Hypergrid stories project launched

Storytelling is changing and the authors at Greyville Writer’s Colony have banded together to tell tales in the metaverse. The writers have created interactive stories, allowing readers to explore their worlds as their story unfolds on the screen.

Magic Storybook in Greyville. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Magic Storybook in Greyville. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Offerings in this first set of tales range from 500 to 1,300 words. Story scenes are scattered throughout the metaverse and readers are transported to scenes located on a variety of grids. Some scenes make use of a grid’s unique settings and others are constructed and decorated according to the author’s needs.

Magic Storybook in Greyville. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Hypergrid stories in Greyville Park. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Begin your adventure in the park to the left of the landing area in Greyville. (word.narasnook.com:8900:Greyville) Choose a story to follow. Walk into the book. Yes, you have to walk forward until you smack into it. You will be teleported to the first scene in the story. When you’ve discovered all the pieces of story in one scene, you’ll get a landmark to the next scene.

You’ll be transported through about half a dozen scenes. While we try to make it obvious where the gameplay is contained we hope you’ll explore the lovely regions you’re visiting.

None of these stories are erotic, some are romantic. Two have sets in Redlight Hotel, the adult region of Next Reality grid. One takes you across the garden wall into Second Life. The idea here is to showcase regions and build a stronger community across the grids. All of the authors involved have made new friends and discovered new places to play in the metaverse as a result of this project. Thay hope you will too.

Poetry Trail

Poemhenge Music-themed Poetry on Shawn K. Maloney's Pitcairn parcel on Craft World. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

Poemhenge Music-themed Poetry on Shawn K. Maloney’s Pitcairn parcel on Craft World. (Image courtesy Nara Malone.)

For those too strapped for time to take in a whole story, we have a poetry trail featuring works of Oshi Shikigami, Jeff Cuneo, Nara Malone as well as original photography and art from Endora Twinklens. You will find blamgates to take you to those sites at the same location in Greyville Park.

Our project will be in place until St. Patrick’s Day with a few bonus settings to be added before the end. Have fun, and please take time to explore the hosting grids.

Stories launched today include:

A_Twisted_Circle_coverThe Twisted Circle

Star wanted the challenge and camaraderie of working magick with others, so she gave up practicing as a solitary witch and joined the Black Waters Coven.

What she discovers is a history of murder and a quest to find someone who may not want to be found.

A Letter to Charlie

A Letter to Charlie-2 coverA Letter to Charlie, a Spark Before Dying Flash Fiction Tale: Veronika knows what life inside the strip club means, but when a man comes offering her a chance at redemption, she can’t help but give in to his kindness. Every decision has consequences. This is flash fiction connected to the Angels Cry novella – a part of the Spark Before Dying Series.

blue_harbor_coverBlue Harbor

Blue is a young girl full of secrets. Determined to protect the men who failed to protect her she stops talking. When her family decides she is an uncomfortable secret that needs putting away, Blue has to find a way back to sanity and freedom.

Blue Harbor is an award-winning flash fiction/poetry mash-up adapted to interactive fiction for this project.

Incubus Dream

Incubus_Dreams_coverCassie knew dreams could come true, but she’d never expected a dream to be this real. Ivan needs a rescue, and only Cassie can do it, but dreams are tricky, the dreamer easily lost. Ivan leads her through worlds she’d only dreamed of seeing and she’s not sure what’s real and what isn’t.

But when he returns her to her room, she’s forever changed and so is he. This short story is an intro to a longer novel in the Cloudburst, Colorado Series.

Other Participants

This wouldn’t have been possible without the scripting wizardry of Fred Beckhusen and Whitestar Magic. Mike Hart took time out to help with props and set building. Shawn K Maloney and Endora Twinklens did our bug testing.

