Sim-on-a-Stick gets update



The easy-to-use Sim-on-a-Stick distribution of OpenSim has been updated to the latest version, supporting Bullet physics, variable-sized regions, profiles and other improvements.

Sim-on-a-Stick is a packaged version of the Diva Distro. If you’re upgrading from a previous version, there are some settings changes you may need to make. Read all about it here.



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Maria Korolov

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10 Responses

  1.' Han Held says:

    Glad to see it, I still recommend Sim on a stick to people who are new to opensim and want to check it out.

  2.' Worry Wort says:

    Maria Help!=)
    It’s been months since the new release of OS …but no update on Sim on a stick… while no reply’s thru email when attempts to contact them are made.
    Maria maybe you have a way to reach them?… soon we might be looking at another update then it will be 2 releases behind=(

  3.' Lawrence Jones says:

    Is this software abandoned ? please let the public know if it is . as of now its several releases behind Osgrid. people are having trouble with oarfiles not being compatible & even losing everything after thinking it backed onto everything. when it has not.

    No future updates.can you look into it?


  4. Ener?? Ener died?? :'( Oh gosh I hope thats a mistake 🙁

  5.' Wolf Baginski says:

    The big risk isn’t the old OpenSim version. The last version I have was still using the defunct and unsupported MOWES system, I’d already updated the Diva Distro element a couple of times, but I urge everyone to find something else.

    Essentially, with no support for the supporting software, if you run this I can’t see any way of being sure your system is secure. If you can lock out external access with a firewall, you’re pretty unusual, and might be able to set up a more conventional OpenSim instance. There’s a good package, I know, for Linux, but I don’t know of anything that has the plug-in-and-go nature of Sim-on-a-Stick.

    •' Arielle says:

      Use the Outworldz installer by Fred then. It has more functions and capabilities then Soas does and is up to date with a choice of using .8.2.1 or the newer .9 version of Opensim.

      •' Wolf Baginski says:

        Thanks for the link.
        It is is Windows-only, so no use to me, but it does look good to fill the Sim-on-a-Stick niche.

        There’s a general tendency for search engines to keep putting horribly old software in front of you when you’re looking for a fix.