InWorldz-SL Connection Centers to stay open

The recent surprise announcement that the InWorldz/Second Life Connection Centers would be closed was followed by the creation of a new group to fill the void and word from the owner of the original group that he is not closing after all.

Amore Crux, owner of the Connection Centers, issued a group notice last week telling his 1,400 members that one of his two InWorldz offices would remain open, as would the office in Second Life. He also said the group itself will broaden its focus to help people interested in any grid, not just InWorldz and Second Life.

Crux also said he would be taking a lesser role in the group to avoid a conflict of interest. He did not elaborate but his name now appears as a member of the staff of the new Tropical Paradise Virtual World and signs promoting that grid have been installed at the Second Life office of the InWorldz/Second Life Connection Center.

The InWorldz/Second Life Connection Center in the Pearl region of InWorldz. (Image courtesy Danko Whitfield.)

The InWorldz/Second Life Connection Center in the Pearl region of InWorldz. (Image courtesy Danko Whitfield.)

The Connection Centers were established to educate Second Life residents about the opportunities available on InWorldz and got attention in the wake of the controversy surrounding Second Life’s recent Terms of Service update.

Meanwhile, Second Life Newser reported that Nydia Tungsten formed a new group in both InWorldz and Second Life called Grid Walkers Welcome Center. She had been working with the original Connection Center group and has received help in getting the new group off the ground from former Connection Center manager, Zia Larnia. Grid Walkers Welcome Center will be located in the Angels Foxfire sim in InWorldz and is open to visitors from Second Life and all other grids.

Creators threaten “assertive action” on TOS

Much of the new interest in InWorldz from Second Life residents has come after the Terms of Service changes made by Linden Lab in August.

Kylie Sabra of The United Content Creators of SL issued a group notice last week that set a deadline for Linden Lab to revise the TOS language on content creators’ rights in a manner acceptable to the group. Sabra said failure to do so by the end of February will result in “assertive action” from the UCCSL. “Five months is more than enough for Linden Lab to have worked out a resolution to address our concerns,” Sabra said.

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George Miner

George Miner - known as Danko Whitfield inworld - is a retired journalist who has covered everything from politics to sports. He now writes several blogs about virtual worlds. He is also a consultant to virtual world business, organizations, estate and grid owners in the areas of community, marketing and media.

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  1.' Minethere says:

    While this topic holds little interest for me…it does seem that, above all, at the top of the list, this Amore person, and even the other characters mentioned, should have some input publicly…here?

    I am quite sure someone around here can get in touch with them and ask them for additional comments and thoughts.

    Even with my own limited interest, I do know there is much not being said on all this, that it would seem appropriate, considering the amount of interest and ppl involved, that first person information be supplied.

    eta: I am referring to the fact other ppl than Danko are not clearing this all up themselves by commenting here-))

  2.' wolftimber says:

    They don’t have much of a chance against SL, since every member who signs in signs an agreement to the TOS when they registered for an acct. Part of that agreement states that Linden Labs can terminate your account for ANY reason, or… NO reason at all, they call the shots.

  3.' SB says:

    Does this mean I can hyper my IW avi into SL and walk around SL with it?