Grids gear up for November holidays

The OpenSim grids are getting ready for the holiday season, with themed events and special promotions.

Littlefield Grid celebrates Dr. Who anniversary, Thanksgiving and Homecoming

Littlefield grid is celebrating a number of holidays this month, staring with the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who on November 23. There will be a celebration and dance starting at 8 p.m. Pacific (SLT) on the DrWho region of the grid. Teleport via hypergrid to

On November 28, the grid will be holding a Thanksgiving Dinner party, open to the public, starting at 6 p.m. Pacific on the Stonehaven region. Teleport via hypergrid to

Then, on November 30, there will be a homecoming dance starting at 8 p.m. Pacific on the Speakeasy Dance Club. Teleport via hypergrid to

coney island from LFgrid

Coney Island on Littlefield grid. (Image courtesy Littlefield.)

The grid also announced the grand opening of its Coney Island regions today, an eight-region complex modeled after New York City’s Coney Island boardwalk and New Jersey’s Wildwood boardwalk. There is a beach, amusement rides, a playable video arcade, and a boat launch to take visitors to Atlantis Island. There, they can get diving gear and explore two full regions of underwater builds.

Kitely Market grows 44 percent in one month

The Kitely Market now has 1,300 different product listings, up 44 percent from the 904 listings it had a month ago. Kitely Market lists multiple variations of the same product and the demo items for those variations in single combined product listings. Kitely Market currently contains a total of 2,300 different product variations — not including demo items — almost double the 1,235 variations it listed last month.

“As word of Kitely Market continues to spread, more merchants have started listing their items in our metaverse marketplace,” Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner told Hypergrid Business.

More than half of the items have export permissions, meaning that buyers are allowed to take them to other grids. Kitely is currently not on the hypergrid, but work will begin on automatic hypergrid delivery to other grids as soon as the upgrade to OpenSim 0.7.6 is completed.

“We’re integrating our cloud-based assets system, our cloud-based inventory system, and our Advanced Megaregion module,” Tochner explained. “It’s taking some time as we’re also fixing various OpenSim bugs we’re finding along the way. We’ll contribute those bug fixes to OpenSim after we complete our system update.”

InWorldz raises money to fight cancer

InWorldz will be holding its Relay for Life event on November 9, it’s second time around raising funds for cancer research.

The grid’s calendar is also full of music and other events. Unfortunately, the calendar is only accessible to logged-in grid members, which is a shame, since it is a great promotional tool for the grid.

Metropolis to open a Christmas market

The German-language, non-profit Metropolis grid opens its Christmas Market on Nov. 30, just in time for the winter holiday season. The market is completely redesigned from last year, and now extends to four regions.

Christmas Market on Metropolis grid.

You can visit it via hypergrid teleport at There will be a party on opening day.

For more Metropolis events, check out the grid calendar.

A month of music on the grids

3rd Rock Grid is known for its music scene, and November is no exception, with at least one event — and usually more — every single day this month. Check out their events calendar for the latest listings.

Virtual Highway also has a busy month, musically, with daily events. Their calendar of events is here.

The Avination grid is hosting a number of musicians this coming month. They include musician KAJ, who begins the promotional tour for his new CD with a meet-and-greet on Nov. 3, a 40-plus party with DJane Flo on Nov. 5, a live concert with blues and rock musician Mike Nelson on Nov. 8, Germany’s DeceptionDigital will perform live on Nov. 9, the play Drachenblues will be performed on Nov. 16, KAJ returns on Nov. 23 with a live performance, and Canada’s folk and rock artist Nance Brody will perform on Nov. 29. The month closes out with Spain’s Karma Auer, who performs folk and folk-rock live on Nov. 30. For locations, times, and up-to-date details of the events, check the Avination events calendar.

Nara’s Nook celebrates National Novel Writing month

Are you interested in immersive fiction? Visit the newly-opened Nara Malone’s Nara’s Nook grid over the next few days. Come in costume as your favorite literary character and explore the Greyville Writers Colony, accessible via hypergrid at

The grid features instructional content and tools for writers to get up to speed using virtual worlds to inspire and promote their work.

The grid recently upgraded its hosting setup with Zetamex, for more stability and accessibility.

Avalonia opens new shopping mall

Avalonia Estate, an alternative lifestyle grid serving the femdom community, opened a new commercial shopping mall. Visit the grid via hypergrid at The grid will continue to maintain its freebie mall, but the new commercial mall will be receiving more attention.

Avalonia Estate's new shopping mall. (Image courtesy Justin Ireland.)

Avalonia Estate’s new shopping mall. (Image courtesy Justin Ireman.)

The grid will also be holding a Halloween party on Sunday, November 3, at 2 p.m. Pacific (SLT). For more announcements, check out the grid’s event listings page.

Craft finds better performance after upgrade

The international Craft grid  is known for its artists and museums, its Italian-language community, and as the home of popular metaverse traveler and blogger Virtual Christine. It’s a busy grid, and about to get busier, thanks to some technical improvements as a result of an upgrade to OpenSim 0.7.6.

“Using the old version, we experienced problems in holding events with more than 10 or 12 avatars without suffering from horrible lag,” said grid manager Raffaele Macis, also known as “Licu Rau” in-world. “As a result, people have been leaving.”