Participating Grids

  • Next Reality Grid: Redlight Hotel from Mike Hart
  • Metropolis: Independetly Spoken from Crystal Brewton
  • Craft Grid: Spirit of Arcadia: Cogtown from Virtual Christine, Pitcairn: 111shawn from Shawn K Maloney, OS Grid: Virunga Mountains: from Debbie Edwards and Fred Beckhusen, Transmedia Learning 1 and 4 from Nara Malone
  • NarasNookGrid: Greyville, Quarterz City, Siobhan Muir 1, Tina Glasneck 12, Series, Shadowling Manor, and Theria from the Greyville Authors.
  • Second Life: Phaze Demesnes from Debbie Edwards and Fred Beckhusen, Karpov from an anonymous donor.

Article adapted with permission from Nara’s Nook. Award winning novelist and poet Nara Malone contributed to this article. As a freelance journalist and writer, her feature profiles on women entrepreneurs and her romantic short stories have been published in newspapers, magazines, and digital publications.

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Tina Glasneck

Tina Glasneck's stories are gritty and hard-edge, not for the faint. A criminal paralegal, she blends her passion for criminal justice with her love of a good story to create compelling tales.

10 Responses

  1. ciaran.laval@blueyonder.co.uk' ciaranlaval says:

    This is a fascinating looking project, I will have to visit again and see if I can follow the trail.

    • informingarts@yahoo.com' nara_malone says:

      If you need help getting started I’d be happy to meet up with you and get you launched. It’s possible to hypergrid without going through the pre-flight procedure, but it tends to be more stable if you first set home to my grid which is where you have your account.

  2. hanheld@yahoo.com' Hannah says:

    A few months ago I was writing on G+ about how we are not using the Hypergrid to its’ full potential. This, Vanish’s hypergrid tour and the cross-grid sci-fi roleplay are some of the things I think are great and wonderful developments.

    It’s been awesome to watch the hypergrid community take this step forward, I hope we continue to do so and to explore new avenues for cross-grid collaboration -particularly collaborations that showcase small, free and independant grids.

    • informingarts@yahoo.com' nara_malone says:

      Hannah get in touch with us if you have a project or hypergrid enabled grid you’d like to promote. You can usually find someone in Greyville around noon or 9 pm ET. We’re there other times but these times we specifically try to hang around in Greyville for an hour or so.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Hannah says:

        I don’t have a project of my own, sadly -but I’ll probably drop by anyways just to say hi. 🙂

  3. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    I have been following this, and other similar developments and really, really like seeing these things happening.

    The hypergated Metaverse is alive with creativity, innovation, and the smart and intelligent people behind them…I love it!!

    Unfortunately I cannot participate in a lot of it anymore, as much as I would prefer to, but it is wonderful to see more and more people doing such things, and it heartens my soul as freedom is the basis for why I am here at all, and why so many have and are finding the hypergated Meta to be something they find refreshing.

    I love to see all the collaborations happening lately. The Kitely MP and the RobStock Charity things are especially interesting also.

    Here is 2 photos I took of Nara’s grid-))

    • informingarts@yahoo.com' nara_malone says:

      Thanks so much for the support and for sharing your pics, Minethere. We appreciate what you do to help us get the word out.

  4. canucksis@yahoo.ca' WhiteStar Magic says:

    Thanks for the kudos Nara… Muchly appreciated. I wish you and your project all the best. If anyone is interested in the Book Scripts used they can be obtained either from Nara herself (she has full perm copies) if she has them out or from this posting http://forums.osgrid.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3914
    I cannot update on OSGrid forums as they banned me last year for “asking politely” for them to unsticky my old / out of date postings. That was certainly of benefit to the OpenSimulator community wasn’t it…

    • informingarts@yahoo.com' nara_malone says:

      Thank you for sharing your scripts. We used both the books you gave me and another notecard book script you did. Anyone who needs them or help learning how to use them can get it at Greyville. 🙂

  5. fleure@techie.com' Fleure Darknight says:

    will have to check this place out