SimValley expands with massive free land offer

SimValley, an international grid based in the Netherlands, just added more than 300 new regions as part of its plans for a massive free land give-away.

Over the past couple of weeks, the grid has grown from 202 to 541 regions, a gain of 339 regions.

(Image courtesy SimValley.)

(Image courtesy SimValley.)

“A few of those sims are already in use but we will have an official opening and introduction on Saturday, June 7,” grid owner Johan Taal told Hypergrid Business. “We are still preparing some of those sims.”

Taal is the CEO of Business Inspire, a Dutch OpenSim hosting company that provides the technology services for SimValley, EduGrid NL, and OpenSim NL.

Free land of up to a full region

SimValley has already had a policy in place of giving away free, 1,024-square-meter land plots with a 234-prim building allowance.

As part of the new expansion push, the grid will also be giving away larger plots — up to a full region in size — for a full year. The full regions normally go for 15 Euro (US $21) a month with a 25 Euro setup fee.

“To be eligible for this you will need to indicate what you are going to build that contributes to SimValley development,” said Taal.

(Image courtesy SimValley.)

(Image courtesy SimValley.)

Taal said that there will be enough smaller plots available for anyone who wants one.

Those looking for a full region, however, should probably get their request in early. Connect  in-world by sending an instant message to John Silver, or by email at [email protected].

An open, commercial grid

Although SimValley is a commercial grid — the company makes money by renting out land — it is not a closed grid.

Residents can teleport in and out to other grids via the hypergrid.

“In the near future it will be possible to upload your own IAR and OAR file to your region,” Taal added. “For the moment we are glad to do this for you. We also have all of Linda Kellie’s IAR’s and OAR’s on the grid and are free available.”

You can look at or download any of Linda Kellie’s IAR files here  or any of her pre-built OARregion files here.

The hypergrid connectivity also makes it easy to buy products from the Kitely Market, though SimValley is working on developing its own marketplace, as well.

(Image courtesy SimValley.)

(Image courtesy SimValley.)


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

9 Responses

  1.' hack13 says:

    Wow, that is one massive up-taking. I say more power too you, for providing free land to people to have and use.

  2.' AviWorlds says:

    Giving free land is a good way to attract users but the hard part is keep that user in after he or she got their free land. If you give free land you must have a reason for that person to stay. The whole excitement about virtual reality world is made into two parts. 1 – Content, 2 – Opportunity.
    If the user gets a free region and has nothing to do afterwards and just look in the sky or say hello to a WILSON VOLLEY BALL; that person wont stay long. Super Free grids do not excite people and do not offer opportunity because there wont be any economy. I can say this from my own experience.
    There will be the first initial excitement of people coming in grabbing the free regions. Than after a month or so they wont come back.
    You need to balance the grids economy like SL does. Otherwise it will be all unbalanced.

  3.' Nick Zwart says:

    Great Johan, lots of succes.

  4.' Tech Guyz says:

    Hate to chime in but we tried to get a sim there the owner instead gave us a 1024 sq m land – he told us he would not give us a full sim unless we were going to do something to better his grid – we told him we wanted to bring over our role play group and we told him “john” that it would not fit on a 1024 sq m land. Our role play group is from Second Life but then after that still no full sim. This article seems a bit false hope I don’t know if they are doing this as an advertising attempt? Was anyone else able to get a free sim? Would like to hear if you did.
    Thanks – All seems a bit strange they are already out of full sims already?

    • I guess it all depends on what “better the grid” means, and, in this particular case, it’s the owner who gets to decide.

      You might want to try to make a case for how the project you’re going to build on this region will benefit other members of the grid, beyond just your own role playing group.

      For example, you might bring in a costume shop that is unique to your group, that the whole grid might benefit from. Or your might have a particularly interesting build that other groups can use when you’re not using it.

      Or your group might film machinima on this region, and post it to YouTube, which will help promote the grid.

      Meanwhile, have you checked out my Free Land in OpenSim report? I believe there are a couple of other grids — PM Grid springs to mind — that also offer large amounts of land for interesting projects.

      Good luck!

  5.' Fantabula says:

    So anyone know of another good grid to use for a project? I just got my land taken over by the owner of Sim Valley, because I wasn’t on there enough! >|< Seems I'm not the only one. I've had been there almost every night for the last two weeks, so not sure why this happened, but oh well.

    Anyways, could use a nice stable island to build on in vampire hours of the nigh. Would be great it if that had an easy signin. I'll be having guests in to look at my work too. I can pay as long as it's not unreasonable, like SL.


  6.' Khiron Ametza says:

    Hey! I’m trying to access SimValley website but it says “We can’t acess this page. Check out if this Web link is correct
    Is this grid still running? Thanks

  7.' Joelle Bonnescuelle de Lespino says:

    Khiron. it appears the grid is no longer. I was an Estate Manger there with 40 sims, and the whole grid and website disappeared about a week ago. Numerous emails to the owner have gone unanswered. It’s a shame as it was a great place to be… with a cool community spirit.