These performance issues forced grid administrators to spend much of their time over the previous year on maintaining their servers, optimizing systems, and otherwise trying to keep everything up and running smoothly. As a result, they haven’t had much time to spend on other projects.

“At least a solution seems to have been found with the new version, and we are happy to announce that our recent parties and events have been able to support up to 20 avatars without problems,” Macis told Hypergrid Business.

The grid will be holding more events as a result, which will be listed on the Crafts Events page.

Craft has also expanded its region rental options, ranging from 3 Euro a month for a water region with no more than 400 prims all the way up to 39 Euro for a private regions with up to 25,000 prims. Discounts are available for educators.

Finally, Craft has launched a Web-based management panel for its region renters.

“This is a tool which enables them to carry out a lot of procedures such as making, saving and uploading OARs, noting visitors, and so on, which are normally carried out by grid administrators,” said Macis. Those interested in checking out the panel can request a demo region to try it out.

Free hyperport OAR from OpenSim Creations

OpenSim Creations, which is both a content-sharing site and an OpenSim grid, is making a free hyperport OAR available to the public for non-commercial use, such as educational grids, non-profits, and grids run by individuals. The grid can be visited by hypergrid teleport at

The OpenSim Creations hyperport. (Image courtesy Vanish Seriath.)

The OpenSim Creations hyperport. (Image courtesy Vanish Seriath.)

For business and commercial uses, the same OAR is available for 10 Euro (US $13.50) from creator Vanish Seriath.

His online shop also offers a variety of terrains for 5 Euro each for commercial licenses, and 1 Euro for non-commercial.

Virtual Worlds Grid celebrates 1,000 users

The Virtual Worlds Grid announced that it has just registered its 1,000th resident.

The grid also just upgraded to OpenSim 0.7.6 and is upgrading to the new groups, profiles and search features over the next week.

“Other than that, the grid is stable,” said owner Myron Curtis. “It’s running at 90 percent of 16 GB of RAM on the average, and an average of 60 percent of the quad core processor. We are running 1,169 regions on that machine, and we have the database on another with 4GB of RAM, and a quad core.”

The grid sees, on average, 29 active users a month.

“I suspect that many of the people who have created accounts never actually entered the grid because they found setting up a viewer frustrating,” Curtis told Hypergrid Business. “I have heard that complaint from most other grid developers so that is an important problem to solve. That problem is even worse for people trying to use tablets to explore virtual worlds. Each resident who moves to a tablet platform is a resident we will probably lose until we make this easier.”

Dreamnation turns two

Dreamnation will see its second birthday in mid December and will hold a number of live music events throughout November and December to celebrate this event.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

85 Responses

  1.' AviWorlds says:

    I guess AviWorlds doesnt count huh….thanks Maria.

    •' Lemondrop says:

      She probably thought you went out of business again since it happens every few months

      •' AviWorlds says:

        I am sorry but the grid has been online for 5 months now. The problems we had before was not our fault. It is just very unjust to judge. To keep trying in something you believe in even if you fail many times does not give you the right to say I WILL FAIL EVERY MONTH. And as you see our stats lately I would not say that really…I did not get any emails from MARIA asking us what we are doing for the holidays and all….Not one!
        So I am placing here our STATS.

        Registered users – 1,250
        REGIONS -208
        ACTIVE USERS – 414

        • Alex — I sent you an email asking for your events updates, but didn’t get a reply. I just checked the spam folder, and it wasn’t there, either… Can you please resend and I’ll add it to the story?

          Please keep in mind that this is NOT the stats report — that will come out on Nov. 15 (or in the general vicinity of that date).

          This is just a news summary of upcoming events, since this part of the stats report was just getting too long each month!

          • For future reference — and this applies to ALL grid owners — please send event updates before the end of each month for events happening the following month. Please include:

            * Sales, discounts, special offers

            * New grids, new themed area, new continents, new malls, new merchants or designers, new performers

            * Parties, celebrations, concerts, and other events

            Email to: [email protected]

            Then, between the 10th and 14th of each month, if you don’t have a stats page up that we grab automatically, please send us your stats. You can also send in announcements at this time, ESPECIALLY of new grid openings.

            This is free advertising guys, so please take advantage of it!

            For my part, I want to see as much stuff as possible — it shows that OpenSim as a whole is thriving and a happening place, and attracts users and creators!

          •' nara_malone says:

            I didn’t know about sending notices for events. I really appreciate you picking up the information about us and doing research to include us. In the future I will let you know well in advance of events planned.

          •' Carson Brandenburg says:

            Thank you for this website it’s very informative and helpful.
            Kind Regard’s

          •' Bo says:

            Just take more time to research if you already have not because some grids are here today then gone the next.

  2.' Minethere says:

    “The grid is known for its artists and museums, its Italian-language community, and as the home of popular metaverse traveler and blogger Virtual Christine.” Craft is a wonderful Grid full of wonderful people. Good idea to offer grid-served regions, imo.

    “Are you interested in immersive fiction? Visit the newly-opened Nara Malone’s Nara’s Nook grid over the next few days. Come in costume as your favorite literary character and explore the Greyville Writers Colony, accessible via hypergrid at” Nara is one of the nicest people in the free Meta and she offers her skills in several things freely to people.

