrid. (Miguel Rotunno’s roman style Oh, and heads up at Miguels region, he has obnoxious Food,Hotel and hardware commercials there in his stream of 70’s/80’s music. hahaha. but, bless his lil heart for caring for his visitors enough to have something. haha.

    • What are those four places that you go to for travel?

      Also, I’m curious about your approach to in-world music. So far, I’ve been applying my web experience — that unless someone specifically hits play on a video, there should be no sound on a webpage at all.

      Do people have a different attitude towards in-world sound than website sound?

  9.' EmilyH says:

    I think simulating an airport is a wonderful idea. Maybe not having real shops in it but simulated food stands and one or two freebie shops would be good. Or maybe a news stand where people could promote there opensim newspapers? The airport metaphor would work I think because it is the closest real world equivalent to this. I think people also enjoy the novelty of having things recreated and working in the virtual world.

    • I’d love to distribute OpenSim newspapers — do you know of anyone who does them? Maybe have a script-operated virtual newspaper that shows a blog…?

      •' EmilyH says:

        I actually don’t know. I’ve seen a few around random places but most of them seem to have died. I’m thinking because of low readership and how difficult it was for them to be sent out because of hypergrid access issues. Having a newsvender show a page wouldn’t be to hard I think since you could just use the viewers built in webpage showing function. I’ve set it up once before but can’t quite remeber how. I think it’s a simple ticking of buttons. You’d just have to set it to a opensim blog/newspaper feed.

      •' Minethere says:

        here is a simple url giver: of course, you MUST leave them all to my blog-)) [and, I know, this may not be what you want]

        Thishan Dezno


        url = “”;

        desc = “Region Creations Blog”;



        touch_start(integer total_number){

        llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0), desc, url);



  10.' Joe Builder says:

    As for myself I use strictly Landmarks, Works perfectly maybe someone can put a Free box together with all important LM’s would be easier than a bulky gate.

  11.' 111shawn says:

    I myself, like Joe, use LM’s extensively in my travels and then kick myself regularly for not remembering to LM the dang place that I wanted to go to again. Airport idea? wonderful. I like the train/subway depot idea that I saw awhile back (maybe OSgrid) but build seemed in limbo so I can’t say. As far as MY 4 “go to” places when I get stuck is in order of going to when I get stuck, haha. Really cool music, in your face pleasing colors. nothing else around it. Gates go to 2 of Taarna Welles regions(owner of Bubblesz) and the others are to the other big ones you know (Met,OS..Etc..) owned by Miguel Rotunno as stated previously, really nice Roman decor, also found in KITELY.’s world Yep, the elegant creator of elegance Selea Core. I want her music stream but keep forgetting to look. hahaha.
    And saving this one for last, the one that is where I go when I get the Hypergridding bug? Is of course in my experience since being in opensim is (drum roll) the masterful Mr. Shaun Emerald. (John “Pathfinder” aint said boo to me, so I just go by heresay that he is the master/creator of blamgates) Amazing work and rescripting by this dude in getting his gates up again even better than before, he now has over 80 grids to go to and the surroundings I am sure some chick would say is “breathtaking” 🙂 I hope this helps every single soul that reads this. 🙂 oh, and really nice mood music to peruse gates by.

    other ideas, greyhound bus terminal , space port, Wells Fargo Express, or Flinstones cab service. 🙂

  12.' 111shawn says:

    News paper idea sounds cool, I envision MOAP(media on a prim) somehow linked onto a prim with news print around the edges V(virtual christine) has a MOAP board upon entry to her region gordo with her blog for all to see (I mean actual blog that you can scroll to read and stuff) and no, she is not at all vain, I stuck it there and told her not to take it down, hahaha. I may do that newspaper idea I just envisioned, after of course I find a fricken pirate hat and feathered turkey!!! they aint easy to find in opensim, but sure are in that other shrinking biggy. 🙂 can you believe one was 100,000L’s? (shaking head in misery)

  13.' Vanish says:

    Took me a while, but I made something for you: