These kids build their own virtual world in OpenSim, then explored it with Oculus Rift

The students at St. Kieran’s, a school in the Irish town of Broughal, recently went on a field trip to Clonmacnoise, a nearby site with historic ruins.

They came back, and created a virtual model of the site in OpenSim.

MissionV video still virtual replica

It took two weeks to build it, using the standard OpenSim building tools.

Then the kids got the opportunity to put on Oculus Rift headsets and walk around inside their virtual world.

Student goes inside world she's built, realizes how big everything is.

Student goes inside world she’s built, realizes how big everything is.

A project like this requires math, historical research, teamwork, and creative skills.

The program that is bringing OpenSim to these schools in Ireland is MissionV, which we’ve covered before.

So far, the program has been running in testing mode with eleven schools. That testing is coming to an end, and the program will be open to all schools in Ireland in September. Read more about it at, a technology publication in Ireland. Or watch the video below.

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2 Responses

  1. Tranquillity (InWorldz) says:

    This was so awesome to watch! The kids are so engaged and actually look like they enjoy being in that class. I’m with the crowd who really believe that a curriculum developed around VR and game based education can work to augment traditional teaching. It’s just going to take some time to mature and to be proven out.

  2. Justin Ireman says:

    That is indeed pretty cool, and its good to see the kids so engaged with it