    “You can visit it via hypergrid teleport at There will be a party on opening day.” This should be, as all Metro events are, quite something to visit. They bring in some wonderful creators to spice things up….since it is my home grid, I approve this message-))

    “Tochner explained. “It’s taking some time as we’re also fixing various OpenSim bugs we’re finding along the way. We’ll contribute those bug fixes to OpenSim after we complete our system update.” I really like that these people contribute back to core OS, and that, with the open and transparent business model makes Kitely the goto grid for commercial type folx. I think it will continue to do very well and once they enable HG out to the Meta will attract quite a lot of sightseers and explorers.

    And, btw, AviWorlds DOES count!!!

    •' nara_malone says:

      Thank you, Minethere 🙂

    •' Joe Builder says:

      As I do agree with most you said, I would as a Merchant find the grid with the most active users and online residents to be the goto Grid. If its closed or open. And just about every grid has events going on all the time, Word of mouth is always best advertisement.

      •' Ilan Tochner says:

        Hi Joe,

        I think hypergrid-connected grids as a group are the largest metagrid with the most active users and online residents.

        The reason that I think they should be counted as a group is that with hypergrid you can teleport with your avatar to any hypergrid-connected grid with the same simplicity that you can within your home grid. This makes it almost irrelevant what home grid you login to in order to travel to some hypergrid-connected region where some inworld activity is taking place.

        Using your definition of a goto grid, a merchant should therefore focus on selling to the hypergrid. It is usually the case that online marketplaces can attract more business for merchants than any inworld destination. SL Marketplace serves as that commerce hub for SL, and Kitely, with its upcoming hypergrid delivery system, will soon serve that purpose for the hypergrid-connected metagrid.

        •' Joe Builder says:

          I just used Miney’s word “goto” as she referred to your grid. Like I said stats of active users speaks volumes about a grid is all. And I’m sure we all can agree the better merchants still are in SL, to get them to say place a satellite store in opensims the grid must cater to there needs first. Not really sure what other grids are doing but Aviworlds over the last 2 weeks are going through some drastic changes to cater to these SL Merchants. I can say this much every region there has been policed and many viewers have been removed (Ones that Host copybots). So a effort is happening.

          •' TribuneNewsReview says:

            Aviworlds is able to detect & remove all copybot viewers? WOW great news! I will blog this now! it looks like end of the copybotters YAY!
            Go aviworlds or go home

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Aviworlds now blocks viewers that can be used by residents to copy bot objects in order to make it more difficult for a resident to illegally copy an object. We are also hypergrid CLOSED and now we are no longer offering self hosting regions.

            What happens to a grids economy when copy bot is allowed in is very bad. No one buys anything inside the grid and therefore no one buys the currency and there is no economical cycle precluding the growth and the incentive for anyone to create things and even develop new scripts, new items. The grid then cant sustain itself and will end up closing.

            No matter what Hypergrid Travel does to become more secure this is already embedded in the creators mind that traveling inter grids is not safe and they will not come.
            Hypergrid Travel and copy bot are two different things. A secured grid must resolve both of them.

          •' Casper says:

            Banned the viewers? secondlife has banned the viewers & day after day they come so you did what post a sign at the welcome center?
            You cannot stop the viewer so what does that have to do with Hypergrid? they cannot just join the closed grid and do it anyways?

            This is the email you sent everyone on your grid Oct 22nd


            For now on AviWorlds grid will no longer allow viewer Firestorm, Darkstorm, PhoenixKing.

            Please use Cool viewer, Singulartiy and Kokua, imprudence.

            It is extremely prohibited to bring illegal copies of any kind from any grid specially from SL.

            AviWorlds is now a closed commercial grid. This will ensure the safety of all content in AviWorlds.

            Alex Ferraris

            AviWorlds President & Ceo.

            Really Firestorm is a copybot viewer? or is it your grasping straws trying to make up for your past failures!

            You wrote ” This will ensure the safety of all content in AviWorlds.”

            really after all this time do you believe what you want others to believe? no merchant that makes any real money with good product will fall for that knowing even a billion dollar company like linden lab cannot stop it or at least offer a alternative solution.

            Using scare tactics claiming those who use a hypergrid are roaming gangs of thieves is just a cover to help you strong arming your power in your walled garden where you have all the control not only the residents or even the merchants you swear to uphold

            Slap in the face you give to the opensim core team contributors
            a slap in the face to diva team and the hard work on the HG
            Shame on you aviworlds , shame on you!

          •' AviWorlds says:

            sorry but AviWorlds is not the only grid that has closed hypergrdi travel. And to pick on us for that is really ignorance of your part and is unfair.
            AviWorlds also did not create this insecurity that creators have against hypergrid travel.
            Another point I would like to make is that all those viewers we have blocked can be used in SL.
            We did not block FIRESTORM. that was a misprint. Frirestorm viewer can be used.
            And the last point I want make is that 100% of the illegally made copies come from SL into open sims. But the mentality is already made that open sims is the one to blame.
            To fix it; creators from SL should expand to open sims. That way the need for content would be lower creating a much less need for copy botting things in SL.

          •' Ozwell Wayfarer says:

            I am not trying to bad-mouth your grid here, but how exactly did you ban
            the copybot viewers? This is something LL has never managed and I think the way
            you present what you have done is a bit disingenuous. Bordering on deceptive.

