CasperTech takes over text-only METAbolt viewer

UK-based CasperTech Ltd., is taking over development of the text-only METAbolt viewer, company director Casper Warden announced recently.


“It was recently announced that the METAbolt project was being discontinued,” said Warden in the announcement. “We are very happy to announce that this has not happened, and instead CasperTech have stepped in to curate and maintain the project.”

The viewer will remain an open source project, he said, and the company does not plan to commercialize it.

METAbolt is a non-graphical, text-only viewer for Second Life and OpenSim. It designed to be used in situations of low bandwidth and on machines which do not have the processing capability to run a full viewer. It can also be used to run “bots” — automated systems that provide in-world customer service, security, or group invites.

Irana Pey reviewed the viewer at length a couple of years ago for Living in a Modemworld.



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2 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    I wonder how this will effect inworldz, due to this, as I assume some there use that program?

  2.' Fly Man says:

    @minethere:disqus Casper has said he doesn’t want to monetize it. But hey, InWorldz already banned his 4 AV’s so I don’t see an issue. And there’s a lot of other text-based clients and the basic ones from Wizards so there’s enough choice for people that DO need to change