High-end VR display developed for commercial use

ImmersiON-VRelia PRO Blue Sky ushers in new world of commercial virtual reality entertainment

IRVINE, Calif. — ImmersiON-VRelia announced this week the launch of the immersive industry’s first-ever virtual reality commercial entertainment division. The new division will be dedicated to providing head mounted displays and content to amusement parks, visitor attractions, immersive cinemas and promotional platforms. The division is the result of a new partnership between ImmersiON-VRelia and International Immersion Industries.

The partnership between ImmersiON-VRelia and International Immersion Industries (3I) marks the first dedicated move in the sector toward supporting the unique needs of the promotional, amusement, attraction and location-based entertainment sectors.

“Working with ImmersiON-VRelia, we will finally bring the much needed solutions to the commercial entertainment and leisure market at a critical point; this aspect of the industry is poised for substantial growth and appropriate technology will drive its rapid advancement,” said Kevin Williams, Chairman of International Immersion Industries. “We are extremely excited to join the efforts of ImmersiON-VRelia as it provides vital support to the emergence of the commercial VR sector.”

(Image courtesy ImmersiON-VRelia.)

(Image courtesy ImmersiON-VRelia.)

The commercial entertainment division’s primary focus in coming months will be developing the Immersion-VRelia “PRO Blue Sky.” The PRO Blue Sky is a ruggedized head mounted display designed to meet the unique needs of entertainment and promotional applications based outside the home. With a groundbreaking 120-degree field of view and dual full high-definition 1080×1920 displays, the “PRO Blue Sky” delivers previously unseen virtual reality features.

In addition, the reinforced construction of the PRO Blue Sky, coupled with appropriate warranties and technical support for commercial usage, makes this HMD the only one on the market able to manage the requirements of repeated application in the digital out-of-home entertainment sector. This HMD lets users safely and reliably enjoy immersive head mounted displays in public spaces. This eliminates the danger of using inappropriate consumer development kits not suited for this arena.

3I will undertake sales, marketing and promotional efforts for the commercial platform (PRO Blue Sky), bringing to the partnership its extensive background amassed in the international out-of-home entertainment sector.

“A true arcade experience is something that goes beyond what is available at home. Immersion-VRelia is finally bringing that sense of wonder and awe back to the commercial entertainment sector,” enthused Ethan Daniel Schur, CMO of Immersion-VRelia.

To support Blue Sky PRO, ImmersiON-VRelia will provide “The AlterSpace,” which will deliver content to entertainment and promotional organizations on demand. The AlterSpace is a cloud-based platform that will allow developers at all levels to design and market content like videos, games, applications, environments, mixed reality and immersive experiences for practically any industry.

“In recent months we have experienced overwhelming interest from the entertainment sector – the industry is hungry to see the immersive experience evolve,” said Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, CEO of ImmersiON-VRelia. “Currently, our focus is expanding our team and platforms to support that specific demand. Our partnership with International Immersion Industries is an important step toward ensuring the market receives a great experience in all areas of the entertainment sector.”

For further information, investment or to pre-order the PRO Blue Sky, please visit http://www.ImmersiONhmd.com/ .

About ImmersiON-VRelia

ImmersiON-VRelia is focused exclusively on the creation of wide field-of-view 3D Stereoscopic Head Mounted Displays and Heads Up Displays for virtual reality and Augmented Reality for multiple industries.

About International Immersion Industries

The mission of International Immersion Industries is to enable immersive opportunities in Location Based Entertainment (LBE). LBE spans the gamut of all immersive hardware and software in future Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Metaverses. For more information, please visit http://www.international-immersion-industries.com/ .

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