            Copybot viewers have been able to “spoof” for many years now. So to
            someone looking at the botter, they look like they are using a totally “legit”

            So what have you done? If you have simply matched your logon procedure with
            LL, then you have NOT removed the threat of copybot one bit.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            If you read what I wrote; I wrote we are trying to make it more difficult for a resident to use copy bot. I never said we killed copy bot. This is something like you said not even SL has stopped.
            But I can say that 100% of the copy botted items are from SL.
            We are simply making it as locked up as we can. We are also policing around the grid and we have placed RULES giving us the right to confiscate and delete any copy botted item found in our grid.

          • wow oxymoron much alex?
            “Aviworlds now blocks viewers that can be used by residents to copy bot objects in order to make it more difficult for a resident to illegally copy an object.”
            yet then you say you havn’t banned viewers. so what is it? did you or did you not ban / block viewers? Also policing? really? so if someone writes their own rental script you going to delete it on them all because you think they copybot it?

          • says the guy who basicly took a huge rip on all other opensim grids just afew weeks ago. I say your the selfish, over controlling ignorant person here alex.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Chris sometimes we need to change roads. I tested the open grid for over 5 months and all I got was my face on a hand saying no to me that they would not come over if the grid was open. Even if I explained to them that hypergrid is now safer and with an export function and all.. They wont come. I am not blaming on HG but yes it is a trend now that open sim is unsafe if its open grid. Not my fault guys. I TRIED it.

          •' Ozwell Wayfarer says:

            Actually, as Chris rightly pointed out, I can read perfectly well.

            “Aviworlds now blocks viewers that can be used by residents to copy bot
            objects in order to make it more difficult for a resident to illegally
            copy an object.”

            But thank you, your further responses have answered my questions. You havent blocked copybot viewers at all. Just blown some hot air.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            I agree with your assessment about what is required to get SL merchants to open a satellite store in some OpenSim-based grid. However, I think that just as inSL, many merchants considering OpenSim will decide to forgo opening any inworld store and instead opt to build in sandboxes (or standalones) and upload their content for sale in the prominent marketplace(s) that can deliver to as many potential customers as possible.

            As there are both more registered users and more active users using the hypergrid-connected metagrid than there are people who use any particular closed OpenSim-based grid, the biggest potential customer base is selling to hypergrid users.

            Kitely Market enables SL merchants to sell to that entire customer base from a single online store instead of having to open one, or more, satellite stores inworld in various OpenSim grids. In other words, they can get access to the largest customer base available in OpenSim-based grids and do so with the least amount of effort.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Maybe, But remember the Merchants prefer a grid locked up tighter than a drum, not distributed over the whole metagrid, one must think like a merchant to know there needs and demands. Maybe is why so many are in Inworldz now

          •' Casper says:

            You know what everyone else wants or is it just stupidty to tell people there stuff is safer in a walled garden vs. opensim w/ Proper Checks regardless none is safer then the other it all has to do with who is running the grid that content is in.
            As for merchants in inworldz that’s all good but remember
            to many big fish in a small pond someone is getting eating
            as they already started working on forcing luna bliss back to secondlife because the gold fish bowl is to small

          •' Joe Builder says:

            If a grid makes the smallest of attempts to try to slow down or stop something illegal you seem to be against that? All Alex from Aviworlds said is he’s cleaning up the grid of stolen items, and removed some host viewers used for copybot. Again you wont stop it completely but you can make a attempt to slow it down. This is all the Creators want is a grid that shows some effort. I’m sure will take time but its a attempt. And we all know Opensims and SL are two different virtual arenas, so anything helps. By the way what is a walled garden? that’s such a silly name. Has no meaning for the Creators who are making a living, Try to be Casper the Friendly Ghost 🙂

          •' Minethere says:

            true and fun factoid-)) Goldfish can grow quite large depending upon the size of their containment and other factors. I used to grow them in a small pond and it was very cool to feed them, especially when the big ones cames up…


            [this has been a PSA for growing goldfish in nice ways]

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            Many merchants (but not all) only sell in closed grids but their approach is just limiting their sales without actually limiting piracy of their content. Some people just copybot their content in closed grids (mainly inSL where it is easiest to find) and distribute it in other closed/open grids.

            Merchants that only sell to closed grids are therefore just losing potential sales they could be making to users of open grids. The music industry has learned this lesson and is selling unprotected songs via iTunes because that way they can make money from people who wouldn’t buy from them otherwise. Illegal copies of those songs can be easily downloaded in multiple sites and yet iTunes has sold billions of music files – those are sales it wouldn’t have made if it had continued with the approach of only selling in walled gardens.

            You can see more information about this topic starting from slide 10 in the presentation I gave about Kitely Market in the OpenSim Community Conference 2013:

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Virtual Merchants really have nothing to do with RL music industry so that’s not a example, Anyways your correct SL has a lot of copybotters, But if you figure the math residents in SL vs residents in Opensims you may think differently about who has most. Whats a walled garden? a place like kitely with no HG only the promise of opening up one day. Really need to call them Closed Commercial Grids with a Economy.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            The RL music industry example demonstrates the lessons learned by content creation companies with a lot more economic, cultural, and political resources than all the virtual merchants inSL combined.

            Even such big companies grew to understand that the best way to profit from selling digital content in a network they don’t control where illegal copies of their content can be downloaded by anyone (the internet) is to sell their content without copy protection. This lesson applies to all kinds of digital content creators, including SL merchants.

