Grids offer music, egg hunts in April

This month has the usual music events and parties across the grids, the Robstock Festival, and Easter-themed activities.

Robstock Festival crosses grids

Robstock 2014 is on three different grids this year — 3rd Rock Grid, Second Life, and, now, Metropolis.

Poster - sunrise 2014

It’s three days of music, art, and other activities.

Kitely upgrades servers, hosts Easter Hunt

Kitely Market store Worlds End Landscaping and Roleplay has reached US $1,000 in sales, and another, Hosoi Ichiba, is getting close, said Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner.

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

Tocher said that the merchants who own these stores, known as Ozwell Wayfarer and Amiryu Hosoi in-world, have allowed him to share this information.

“We don’t otherwise divulge sales data to third parties,” Tocher told Hypergrid Business.

He did divulge that other merchants were seeing “hundreds of dollars” in total sales.

Landscaping items and mesh-based construction sets are selling particularly well, he said, as well as clothing and items related to avatar appearance. In addition, items with the “Export” permission enabled sell “much better” than non-exportable items, he said.

Kitely Market merchants also have the option to accept payment in either non-redeemable Kitely Credits, which can be used for in-world shopping or paying Kitely for its services, or for US dollars, or both. Overall, buyers purchase more items using Kitely Credits, said Tochner, but in dollar value total spending is roughly equal for the two types of payments, meaning that buyers make fewer purchases but spend more money on each purchase when they pay with dollars.

(Data source: Kitely.)

Each Kitely Market product can be sold in multiple variations, such as different colors, sizes, permissions, and prices. (Data source: Kitely.)

There are now 2,391 different products listed on the Kitely Market, in 4,680 product variations. Of those, 1,845 are exportable to other grids.

In other news, Kitely is getting ready for its first-ever cross-grid community event, an April Hunt. This is an Easter egg hunt, with gift-stuffed eggs hidden across twenty different Kitely “worlds” — Kitely’s name for regions or groups of regions that are activated and managed as a unit.

(Image courtesy Sierra Jacob.)

(Image courtesy Sierra Jacob.)

People who find all the eggs will be added to a raffle to receive a prize of 5,000 Kitely Credits. Read more about the April Hunt on the Kitely forums.

“There are cool ‘rabbit holes’ as teleport gates,” said Tocher. “I suggest you try them out and not be in camera mode when you do —  your avatar falls down a hole while the teleport is pending.”

Finally, taking advantage of a price cut on Amazon, its hosting service, Kitely has upgraded its region servers. Users should see faster start-up times and better performance, at no additional cost

Littlefield celebrates first birthday, Easter

Littlefield Grid turns one this year, and is marking the occasion with a week of celebrations.

It all starts on Saturday, April 5, at 6 p.m. Pacific on the Smithville region, with a keynote address by the folks who run the grid. The public can attend via hypergrid by teleporting to

The celebration continues on four Anniversary regions with dance parties and exhibits and runs through Sunday, April 12. Visit via hypergrid at Anniversary.

Anniversary celebration area on Littlefield Grid. (Image courtesy Littlefield.)

Anniversary celebration area on Littlefield Grid. (Image courtesy Littlefield.)

As part of the celebrations, the grid is also having a land sale. For the $60 price of three regions, new renters will get four regions, plus an additional two free water regions.

Then, on Easter Sunday on April 20, the grid will hold an all-day grid-wide Easter Egg Hunt. The eggs can be found throughout the grid, and will hold prizes donated by grid residents. One golden egg will hold a $15 iTunes gift card. Start the hunt on the Littlefield Hangout region, by teleporting to Hangout.

There will also be dance the night before, at 8 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, April 19, at the Speakeasy region at

MOSES grid offers more free regions, terrains

U.S. Army’s MOSES grid is donating more content back to the OpenSim community. This time, it’s a collection of OAR region files and terrain files for a part of Afghanistan.

(Image courtesy MOSES.)

(Image courtesy MOSES.)

The OAR files are a set of six regions arranged in a rectangle and involves a circular path that can be followed by soldier patrols. There are five different mini-scenarios built in that a soldier may encounter while on patrol.

“They were created as a proof of concept to exercise the BulletSim physics engine using an actual example from a soldier patrol,” said said Douglas Maxwell, the science and technology manager for virtual world strategic applications at the U.S. Army’s Simulation & Training Technology Center.

In addition to the six OARs, the grid also released 36 RAW terrain files that fit together into a six-by-six region cluster. The terrains are the actual topography of the Kamdesh area of north eastern Afghanistan, where a major battled took place in late 2009, one of the bloodiest battles for US forces at that time, mostly because of the difficulty of the landscape.

“The RAW files provided illustrate just how hostile the terrain is,” says the description for these files. “When you stand at the river bank, look up the sides of the valley and imagine hundreds of Taliban forces surrounding your position.”</>

 Virtual Worlds Grid adds varregions

Virtual Worlds Grid now has 16 working variable-size regions, each one 8,192 meters on a side — or about 1,000 standard regions.

In effect, this means that the grid has added the same amount of land as it would have if it had added more than 16,000 regular regions, meaning that it is now the biggest OpenSim grid by land area.

A view of the Virtual Worlds College region. (Image courtesy Virtual Worlds Grid.)

A view of the Virtual Worlds College region. (Image courtesy Virtual Worlds Grid.)

