Summer events on the OpenSim grids

OpenSim grids are gearing up for the 4th of July and other summer events this coming month.

OSgrid holds giant birthday bash

OSgrid, the world’s most popular non-profit OpenSim grid, is having its seventh birthday celebration this month.

The event will be held on July 26 and 27, and two 512-meter-square variable regions have been created for it — a land area equivalent to eight standard regions. The event regions are located east and west of the Events Plaza region, and are called OSG7BE and OSG7BW.

Check out this video by OSgrid admin Ken Grunke — also known as Key Gruin in-world — about Jeff Hall’s forestry exhibit on the OSG7BW region:

And this video of Hylee Becker’s “Quantum Express” exhibit on OSG7BE:

Subscribe to Key Gruin’s YouTube channel or to the OSgrid Google Plus community to keep up with more videos and birthday-related announcements.

Littlefield celebrates the 4th with a bang

Littlefield Grid is known for its holiday parties, and this month is no exception. Littlefield’s 4th of July celebrations begin at 9 p.m. Pacific at the Stonehaven Party Isle, with a live DJ, dancing, food, drinks, a swimming pool, a log flume ride and other attractions, and a fireworks display at midnight Pacific.

Stonehaven Party Isle on Littlefield Grid gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July.

Stonehaven Party Isle on Littlefield Grid gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July.

As always, the events are accessible via the hypergrid, at Party Isle.

Virtual Highway celebrating a 4th of July week

The Virtual Highway grid has already begun its 4th of July festivities, grid owner Gene Call told Hypergrid Business.

(Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

(Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

They include a building contest with entries ranging from a cookout area to a presidential visit, as well as a generous response from creators for gifts for the maze hunt.

There will also be DJ’d parties featuring country hoe-down music, old rock, and everything in between.

(Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

(Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

“Throughout the week, everyone is planning on bogeying down,” Call said.

On the final day of the festivities, July 4, the winners of the building contest will be announced and will get cash prizes. There will also be a fireworks display.

Steam expo on Tangle Grid — now on the hypergrid

This year’s Steampunk Expo on Tangle Grid is hypergrid-enabled, and has been extended through to July 6.

To teleport in, grid co-owner Leslie Kling suggests using one of two jump points — one at upper coordinates at Station 1 and one within reach of lower regions at Station 2.

Residents of grids running the latest version of OpenSim can use either of these, since the bug that prevented long-distance teleports was fixed last fall.

Tangle Grid, a commercial grid, was previously closed to hypergrid travel.

“We have decided to go hypergrid enabled,” Kling told Hypergrid Business. “[But] only a few regions have been placed on gate travel.”

Once arrived on Tangle Grid, steampunk aficionados should do a local teleport to the event region, Steam Isle Event Ground.

poster steam event new


Originally scheduled just for Saturday, June 28, the Expo now continues through the first week of July, with a live DJ at noon Pacific on Sunday, June 29, Tuesday, July 1, and Friday, the 4th of July.

Hypergrid Safari sets off every Wednesday

Speaking of Google Plus communities, if you’re interested in exploring the hypergrid with a fun group of other people, check out the Hypergrid Safari Google Plus community.

They meet every Wednesday at noon Pacific time on the Magica region on OSgrid, hypergrid address

Every Wednesday in July we will be visiting different grids and builders, from Kitely to Sanctuary to FrancoGrid,” group founder Thirza Ember told Hypergrid Business. “We try to combine visiting installs and galleries with a Q&A with long time OpenSim users and creators — we had a great visit with Lani Global a couple of weeks back, for example.”

The Hypergrid Safari visits the Hyperica hyperport.

The Hypergrid Safari visits the Hyperica hyperport.

On Wednesday, July 30, I will be leading a Hypergrid Safari tour and we’ll be stopping at the newly-redesigned Hyperica hyperport.

July on Kitely filled with poetry, parties

Kitely — the largest commercial grid by land area and the fifth most popular grid by active users — is continuing to build up its in-world events.

There are DJ’d dances on Fridays and Sundays, writing and poetry-related events on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, guided meditation on Tuesdays, and the Kitely Community Meeting every Wednesday.