            A walled garden doesn’t allow content to be exported. While Kitely offers multiple ways for people to get content out of Kitely and into other grids:

            Kitely has had easy content export features with built-in content filtering since 2011. See:

            The Kitely Market hypergrid-delivery system will be rolled out in a few weeks:

            Kitely has an initiative that gives SL merchants control over their content and will soon include the ability to export all their market listings (including both content and metadata), See:

            Finally, Hypergrid access in/out of Kitely will be supported by the end of the year.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Ok, Lastly The commercial Grids in opensims really need to take note from SL in every aspect on what the virtual person wants, As content creators and residents alike. If you differ than what SL does then your opensim grid will only be triple digits at best in online people at any given time. As marias stats show us the one grid that follows similar to SL’s recipe is Inworldz. Many others have tried but still trail in numbers. That’s really the bottom line, Kinda like proof in the pudding.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            As I’ve stated previously, and as Maria’s stats show, hypergrid-enabled grids have more registered and more active users in the aggregate than several of the biggest OpenSim-based grids (including Inworldz) combined.

            All hypergrid-enabled grids form a single metagrid which people can travel using their avatar just as easily as they can travel inside a single grid – for commerce purposes it IS a single grid.

            In other words, the proof is in the pudding and merchants who wish to maximize their sales should focus on selling to the metagrid (aka hypergrid metaverse) – that’s where the majority of their potential buyers are located.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Exactly, The ones in hypergrid-enabled grids are here for the simple fact of that magical word, “FREE” so that alone excludes marketplaces or any other content with a price tag.
            And as a ex-merchant myself the mindset is and always will be the same. If the grid makes a effort to secure than they will come, not just a handful.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            I think you’re confusing freedom with free Joe. Hypergrid-enabled grids are used by people who want freedom not just because they can get a lot of things for free. There are people who rent regions in hypergrid-enabled grids and many people pay money to various hosting companies to rent sims that they connect to hypergrid-enabled grids such as OSgrid and Metropolis or use as hypergrid-enabled standalones.

            Even some of the most outspoken avatar-freedom advocates who give away content that they make, such as Minethere, rent hypergrid-enabled regions and buy exportable content in Kitely Market so they can use it when traveling the hypergrid. The fact that some things are free doesn’t mean that people aren’t willing to spend money. In fact, they have more money to spend on content because other things that cost money in closed grids usually cost them less in open grids.

          •' Minethere says:

            true…as Ilan knows well, I am primarily an advocate of freedom, within the overall reality that some things DO cost.

            My issue is with “how much they cost”…and knowing software as I do in dealing with it for several decades, costs come down, due to software coming down, and hardware also….one can only look at the pricing of televisions to see one example.

            SL can get away with this, in some regards, because of their large and loyal customer base, they were the only game in town for some years…then some folx got the opensource opensim software and started other commercial grids…Kitely having done the most innovative work with it, and, contributing back to core.

            Other commercial os grids had a nice pricing structure in their beginnings, and a couple make some money still due to ppl not knowing all the options available…but Kitely, and some hosting companies such as Zetamex, are the only ones who are costing their business model, and ROI based on current “costs of doing business” properly in an evolving software/hardware environment.

            Thusly, I think they deserve attention for these things…and I also think others will eventually reduce their pricing structures also, or disappear.

            The time of maximum profits on overpriced business models will eventually stop, it is an inevitability….especially when astute business people [who actually know business] realize this.

            Doing profit and loss statements and balance sheets for some years, I have a pretty good clue on ROI, humbly speaking, of course-))

            There will be some harsh times getting there from some quarters, but it will pass.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Not 100% sure where your going with what you said, Other than place a clever spin on things. Bottom line majority of Opensim residents in open grids and standalones come for the Free. Closed grids are for the people looking to make a buck with there creations. Now once again majority.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            Free (or cheap) land is not the same as free content. Just because someone doesn’t want to pay a lot of money to have a region in some closed grid doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to spend money to buy the content they want.

            Having a lot less merchants currently selling to hypergrid users means that there is currently a lot less competition for the money those users are willing to spend on buying content. It also means there is a lot more pent up demand for quality content.

            Merchants that don’t take advantage of this business opportunity are just going to see other merchants make easy sales and build brand recognition instead of them. That is not the behavior of rational business people who are in it to make a buck. It is a strategy that places more emphasis on trying to minimize illegal copying than increasing sales.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Problem is there is way to much quality content for free out there, That’s one of the great things about HG people love to jump around from grid to grid collecting and searching. Like a huge scavenger hunt. That’s what opensims is and always will be. Plus some open grids give land for FREE, But as long as the money grids keep sticking there hand out for payments there will be a few that will pay.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            There aren’t a lot of places in the hypergrid where people can be sure the content they get is legally licensed. Many people don’t want to accidentally buy copybotted content.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Same goes with marketplaces, If SL’s MP has some iffy items who’s to say others don’t. Yes its always a gamble know matter what you get small example is skins, I have seen many who have removed the copyright in the alpha layer and place there own. Guarantee is only a word and a license or law for many countries isn’t worth that paper its printed on, Welcome to virtual worlds

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            People can upload iffy content into any marketplace but you can make it much harder for merchants to actually profit from selling that content and thus make it not worth their while to try to sell it in the first place.

            For example, Kitely Market has a 45-day withholding period that prevent merchants from quickly cashing out sales of pirated content before they are caught. This delay enables people to report the problematic listings before merchants can get away with the money from selling those items.