These kinds of large regions are particularly useful for simulations and role playing projects that require a very large landscape, but not many buildings or people.

“While they rez a bit slower than a regular region, once they load they still run with less lag than users find in Second Life,” said grid owner Myron Curtis. “Currently, my processor runs at about 65 percent, and the server is using an average of 28GB of RAM out of 32GB possible.”

Curtis added that the grid doesn’t typically see a high number of people logging in at once.

“So we don’t know how many avatars the system will support or how many can log into a varregion yet,” he said. “But we are looking forward to finding out.”

Virtual Highway extends spring land sale

Virtual Highway has extended its Springtime Special land sale for two more weeks, with a free 1,000-prim water region free with every US$60 rental of a full 40,000-prim region.

In other news, Virtual Highway’s completed its Bike Week 2014 with a rousing finale last month, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and saw the debut of two new live performers — Anek Fuchs and Jimmyt49 Dukes.

March also saw the grand opening of the Ghost Riders club. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

March also saw the grand opening of the Ghost Riders club. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Currently, the grid is getting its Festival Park area ready for the Spring Festival, and is adding more free islands to make it easier for residents to get free land.

Free homestead plots on Virtual Highway. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Free homestead plots on Virtual Highway. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

The grid’s technical manager, Andrew Hellershanks, has officially been added as an OpenSim core developer.


Getting ready for Spring Festival. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Getting ready for Spring Festival. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

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6 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    Good stuff going on.

    The RobStock event is something I really like seeing happen. It takes a ton of behind the scenes work by Volunteers to bring this off. I was happy to see Metropolis join in this year, and it is being promoted very widely in the hypergated Meta and I expect hypernauts [did I just coin that? and are they really hyper? possibly…] will be a large presence in Metro over the 3 days.

    The Charity is a very worthy cause. It should be highlighted that one can donate seperately and that also there will be a LiveStream accessed via the website for those who cannot attend inworld or cannot attend much [such as myself]. People who wish to use the livestream may wish to join up [I used the email way] so they can be ready.

    There was someone who commented on content in Kitely, where a small discussion insued, here which might be informative to some. As well, the Easter Egg Hunt has 32 worlds in it now [as I noticed mentioned earlier today] and though I personally do not care for hunts, the interesting tech that they are doing sounds fun. Hopefully they will have HG enabled by next year!! [my tiresome plug].

    Virtual Worlds Grid continues to highlight the fact that HG and non-HG closed commercial sl clone grids need to be seperated for statistical purposes…and, frankly, it also shows that stats for such is really unnecessary to report and even mostly impossible to report. Myron did give an HG address someplace.

    Personally I would like to see the around-the-15th stats report be in 2 parts. One page for the sl clones and one for the HG enabled grids. The HG enabled ones could discuss varregions and megas but more in a report fashion rather than counting numbers…but also include what stats are available for those who like such things.

    The handful of sl clones could have their own page and duke it out among themselves…cool idea huh?????

    And people could even look at both pages if it interests them, and make their own comparisons.

    Since some of us realize the stats are full of various reporting problems anyways, so, who cares?

    I know, it’s not my blog and nobody listens to me, which is fine, I don’t listen to me either.

    The fact of the matter is that with varregions and megaregions becoming more and more used, the region count statistical reporting has little value in reality other than with those sl clone grids who remain immersed in the old business model and use it for marketing purposes. Besides, they charge to much for regions also. Zetamex and Kitely prove this, as do a growing number of others. [aside from all the unwashed uncounted masses–ok, well, they probably do wash, sometimes, anyways]

    •' Minethere says:

      opps, forgot to mention, Thx U.S. Gov and all the people involved in that project.

      Also, this came up this morning which sounds interesting.

      • Both HG and non-HG grids can use varregions, so I’m not seeing any benefit of separating out the stats for that reason.

        For example, InWorldz can easily, if they want, create a giant “Central Park” var region and instantly double the size of their grid. It will make the grid a slightly nicer place to visit — it would have a giant park! — but otherwise not really make much of a difference.

        This is why I’ve been putting the traffic numbers up higher in the story.

        Meanwhile, I create a monthly report in the Statistics section of the site where you can get all the raw data. Feel free to analyze it and send me a press release based on your analysis — I’ll be happy to run it if it offers some useful insights to our readers. Or you could post it on OpenSim Virtual or your own blog, or anywhere you like.

        •' Minethere says:

          No worries…it will happen eventually anyways and as you say, we can discuss such things, properly, elsewhere.

          The other stuff I mentioned has much more value to me than those comments did.

  2.' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

    also a build contest busy from yesterday started for a week and this theme is build a mushroom some have me ask for take a longer week posible not a bad idea for future events
    some time can you me see on my region
    next idea is a Bigbrother 2014 where people sit in a home for a time and as people ejected in this event need go out this region for a time
    this is a test for see how strong opensim are
    kitley or metropolis this need i think on this way..i have ideas

  3.' Minethere says:

    Just wanted to drop in and tell anyone reading here that is going very well. I have heard of lots of donations to this very worthy cause.

    It continues today and tomorrow, the 5th and 6th of April.

    We are all having a blast, and hypergridders can pop in via*metropolis*. As you can see on the schedule there are many more wonderful Performers to come, who are giving freely of their time.

    In SL, 3rg and Metropolis Grids.

    You can also watch it via and you can donate directly @ in several regards.

    And, of course, you can simply come enjoy a nice time for free-))