Check out the Kitely Community Calendar for all the details.

Kitely has also announced some performance and reliability improvements recently, including faster mesh loading.

The Kitely Market has added some new items, including animated birds from Ocean Engineering and creature avatars from Avatar Bizarre.

However, overall, the number of products listed on the Kitely Market has fallen slightly over the past two weeks, from 2,882 to 2,860. The number of variations of those products has increased, however, from 5,459 to 5,498.

Kitely Market statistics. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

Kitely Market statistics. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

“We lost a couple or merchants following our pricing change but we gained more merchants over that same time period,” Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner told Hypergrid Business. He was referring to the June 11 decision to stop offering metered regions to free users. “We had a net growth in the number of product variations while experiencing a small decrease in the number of product listings due to the fact that the merchants who left listed mostly single-variation products while the merchants that joined listed more multi-variation products.”

The most significant change was in the number of exportable variations, which fell from 2,254 to 2,158.

It appears that most of the new merchants have yet to make their new listings exportable,” said Tochner. “I expect that will change once they start getting requests from the hypergrid users who buy from Kitely Market.”

Erotic readings on Avalonia

If your summer isn’t hot enough for you, check out the Erotic Readings on the Avalonia Estate grid on Sundays at 3 p.m. Pacific on the Central Park region.

We decided that we are going to record the voice meetings and publish them on our website as podcasts for people to download and listen to again, as a way of promoting the grid, and also to improve awareness and interest,” grid owner Justin Ireman told Hypergrid Business.

(Image courtesy Avalonia Estate.)

(Image courtesy Avalonia Estate.)

The grid also will hold a Boogie Night every Friday this month at 2 p.m. Pacific on the Avalonia Sea region, and open mic discussions about femdom every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Pacific on the Central Park region.

The grid has also recently upgraded its website, its version of OpenSim, upgraded the capacity of its voice server, became a supporter of the OpenSim Community Conference, added a new custom-built “Tiki Pool” to its Avalonia Sea party island, and posted a YouTube video demonstrating how to purchase items on the Kitely Market for delivery to the Avalonia Estate grid.

For more adult-oriented events, check out The Adult Metaverse Google Plus community.

Grid Calendars

Many grids have calendars showcasing their events. If your grid’s calendar isn’t in this list, please send an email to [email protected].

Also check out the Hypergrid Events and OpenSim Virtual communities on Google Plus!

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8 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    Interestingly enough, I just happened to see a post on the TangleGrid event, and hypergated over, mainly because I have some old friends who run it and when I got there got to chat with others I had not seen in sometime. It was very nice, and I got to show off my new avie from Avatar Bizarre I had delivered to my Metro avie the day before. Oh, you want to see a photo of it? ok…

    But it was nice to see those folx again-)

    I am so very happy to see more and more people, new to hypergating in some regards, exploring. Kitely has a group also. and it seems that g+ community is a very good place to keep up on it all. My hope is that it ferments even more groups.

    And, Key, music, suggest just sayin’-)))

    Wait, eroticism?????

  2.' Saman says:

    Here we go again… Kitely, Kitely, Kitely! Surely Kitely must be the most overused name on this website. Someone visiting Hypegrid Business for the first time would be forgiven for thinking that they had arrived at Kitely’s site by error.

    Probably never in the history of Open Source has one commercial entity been given so much publicity on a single website, and so I wonder what it is that makes Hypergrid Business figure Kitely is particularly special and of so great an interest to us, the readers.

    Personally I see them as just another small company attempting to copy Second Life, make money by latching onto anyone elses success amd using software to do so that they did not create, but claim to have contributed some code back to which is fair enough, but does that make Kitely special to warrant all this promotion?

    According to this article Kitely has it all, the most popular grid by users, the largest grid by land mass, etc etc etc.

    How many regions does Kitely have online all the time that anyone can access and stay as long as they want to?

    Is Kitely a Grid or a Hosting Service?

    Why is Kitely’s pricing plan so confusing?

    Can anyone connect their Sim hosted on their computer to Kitely?

    What makes Kitely think the rest of OpenSim wants to have anything to do with their Market Place?

