New metaverse communities for vehicles, adults, and more

In February, I ran an overview piece about the Best metaverse communities, which has since become one of the most-read articles on this site.

Yesterday, I updated that article with some new communities, and just got word of a few more communities that I’m missing, which might be of particular interest to Hypergrid Business readers.

OpenSim Vehicles

Vehicles are a hot topics in OpenSim right now, with the default physics engine about to transition to BulletSim, which works more like the physics in Second Life.

In addition, region crossings have been improved — sitting avatars can retain their seats, for example. And the new varregion feature means that it will be easier for grid to create large land areas that have no border crossings at all.

All of these improvements are good for vehicles. Eventually. In the short term, scripts will need to be updated.

(Image courtesy Next Reality Grid.)

(Image courtesy Next Reality Grid.)

You can follow the discussion, and contribute to the development at testing, at the OpenSim Vehicles Google Plus community.

The group currently has 45 members. Top participants include Mike Hart, of Next Reality Grid, which is known for its auto racing, and Joe Builder of the Lost World grid.

The Adult Metaverse

The Adult Metaverse is a brand-new Google Plus community featuring hypergrid destinations that are intended for a mature audience. It’s founded by Avalonia Estate grid owner Justin Ireman.

The Red Light Hotel on the Next Reality grid. (Image courtesy George Miner.)

The Red Light Hotel on the Next Reality grid. (Image courtesy George Miner.)

We all know that adult activity drives technology adoption and innovation. As someone who cares about engines of business growth, I am following this community and am going to assume that all other members are doing it for business reasons, as well.

Business reasons. Absolutely.

Folks with adult destinations or events are encouraged to post their announcements here. The community already has information about adult-oriented destinations on Avalonia Estate, Littlefield, and Next Reality Grid.

The community is tiny, but then again, it was only founded this morning.

Hypergrid Destinations

hypergrid-512Hypergrid Destinations is another Google Plus community created just this morning. It’s owned by Leighton Marjoram, a graduate student studying virtual worlds at the University of West of England.

The community features destinations accessible via hypergrid teleport, including several places on the Kitely grid, which just enabled hypergrid teleports earlier this week.

I’ve got the page bookmarked and plan to be contributing regularly — the more sources of information for hypergrid travelers, the better.

osgrid is the Google Plus community for OSgrid residents. OSgrid is the major showcase grid for OpenSim testing and development, and the most popular non-profit grid.

Although the grid’s official forum pages are very busy and popular, providing a wealth of resources to the entire OpenSim metaverse, the Google Plus community, created by former OSgrid president Michael Emory Cerquoni — Nebadon Izumi in-world — has been seeing a lot of activity lately, and curretly has 414 members.

Kitely Virtual

Kitely google plus imageThe Kitely Virtual Google Plus community is for Kitely residents. Created and managed by Kitely user Shelenn Ayres, the community is not affiliated with the Kitely grid.

Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner posts regularly with announcements and answers to user questions. With 289 members, this is a lively community, with dedicated areas for shopping, meetings, news, classifieds, and region showcases.

OpenSim Creators

OpenSim CreatorsThis is a group dedicated to building in OpenSim, founded by Joe Builder of the Lost World grid.

It’s a supportive community where members share snapshots and videos of their builds and help each other when they run into problems. It currently has 54 members.

Don’t confuse it with OpenSim Creations, which is a website where people share content they’ve created under Creative Commons licenses. But both are well worth following.

OpenSim Destinations for Educators

VibeOpenSim Destinations for Educators is a Google Plus group founded by Tulane University’s Kay McLennan.

As the title suggests, it features OpenSim destinations of interest to educators. Regular contributors include Ball State University’s Stephen Gasior, who runs the VIBE group of educational grids.

The group currently has 87 members.

Metaverse Week in Review

Mal BurnsThe is a community created by Mal Burns for the latest metaverse and technology clips, including videos of InWorld Review, a show on which I’m a regular guest, discussing OpenSim and virtual reality.

Mal Burns is also known for his @MalBurns Twitter feed, which aggregates a lot of metaverse-related news sources.

This community has 262 members.

Smaller OpenSim-related groups and communities

Gridcache is a Google Plus community discussing the Gridcache OpenSim search engine.

