850,000-polygon Greek statues imported into virtual world

Press release: MellaniuM creates 3D museum art 100 times more detailed than Second Life

HAMILTON, Ontario — Virtual design firm MellaniuM has developed a process to to import extremely detailed objects into spaces running on the AvayaLive Engage browser-based virtual world platform. As a demonstration of this process, the company has imported two well-known statues from classical Greece — Aphrodite of Milos and Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Aphrodite -- better known as Venus de Milo -- on display in Art Gallery 25.

Aphrodite of Milos — better known as Venus de Milo — on display in ArtGallery25.

The mesh models for the two statues became available late last year, when artist Cosmo Wenman uploaded highly detailed 3D scans of the statues to the MakerBot Thingiverse 3D design and printing community under a Creative Commons license. These two uploaded mesh models were composed of 20 million polygons each — too large for import.

MellaniuM converted these models into a format and size that could be used in AvayaLive Engage. They are accessible to the public at ArtGallery25 on the AvayaLive Engage platform through a browser-based viewer. A small, free plugin download is required.

These two models, now rendered with approximately 850,000 polygons, still possess clear details of the folds in the draped fabric and the exquisite sculpturing of the feathers.

“Most game designers would state categorically that models with over 64,000 polygons simply cannot be imported into a gaming engine,” said MellaniuM CTO Mark Melaney. “This may be true in a certain sense but we have developed a procedure to unite sections of larger mesh models to circumvent this limitation.”

The MellaniuM application allows for the importation of high polygon models and rich textures to create the realism necessary for believable immersion.

In addition, comprehensive descriptive metadata relating to the original source, age, design and existing knowledge on associated artifacts can be connected effectively to any 3D item in the environment.

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The 850,000-polygon Winged Victory of Samothrace statue in ArtGallery25. (Image courtesy MellaniuM.)

Close-up of the detail on the wings of the

Close-up of the detail on the statue’s wing. (Image courtesy MellaniuM.)

About AvayaLive Engage

AvayaLive Engage  is an online, immersive collaboration environment platform that runs in the browser on the Unreal gaming engine. For more information, visit avayalive.com/Engage.

About MellaniumM

MellaniuM is a virtual design firm that leverages the AvayaLive Engage virtual environment platform for importing all 3D file formats with photorealistic textures generated both by photogrammetry and laser scanned items and monuments for archaeological and educational use.

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  1. tele3dworld@hotmail.co.uk' Ken Rigby says:

    Experience now at http://wa692.avayalive.com

    Free entry

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      sorry Ken I don’t have a headseat and can’t get my voice working…but I did hear you and the other guy and the nice music.

  2. hey hello 😀 Hamilton Ontario Canada is where i live 😀 GO TI CATS 😀

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      Likewise. Hamilton is the place to be. Setting up a mini data center from an office to host a few web development projects maybe we can meet sometime would love to have friends on the same interests 🙂

  3. sonichedgehog_hyperblast00@yahoo.com' Mircea Kitsune says:

    That’s awesome! Hopefully 3D scanning technology will become cheaper and more accessible during the next years… a lot could be done with it.

  4. ai.ai.austin@gmail.com' Ai Austin says:

    OpenSim also copes well with larges meshes. E.g. 900,000 polys in 3 models on an OSGrid region. See Black Rock Region on OSGrid and nearby Marineville & Space City with detailed models. At verious times I have had much more on the regions and theu perform very well.


  5. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    wow..i am in now and trying to figure it out…screen shoot

  6. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    i gotta see if i can get others in to join me

  7. tele3dworld@hotmail.co.uk' Ken Rigby says:

    The real objective is to achieve realism in a virtual environment with very little latency and lag.

    Just see the difference; with occulus it’s incredible

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    I am from Hamilton Ontario woohoo maybe we all can meet up sometime :). Creator owner of SkyLifeGrid woot for hammertown

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  10. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Maya 2014 has a pollygone slider to reduce the Polly count with a simple slider wonder if this would work for projects like this

  11. tele3dworld@hotmail.co.uk' Ken Rigby says:

    Many scanned items are over 5M polys; which is not really necessary so some form of reduction does help. Studio Max also has a poly reducer tool.

  12. rob@cyberadept.com' Roblem Hogarth says:

    These may be 850,000 poly models but I just don’t see any detail to justify it. If this is just the raw 3D scan file I’m not surprised their file sizes are notoriously huge. And really, comparing the capability of this model viewer with the virtual world second life is kind of silly.

  13. russell.is@movingthefuture.com' bob says:

    It looks good, but it seems unfeasible for this to be scaled up. It’s one room and the file is 127mb. A full game would be over 100 gb