First hypergrid fashion expo starts Saturday on Tangle Grid

The first-ever hypergrid fashion expo begins this Saturday on Tangle Grid and will last through August 3.

Fashion Expo's runway fountains. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Fashion Expo’s runway fountains. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Time is running out for merchants and creators interested in being part of the event. To participate, contact IsambardKingdom Brunel on Tangle Grid, or Peter2 Veliz in Second Life. Merchants looking for a more permanent presence on Tangle Grid can also get three months of free shop space on the Tangle Town region.

To hypergrid teleport to the event, paste isle into Map-Search. If jumping from a grid running an older version of OpenSim, you can also jump to one of two way points — an 8500, 8500 location at Station 1 and a 4500, 4500 location at Station 2.

(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

The grid expects between 50 and 100 people to come and attend the event.

The event will be an opportunity for “window shopping” only, said Tangle Grid consultant Kevin Klerks, also known as Winter Silversmith in-world. Klerks runs the Nordeggan regions on Tangle Grid and is also CEO of Corran Enterprises, one of the sponsors of the Fashion Expo.

“You must become a Tangle member to purchase items,” he told Hypergrid Business.

However, some Kitely Market merchants have been in touch and have visited their grid, and their products can be ordered via the Kitely Market website and, in many cases, delivered to any hypergrid-enabled destination.

Corran Cafe. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Corran Cafe. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

The goal of the Fashion Expo is to attract new merchants to the grid, Klerks said, and to help build a community. The event is run completely by volunteers, he added.

“We’re new and trying to get the word out that we’re open for business,” he said. “We found that many users don’t have a lot of money to invest these days and the Expo gives new designers in particular a way to exhibit their designs without costing them additional money.”

The Fashion Expo show grounds. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

The Fashion Expo show grounds. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Tangle Grid is best known for last month’s Steam Expo, which brought in 55 visitors and had eight content creators participating. The Steam Expo drew attention from the Steampunk group on the OpenSim Virtual Google Plus community and inspired Tangle Grid to first open its gates to hypergrid visitors. The grid was previously a closed grid.

Watch a video about the Steam Expo below:

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3 Responses

  1. Thank you! We look forward to seeing new merchants come to TanGLe and lots of new visitors and friends via Hypergrid. ~Winter Silversmith

  2.' Talla Adam says:

    Good to read credit to G+ Opensim Virtual community helping to bring interest in Tangle Grid from Steampunk enthusiasts. With nearly 800 Hypergrid aware members using Opensim Virtual as their social media I expect and hope the Fashion Expo at Tangle will see another good response. We were all pleased to learn Tangle had enable part of their grid for Hypergrid visits and I think it was a very smart move. Opensim Virtual welcomes all grids both closed and open to promote their events. There is also plenty of willing helpers ready to answer question too.

    I hope the Fashion Expo at Tangle Grid is a great success.

  3.' Minethere says:

    It is very important to mention that Leslie, TMAC, and the crew there are most excellent and nice-)) In point of fact, just the HG address, time/date and that mention would say it all!!!