3 things about new VR platform CEEK

(Image courtesy Next Reality Corp.)

(Image courtesy Next Reality Corp.)

A new social virtual world is coming, and it’s called CEEK.

Not much information is available yet, other than this press release.

Here’s what we know so far:

There’s no word yet about whether this platform will support user created content or offer any in-world building tools. It seems to be going after the virtual events space, like RiftMax, rather than being a competitor to Second Life or Second Life v.2.

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  1. sonichedgehog_hyperblast00@yahoo.com' Mircea Kitsune says:

    Unless it has voxel based geometry instead of mesh / vertice geometry, and / or realtime raytrace lighting, it’s probably nothing that can interest me more than Second Life. Either way, any good VR platform is welcome, so I wish the project good luck!