Survey: Where do you want OpenSim to go?

Update: The survey is now closed, but you can see all the raw results here.


hand_tick_survey_238526_lThe explosion of new virtual reality developments, the announcement that Linden Lab is working on a new version of Second Life, and a steady stream of updates from High Fidelity have combined to create a feeling of uncertainty for some OpenSim users about the future of the platform.

On the one hand, OpenSim is currently the only free, open source virtual world platform that is supported by a wide variety of vendors, used by hundreds of grids, allows in-world content creation, and — as the cherry on the top — let avatars to travel between hypergrid-enabled worlds.

On the other hand, the other projects — which still in the very early stages — promise to have some very significant advantages over what we have today.

So we asked our readers the question: What features does OpenSim need in order to be successful in the long term? What should be a top priority for developers? Answers came in as comments on this article and in this Google Plus thread. I also had a couple of suggestions for improving search.

Now, as promised, you get to vote on all of these suggestions. How important is each to you?

If the survey doesn’t load below, please open it in a new window by clicking here.

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Maria Korolov

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12 Responses

  1.' Sebastian says:

    A support for scripting language with better memory managment would be very nice, also built-in data storage for LSL scripts would be helpful.

    •' LaeMing Ai says:

      mono/dotnet presumably can provide this, with the caveat that I don’t mean providing a raw system-level vm to the scripting environment (as can be done right now but is strongly recommended against as it is extremely dangerous), but a properly sand-boxed vm with only appropriate access to things the scripting language ought to have access to. Then any CLI language should be usable (again within the context of what a script in this environment should be able to do).

  2.' Minethere says:

    done! I voted for an end to all wars and peace on earth.

  3.' Mircea Kitsune says:

    Thank you for linking this, I voted and submitted. Overall there are a lot of things I think I’d want… ending at the ability to script your own primitive shapes (instead of just box / sphere / prism / sculpty / etc), and voxel based objects on which you can add or remove voxels to shape them and dig through them. More important would be support for animated meshes, as you can currently just place static models in the world and rigged ones can only be worn as avatars.

    That is however far away stuff. If there’s anything I consider essential, it’s OpenSim getting everything working as good or better as the SL main grid. Also having builtin functionality for all default viewer features… such as an integrated per-region voice system instead of users having to setup their own VOIP service for voice.

  4.' Han Held says:

    Your answers only went from “don’t care” to “strongly want” …you need options for “do not want” and “strongly do not want”.

    • Danko Whitfield says:

      I STRONGLY agree with Han. I hate to criticize the survey but i think the omission of something stronger than Don’t care/Doesn’t Apply ruins the whole thing. For a surprising number of the questions, I wanted to check-off “Don’t Let The Devs Waste Their Time On This!” for my answer. In fact, I think there were only two, maybe three that I checked as important or a priority.

  5.' hack13 says:

    Just to point out the nat loopback issue is not something that can really be solved in the viewer, and opensim has done a really good job of fixing it in the opensim code itself to where it is hardly even an issue anymore.

    • Very cool! But… that means .. I can’t blame NAT Loopback for my own inability to get hypergrid working at home? Oh, noes.

    •' LaeMing Ai says:

      Does OpenSim support IPv6 these days? (Yes, I know – my ISP doesn’t support IPv6 yet, but one day…).
      Luckily I am not NATed by my ISP, but I only have one address, so if my niece comes to visit I have to NAT myself! Loopbacks are a pain!

  6.' AlanTupper says:

    One extra feature I wish I had included in the notes was the ability to have var-regions down to 32mx32m or 16m x 16m. WhiteCore has implemented this, and with the ability to toggle land and sea could provide an excellent platform for small interior simulations. While you lose total continuity, it allows for the beneficial separation of interior and exterior simulations.

    • This DOES sound like a great feature. It would solve that pesky castle basement flooding problem once and for all!

      With all the new feature suggestions, I might have to do a second survey.

  7.' Minethere says:

    what’s a double sided sim?