          •' Carson Brandenburg says:

            Hello Ilan don’t let these people get you down because they do not speak for me or my builder friends or anyone i know,

            Hey I was shown a video at a conference that you gave a lecture on for opensim it has impressed me and my friends ,

            We are coming to set up a store soon but it will just take time because anyone can bring stuff into 2ndlife the hard part is even as creator is getting it out

            Take care Ilan

            Owner of DEER Home & Garden

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            Thank you Carson, I look forward to seeing you and your friends in Kitely Market 🙂

          •' AviWorlds says:

            You are also invited to AviWorlds Carson. Demand has settled in and people want to buy good quality items. We are a closed commercial grid. No copy bot allowed and we have blocked viewers that are used to copy items.

          •' KeithSelmes says:

            “a huge scavenger hunt. That’s what opensims is and always will be.”

            It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a horifically time wasting method of finding content, and fraught with non obvious licence restrictions. What really is needed are sites like Zadaroo and OpenSim Creations, and now Kitely Market, where it’s easy to find content, and easy to view the licence details. There always will be people who enjoy hunting around specialist shops, in virtual as in real life, but as in RL more shopping gets done at the supermarkets and malls or on Ebay, where it’s most convenient.

            As to free or commercial content, paying a real world price for content is actually more cost effective than spending hours tracking it down , especially when you find the creator won’t let you use it as you need to. It doesn’t even have to be the best, it just has to be available, where it’s easy to find and buy.

          •' AviWorlds says:

   me. the free mentality exists and I have experience about this.
            You will have more than one problem if you open up your grid.
            One is FREE MENTALITY will set in. Two is creators will not agree with that yet. Not ready yet.
            Thirdly there are people that will go to a closed commercial grid because they invest and buy stuff.

            Open grids is FREE , FREE , FREE.

          •' Bo says:

            Disappointed with the things you say alex because they are views being pushed as facts ,

            the same people you are pissing on (Opensim Community)
            is the same people who are behind every new release you get for FREE that you make money off,

            so jump off your high horse and think about how your coming off to everyone else .

          •' AviWorlds says:

            oh please…Do you know how much money I spend every month BO in servers? A lot! Its not FREE for me ok. Another thing is that I am not putting anyone down. I just want to offer the environment creators want. I am not the one making the rules here. They want secure , they want no HG. So I am giving it to them. Thats it! Now stop beating aviworlds down here. AviWorlds is the one being crucified here not Open Sims it seems. You all are ganging up on us and WE ARE NOT THE ONLY CLOSED COMMERCIAL GRID.
            I just explained WHY we had to close HG. I am not putting no OPEN SIM community down. I don alot for this community and I spend money that I could be on a cruise every month with my family

          •' Casper says:

            Well how about you tell us all your background & education
            You & Hack?
            LinkedIn profile & university or collage background please?
            this is not 2008 where anyone could have been the next secondlife using off the shelf software + plus hack is just a teenager not old enough in some states to buy a glass of wine at dinner so unless he is a doogie howser I am not seeing a lot of confidence in him

            You both give this excuse to marginalize hg opensim grids but closed opensim grids has tried to black the eyes of open based opensim grids for years it was not secondlife residents that tried to to tie hypergrid gate as copybotters it is people like you joe & hack, alex and other walled grids that has tried to destroy the reputation of the same very grids who donate & write code for opensim all for the glory
            in your heads so you can be legends in your own minds

            NEWS FLASH

            Export permissions , HG 2.5 in future , Kitey Market
            OS Coders & Viewer Coders working together
            More & more creators passing on the old secondlife model grids & embracing the ‘NEW’ opensim
            pensim grids are finally reaching long held goals & more & more are working together everyday
            opensim will have the best of both worlds safer content, more investors & no more black eyes from people like you joe

          •' Joe Builder says:

            No clue where your going with this, and the NEWS FLASH may be in place for your grand kids. What you stated is not on developers priority list.

          •' KeithSelmes says:

            “just a teenager not old enough in some states to buy a glass of wine ” cautionary note – wasn’t Bill Gates too young to buy a drink when he started that scruffy little company called Microsoft ? (selling software he hadn’t written yet !)

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Well if a creator sells in an open grid his or her creation has more chances to show up in another grid as a freebie than if he or she sold in a closed commercial grid.

            If a creator wants to EXPAND he or she can simply sell in other closed commercial grids. Avination, InWorldz, AviWorlds. And another big thing everyone is forgetting to mention.
            THE FREE MENTALITY that exists in all OPEN GRIDS. no one will want to buy nothing. They can bring copy botted items. They want free only.

            So if a creator expands to an open grid he or she will not sell that much.
            Better off in a closed commercial grid where the free mentality is not the majority. Players in a closed grid will have the BUY, INVEST mentality.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            People who want to illegally copy content currently do it in closed commercial grids (because that is currently where it’s easiest for them to find content to copy). Selling in open grids gets some people who currently can’t pay you to become your paying customers. Not letting people buy from you is a very weird strategy to adopt if your intention is to increase your sales.

            Some people have already individually spent hundreds of US dollars buying Export-enabled content from Kitely Market. I suggest you give people more credit, you’ll get a lot less business if you continue to turn away honest people wanting to buy from you.