    We should never forget that Kitely is commercial and if by some miracle and indeed it would be a miracle, that Kitely became as popular as Second life then you can bet your savings that Kitely would be as closed, restrictive and as expensive as they can get away with making it for users.

    There is only one that deserves to receive the amount of publicity that Kitely gets here and that is OSgrid because it represents OpenSim and is non-commercial.

    I would not be surprised if this post gets deleted but somebody had to point out the above.

    • Saman — You want to know the real, secret reason why Kitely is in this story? Though I guessed you missed the first part of the story, which was about OSgrid…

      Anyway, the reason Kitely is here is because I sent out 96 emails to grid masters asking for updates. Six wrote back. Kitely was one of the six. Kitely ALWAYS writes back.

      The other grid that does a GREAT job marketing its events is Virtual Highway. They’re included in every single one of these articles because they always send me something.

      If your favorite grid isn’t getting as much publicity as others, they’re simply not asking me for it. I can’t remember the last time I declined to run a press release — if it’s not worth a full article, I can usually squeeze it into a round-up story somewhere.

      The ads on Hyperica are free. I’m always looking for how-to and advice columns, and grids are more than welcome to contribute those.

      Here’s how to write a press release that will get into not only Hypergrid Business, but other pubs:

      Here are some ideas for a press release:

    •' Minethere says:

      currently, there are a total of 38 mentions of kitely, of which yours are 17, leaving [licks the tip of my pencil and scrunches up my face in my thinking hard way i do] 21.

      but, now it is 40 mentions of kitely because i wanted to make it a round even number…can others please add ten more mentions of kitely [make that 9 now] to make it an even 50????

      •' KeithSelmes says:

        Yes, well, I would have missed this article if not for a comment on the sidebar that said “Kitely, Kitely, Kitely!”. And now I’m disappointed, because it’s not about Kitely at all.

    • Considering Kitely is only one of a bunch of grids mentioned in this article, I find your ire at the article being “Kitely-centric” somewhat confusing.

      However, to answer some of your questions.

      “How many regions does Kitely have online all the time that anyone can access and stay as long as they want to?” – Any not set to “private”.

      “Is Kitely a Grid or a Hosting Service?” – I would say hosting service. There is no “grid” to speak of really. Just an interconnected network of “Worlds” accessible via hypergrid or via their web page.

      “Why is Kitely’s pricing plan so confusing?” – I think the main reason is that they are trying to offer something different which is against the prevailing norm. However, if you just ignore the concept of “metered worlds” and “minutes” all together is it really THAT confusing?

      “Can anyone connect their Sim hosted on their computer to Kitely?” – Nope. But you can connect a region to they hypergrid and have access to any Kitely region which is hypergrid enabled nad access to the marketplace.

      “What makes Kitely think the rest of OpenSim wants to have anything to do with their Market Place?” – You make it sound like they are going around forcing people to use it. Take it or leave it. Its up to the grid owner entirely.

      “We should never forget that Kitely is commercial and if by some miracle and indeed it would be a miracle, that Kitely became as popular as Second life then you can bet your savings that Kitely would be as closed, restrictive and as expensive as they can get away with making it for users. “- This makes no sense if you understand the Kitely Marketplace business model. Many items are offered at FULL PERM to other grids. Kitely is also open to hypergrid and we can come and go as we please. We have full OAR availability through a simple to use web interface. If any of this changed, Kitely would loose its appeal for a vast number of its users, and they are well aware of this.

      Overall, I would say you are also a bit confused about the role of open source technology in business. Many multi-billion dollar industries use open source technologies at the core of their business models. The beauty of opensim is it allows the user to choose. If you want to buy stuff commercially, now you can. If you want to do it all yourself then great! You can do that too! Kitely or any other commercial grid will never be able to take that from you. Its the same with land, you can learn to host your own, or pay someone to do it for you.

      Also, you are aware that the name of this website is hypergrid BUSINESS, right? Like, you know, buying and selling stuff? =)

      Not much of that goes on at present in Opensim, so I would say its perfectly normal for a website that purports to be about business to report more heavily on an opensim based grid where there is economic activity going on beyond the usual land sales.