Hosting firm Zetamex sold to new owners

Las Vegas-based Zetamex, a leading provider of low-cost OpenSim hosting, has been sold, CEO Timothy Rogers said in a brief announcement today.

No services or existing pricing will be adversely affected, he said in an open letter later in the day, with the major change being the addition of new support staff.

“In fact, services should greatly improve for all customers,” he said.

Rogers will continue to serve as acting president until December 1, he said.

Zetamex recently redesigned their website, streamlined the region order process, and began  offering $5 region rentals.

Zetamex recently redesigned their website, streamlined the region order process, and began offering $5 region rentals.

“The new CEO is shadowing me for now, and learning how Zetamex does things,” he said.

After that point, Rogers will continue to be involved with the company, as a COO or CTO or another influential position.

Rogers said that he has decided to step down for health reasons.

“It is nothing serious but Zetamex has grown bigger than I can handle or deal with the stress,” he said.

The name of the new CEO has not yet been announced.

“The new CEO will be announcing his identity and his plans in the near future,” Rogers said. “Right now he is compiling Zetamex’s new business plan, something I never really did. I will admit I winged Zetamex this far. So I feel we are already a big step into the future of Zetamex.”



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Maria Korolov

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17 Responses

  1.' Sarge Misfit says:

    Who did it get sold to? I read teh posts and the blog and that important info is not given. Anywhere.

    • That was a little weird — normally the buyer’s name is included in the sales announcement.

      But maybe it’s a strategy … let the curiosity build and then do a follow-up announcement with a little more information about the buyer — they’re a grid owner! Then a little bit more information a couple of weeks later… they were once a customer! Then … finally … it’s AviWorlds’ Alex Pomposelli!

      • ROFL i would actually fly to tim just to smack him on the head if it was Alex.
        As i been stating everywhere else. I can’t say much because we do want to leave the new guy to reveal himself but what i can say is that this new guy has very trustworthy, tim has known this guy for some time before sunday so its no random person that dropped money in tim’s paypal. This guy has never been in opensim before but has been in SL for a long time, he now like to venture outside of SL into more virtual worlds starting with opensim/whitecore. Everything will stay as they are. I will still be focusing on finishing ZetamexWeb then finish up and launch that then fix and launch zetamextech. Everyone renting from us now gets to keep their price rate as this new guy will be honoring our grandfather policy. In fact nothing in zetamex will change except for the CEO chair. However zetamex will be improved over time through the knowledge and experience of this new CEO.
        Tim still stays as the lead tech nerd and still gets to boss me around. I stay and still get to annoy tim 🙂
        Oh there is so much i want to tell you all, i really really do but can’t.
        I better go now before i really leak some secret info xD

    •' Sarge Misfit says:

      Well, it took a minor bit of prodding to find out, but Zetamex has been sold to a private individual named Richard who is a long time SL resident. There is more info coming. I have no more info than that, though both Timothy and Christopher are pretty enthusiastic and positive.

      And, thankfully, it wasn’t sold to some Big Biz *shudders at the thought of FaceBorg getting their hands on it*

  2.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Maybe the overall experience will be better now the acting chief will be diffident in my personal experience with zetamex was unpleasant maybe thing will change with new owners

  3.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    None the less exciting news. Let me guess with the sell of zetamex zetaworls just got the manpower it needs to go viral

  4.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Congratulations non the less Tim

  5.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    I want to help Alex with his grid he appears to be a ghost

  6.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Now the question how much is a company like zetamex worth . .?