Open Virtual is a group founded by users of the military’s MOSES grid but is unaffiliated with that project. Group members discuss MOSES-in-a-Box, as well as the use of open source simulation software in general.

Hypergrid Roleplay is a Google Plus community with 20 members, featuring discussions of roleplaying grids, groups, and events that are on the hypergrid.

Sanctuary is a Google Plus community founded by Sanctuary grid owner Shaun Emerald. The grid is best known for its collection of hypergates to other OpenSim worlds.

Broader virtual reality groups and communities

Oculus Rift Owners has 250 members on Google Plus. RiftEnabled is a forum that tracks new Oculus Rift applications. Oculus Developer Forums is the official forum run by Oculus VR — and /r/Oculus is the very unofficial Oculus forum on Reddit with over 28,000 members.

The MTBS3DI Virtual Reality  forums are a place to discuss a variety of hardware devices, with a sub-forum just for the Oculus Rift.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

12 Responses

  1.' Joe Builder says:

    I made that community in Google plus without wearing my thinking cap. Basically I rushed it, If I could change the name I would in a second. I don’t want to be confused with Opensim Creations. Sorry for my confusion It may cause.

    • Frank Corsi says:

      Opensim Police will come arrest you Joe!

    • I think the name is fine, and self-explanatory. And if people are looking for one, and stumble on the other — well, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. 🙂

      •' Joe Builder says:

        Yea, But you know that feeling you get like not wanting to copy something and somehow it just happened. I think about it often, I’m thinking there thinking lol wow don’t this guy have a imagination using a name so close. I know sounds silly 🙂

  2.' Minethere says:

    “I am following this community and am going to assume that all other members are doing it for business reasons, as well. Business reasons. Absolutely.”

    hmmm….well, I dunno, but one time I went over to Next Reality Grid’s RedLight region for a nice and soothing message. I had to move my camera “juuuusssstttt right” for my photo op-)) [now, if I could get this NPC out of my monitor, things would be soooo muccccchhh nicerrrrrrrr………

  3. Leighton says:

    Thank you Maria for mentioning Hypergrid Destinations the idea came from my interest in the hypergrid and seeing all the wonderful regions being posted about Opensim on my friends and followers feeds on google+. Then trying to find the post in the deluge of other posts became time
    consuming and frustrating and I wondered if others had the same problem.

    From this Hypergrid Destinations came into being and hopefully over time more and more members and opensim users will post about the places they visit and the things they see. There are different categories that people can post to making it easier for places to be found and visited.

    Finding your way around in any virtual world is difficult enough to then do that across a distributed network is even more complicated. Hypergrid destination in combination with all the other communities will make Opensim accessible to both noobs like me and the more experienced users alike and that can only be for the better of Opensim usage and community membership.

    Come take a look, become a member (if you are not already) and start posting about your favourite places, accidental finds or recommendations. The only requirement is that the region or grid will need to be hypergrid enabled. The group logo is from Kitely and is included in the user interface to represent the hypergrid.

  4.' Han Held says:

    Mod this off-topic if you like, but I’d like to respond to a thread posted onto the adult metaverse group (but I have zero desire to actually join that group).

    I can’t find the link at the moment, but someone mentioned that as a work-around to the xxx stigma, people could create alts.
    That does not work in opensim.
    They WILL NEVER WORK in opensim.
    Why? One word –numbers.

    Alts work in SL because there’s enough people to blend in with, to hide amongst. You can create an alt in SL and meet people whom you don’t already know.

    There aren’t enough people in opensim for that to work:
    1) you won’t meet people: you’ll simply encounter the same people whom you already know, but under a different name.
    2) you’ll stick out -people tend to have “tic”s; ways of typing, styles they like, etc that they’re unaware of. When you have a population as small as the one in opensim -which is less like a city and is closer to a medium sized college campus- those tics stick out like huge blinking neon lights.

    So yeah –alts don’t work in opensim. Never have, never will.

    I apologize for the off-topicness; but it’s THE number one issue the opensim sorority^Wcommunity needs to own up to and address a workaround for.

  5.' Shaun Emerald says:

    Thanks for mentioning Sanctuary! I’m up to ~80 gates, at this point. 🙂