5 surprising things about WhiteCore-Sim

Zetamex CEO Timothy Rogers has posted an interesting article about WhiteCore-Sim, a version of OpenSim that is best known for providing the metaverse with variable-sized regions.

A tropical island-themed region on the Aurora Sim-based Nova Grid. (Image courtesy Enrico Ranucci.)

A tropical island-themed region on the Aurora Sim-based Nova Grid. (Image courtesy Enrico Ranucci.)

A few grids have attempted to run based on the WhiteCore-Sim software or its predecessor, Aurora-Sim, including Nova grid in the picture above. But, so far, none have lasted.

Issues have included lack of hypergrid connectivity to standard OpenSim. In addition, while WhiteCore-Sim’s small development team means that features can be added quickly, it also means that there are fewer people to help fix problems that arise.

WhiteCore-Sim might turn out to be a successful experimental test-bed for innovation, however.

Here are some other features that are currently available in WhiteCore-Sim that might one day make their way over to mainline OpenSim:

  • Currency, groups, voice and other functions can be configured separately, instead of every region having to have its own configuration.
  • Regions are saved in files, instead of databases, for easier migration.
  • Built-in automatic backups.
  • Region settings, like maximum prim sizes, can be managed right from a viewer.
  • Search, groups, profiles, voice and a Web front end are all included with the standard distribution of the software.

For more details on all these features, see the full article here and check out this Google Plus community.

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