          •' Arielle says:

            Not so much a FREE MENTALITY but a wary one of grids that lose one’s inventory and regions. Plus some of us do not see the need to spend $50-75 per month supporting Grid owners when we are quite capable of running a hypergrid enabled region on our own hardware. That makes me at least feel a lot more secure about the content I have plus leaving more disposable income for content in those places I can purchase it.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Well Arielle AviWorlds is a passion of mine. I will try to succeed until I do. Yes mistakes in the past, errors and ups and downs but I do thing I would really be a failure if I did not try again even when people like you are always crucifying me. I am not perfect. AviWorlds is not perfect. But I am trying again and I will do it again and again and again. I will never give up. Yes you can place your own region in your pc. That is your choice.
            I am building a community not trying to build stand alones. Different.

          •' Arielle says:

            I wasn’t solely speaking of your previous grid losing stuff but a few others that have also had problems in past in addition to the the risk of any grid potentially pulling the plug for various reasons.
            This is the reason that myself and quite a few others I know choose to be on an open grid or free to connect to grid, not because we want everything free.or copybotted. That is what you and the other walled garden grids owners like to believe or at least shout out in every forum you can. At this point it only seems like Kitely somewhat understands that there is a large untapped market out on the open and hypergrids. I suggest you better start looking for ways on how you also can tap into it because
            soon the closed grids will be fighting for a smaller and smaller piece of the pie. If your grids claim to fame is only some better content then I don’t expect the grid to be viable for long especially if you aren’t attracting potential content buyers.

            If these Creators had their wits about them they would be looking to unionize and put up their own web based marketplace that delivers to Opensim worlds.
            With S/L’s new ToS they might be competing with LL though 🙂

            have to wonder how many S/L residents would jump over if a large segment of their marketplace became available in Opensim….

          •' Joe Builder says:

            You forgot to mention the largest walled garden Kitley with its high marketplace commission and the 45 day wait period. Simple unheard of. If it was all that and a bag of chips than next months stats will show its #1.

          •' Hamlet says:

            30 days is average if not more in os based grids if you had any experience you would know this yes.
            this is due to help prevent stolen credit cards also fraudulent chargebacks its a known practice yes.
            Don’t believe me Avination makes some payouts wait that long to battle the abuse plus it has been stated by Avination’s founder that when hg goes 2.5 and safer they will open up to hg yes.
            your sure not making any friends being the forum bully mister maybe your butthurt over something and want attention well regardless I will pray for you with bible in hand tonight maybe god can help get your demons out that is filling your heart.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Hamlet you really need some RL time, your spending to much time in a fantasy world.

          •' Arielle says:

            30-45 day wait period is actually being used by a lot bigger companies than Kitely. Apple, Imvu, CafePress, Zazzle and a host of others have such policies for their content creators. It is to prevent or minimize frauds like: credit theft, payment fraud, chargebacks, stolen content submissions, and account takeovers. It sucks for those of us into instant gratification but I at least can understand how it will substantially reduce some of those problems listed.

            I don’t pretend to have any idea how much it costs to setup and maintain the Kitely Market and though I am not a Kitely fan girl, I do see where Kitely has made efforts in past to keep their prices as low as possible and even roll back prices when possible. I would rather they charge enough to make this marketplace feasible for both them and the content creators then have to take it down after a few months because it isn’t at least somewhat profitable for them.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            Thank you Arielle,

            I’d like to point out that most professional 3D content marketplaces charge a much higher sales commission than Kitely does: 30%-66% compared to the 20% Kitely charges for sales in USD (or the 10% we charge for sales made in Kitely Credits).


          •' Joe Builder says:

            Have you forgotten we are on the topic of opensims, The massive land count with a handful or so of residents, and you compare what happens here to successful companies. Really LOL now that’s a hoot. Listen opensims isn’t a get rich environment that’s for sure, I really think some of these Hosting Grids need a second rl job, and realize this is a Fantasy virtual world made up of people who cant afford SL.
            For the most reason, Just have a quick look at a real Marketplace the one SL uses. myself and thousands of others kinda get that instant gratification, Gotta love it. Who in opensims wants to wait all that time for payment, Im sure I speak for the majority being whispers about that new MP in Kitely speak very loud. No need to turn opensims into a Jr, SL.

          • Joe, you remind me of somebody… oh, yeah, Clifford Stoll!


            My favorite part of his essay: “We’re promised instant catalog shopping–just point and click for great deals. We’ll order airline tickets over the network, make restaurant reservations and negotiate sales contracts. Stores will become obsolete. So how come my local mall does more business in an afternoon than the entire Internet handles in a month?”

            That was written 25 years ago. Obviously, the Web has transformed dramatically (though my local shopping mall is still doing well).

            The thing is, he was writing in 1995, after the Web had been around for a few years already.

            All the arguments he makes can be equally well applied to OpenSim and the hypergrid.

            The important thing to note is that the companies that were active on the Web at the start, and losing money, are now some of the biggest corporations on the planet.

            There are some excellent business reasons to invest big in next stage of technology’s evolution before everybody else knows about it.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            “All the arguments he makes can be equally well applied to OpenSim and the hypergrid.”
            Maybe if SL closed the doors, But we all know that isn’t going to happen. Seems there is more and more people coming out of the wood work that have no clue that there comparing apples to oranges.

