The Great Canadian Grid

Great Canadian Grid logoCAD $25 per month for 15,000-prim region on The Great Canadian Grid, no setup fee. Hypergrid supported. Allows both commercial and residential use, unlimited visitors.

That works out to about US $19.

Other region plans also available:

  • CAD $5 per month for 2,500 prims
  • CAD $10 for 5,000 prims
  • CAD $15 for 7,500 prims

Two-by-two variable sized regions are also available:

  • CAD $30 per month for 15,000 prims
  • CAD $60 for for 30,000 prims
  • CAD $90 for 45 ,000 prims
  • CAD $120 for 60,000 prims
  • CAD $150 for 75 ,000 prims
  • CAD $180 for 90,000 prims

The Great Canadian Grid is the only OpenSim grid based in Canada, and offers free land plots to residents, free stores for creators, voice, free uploads, the latest version of OpenSim, M$ “Maples” virtual currency, and is soon expecting to receive its gambling license.

Click here for land sales page.