Top 5 Features 2013 Gave Us

Top 5 Features 2013 Gave Us (via

So it has been long 2013, and a lot of stuff has come into opensim with 0.7.6, the latest release of OpenSimulator we got tons of new features. But there are tons of things that we got this year, so lets see how far we came in OpenSimulator . I should…'

Timothy Rogers

Timothy Rogers is founder and owner of Zetamex, a company offering low-cost hosting of OpenSim and Aurora-Sim regions.

  • Vanish

    You should…

  • yay mesh for the win.

  • Joe Builder

    Mesh, Is that the end to the actual inworld creator? I think so. Learn to use blender and the creativeness of prims are on the way side. Simple google search and import away. Not a achievement, Just the end of creativity with inworld tools.