          •' Dr Seuss says:

            Everyone try not to be so hard on joe

            a video of joe when he was growing up this sould explain why his views are so different from most of the world

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Does your parents know your on the computer again?

          •' Hamlet says:

            Mine, Me, I, my dream , this is you my man everything you write
            If you want to build a real community your going to have to learn to use the words We, Us , our dream , because anything else people are going to see right from the get go
            your grid is just all about you and those in it is just part of your cult of personality

          •' Carson Brandenburg says:

            Hey i don’t recall voting you in as my union rep so how about speaking for yourself pal as you sure the heck don’t know what i want or those i even know want,
            Stop putting people in category’s that you don’t know ok!

          •' Joe Builder says:

            You voice only speaks for the minority pal, nothing more.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Yes but I dont think creators are ready yet to feel confident about a grid that is open and has all copy bot viewers allowed in it.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            Go to Kitely Market and see that the number of content creators who list in our marketplace grows each day. Content creators who come from SL know that copybot software can bypass various blacklisting attempts by simply spoofing the login information of a legitimate viewer.

            A dishonest person doesn’t give his true name when he knows that people are looking to catch him. Assuming a dishonest programmer will configure his copybot software to continue to give “I’m a copybot client” identification information when logging into a grid is a bit naive.

            Much bigger companies than yours have tried to stop content piracy around the world and failed. The smart ones have learned to make it easier to buy from them than to steal from them. Trying to use scare tactics to keep people inside closed grids won’t win you a lot of support from the majority of your potential customers.

          •' Copy Botter Awareness says:

            Just logged in to AviWorlds with a copybot viewer and it didn’t give me any problems… You can spoof them and get right in all the needed tools are in the copybot viewer for this


            You may want to rethink your advertising of banning copy bot viewers because there is no way to ban them. There is always a way around.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            WOW! Copy Botter Awareness…In fact with what you just told me shows me you cannot read or cant really pay attention to what I wrote.

            But I will help you.

            I never said AviWorlds is 100% blocking everything and no one can copy bot there. I wrote we are trying to make it more difficult for it to happen and also PLACING RULES that if we catch you doing it we will apply these rules to you. SL is a closed commercial grid and 100% of the copies come from there. We know it is impossible to stop it. But we are doing what we can to slow it down, to prevent it.

            Is this too difficult to understand?

            We know all that you said. But we are also blocking HG travel which is another problem entirely.

          •' Hamlet says:

            You catch what mister? Under the safe harbor provision act only the creator or its agent can file a DMCA to have content removed otherwise your basicly stealing or destroying someone’s belongings in some type of witch hunt were
            you have no 100% proof or legal authority to remove those items as far as you know they have a license or permit or could even be the alt of that creator wanting a separate life
            away from second life
            also going around searching peoples private land is an invasion of privacy but further it reinforces that for every good grid their is a bad one
            It’s a two sided coin be careful your treading on ice because linden lab has been sued over the exact same thing and lost

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Hamlet talks like there opensim experience is a land of stolen from SL, What you say is mostly hogwash, Read the TOS that’s placed you don’t agree with it? Stay out, just that simple.
            Now maybe that’s why LL has re wrote there TOS from the sue happy morons that they had there. You thieves are never happy

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Unless you just invented one, Most host viewers have been banned, I suggest maria save your posting IP Address and warn others your a copybotter. Then again if what you say is true which I doubt.

  3.' hack13 says:

    Just want to clear up that Nara’s Nook has been hosted with Zetamex since SoftPaw Estates days. Not to mention Nara is actually our first customer ever since the company came into existance since SoftPaw Estates and has been with us all the way till now as Zetamex.

    The change she was speaking of is our brand new service which is still a closed beta, while allows our existing standalone clients to break free from the restrictions of standalone, and take advatages of ZetaWorld’s exclusive back-end service that a standalone could never take advantage of, due to its design.

    ZetaWorlds is still closed to the public registration, however we are working with our beta tester’s such as Nara and some other developers getting ourselves off the ground. Even working with some of the Simian Grid developers getting our simian infurstructure ready, which we are very excited about.

    •' nara_malone says:

      I messaged Timothy the night before we were due to open with instability issues that were completely the fault of us pushing the standalone so hard.He dropped what he was doing and worked through the night to move me over and get me functioning before he was ready to roll out Zetaworlds. I can’t say enough about how dedicated he is to making his customers successful.

  4.' AviWorlds says:

    Did not get any emails. I looked all over.

    But here is a nice video for all of us enjoy! Kind of what I think about all this. I see a lot of STATS in above texts. LET ME LIVE THAT FANTASY! and…we will never be royals!

    •' Maria Korolov says:

      Alex —

      I just sent you an email to confirm your address in case I have the wrong one on file.

      In addition to sending out emails to grid owners, I also check the event calendars on the grid. Do you have an event calendar up yet?


  5.' Maria Korolov says:

    There’s a really nice article about InWorldz here by Strawberry Singh:

    It’s about a group of SL merchants opening up new shops on that grid. Nice info here about getting started and oriented in InWorldz, as well!

    •' Casper says:

      Good luck to them & maybe after 5 years of waves after waves of merchants setting up then after a few months seeing the other side of inworldz management then leaving this time will be different,
      Still its 1 buyer for every 100 sellers that sounds tough added so many shopping centers so little buyers
      They better make sure they are in good graces with Elf Clan otherwise the
      the sky will start falling really fast! LOL