Lowest-cost regions are now in Canada

Zetamex is no longer the low-cost hosting leader in OpenSim.

As of today, if you are looking for the lowest-host regions in OpenSim, you have to go to Canada — specifically, to The Great Canadian Grid.

Land prices start at just CAD $5 for a 15,000 prim region with no limit on the number of visitors. That’s around $4.50 in US dollars.

“I did my budget last week,” said  grid owner Roddie Macchi told Hypergrid Business.

And it turned out that he could afford the lower prices — a third of what he had charged for regions before.

I really just want a place for people to enjoy themselves and do what they want without paying an arm and leg for it,” he said. 

(Image courtesy The Great Canadian Grid.)

(Image courtesy The Great Canadian Grid.)

The regions can be used for both personal residences and for commercial projects, and there are no setup or upload fees.

Prices go up proportionately for larger prim limits. See the land sales page for full details.

The Great Canadian Grid runs its own servers in Canada, said Macchi. “We are fully self-sufficient from all hosting companies.”

The grid is hypergrid enabled, uses its own M$ “Maples” virtual currency, and offers free residential land lots for residents and free stores for content creators.

The grid is also working on getting its gambling license, since online gambling is legal in Canada.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

14 Responses

  1. ggrrr curse you roddie 😛 As a zetamex volunteer i must say good luck to roddie while saying damn under my breath but as a GCG and a Canadian myself i have to say Woohoo go Canada eh. This calls for a party, whos got the beer eh?

  2. arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

    When the vendor sells regions so cheap like this it tells me that the vendor will be looking to place as many regions as he can place in one server and also in one INSTANCE. This diminishes the quality of the sim. So I think that it is a good price but at the same time you know that old expression..YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR…

    • marinefiend@gmail.com' Marine Torraze says:

      YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR. Well said. Coming from someone with as many shutdowns as you, I am sure you should know this very expression well.

      GCG is a fantastic place, and run very well, and may not be for everyone.

      Dont bash another grid when you cant take it yourself.

      • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

        Im not bashing no one. Read my post correctly. Now u just bashed me. Thank you for your nice bashing. Now feed your imagination feed it !

        • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

          Hi Everyone,

          Let’s bring this down a couple of notches. You can post a link here if you want to continue this particular thread of the topic in another forum. Tit for tat attacks are still attacks, so this discussion needs to move back into informative territory for the benefit of our readers.

          • greatcanadiangrid@yahoo.com' Roddie Macchi says:

            You are exactly right Impierce….so to end this let me answer again Aviworlds question on “Do you really believe that any grid offering regions for 4 dollars will only place 10 regions in one single server? Isnt it a more clear reality that if a grid offering regions for 4 dollars will try to maximise the amount of regions per server? That is all I m saying here. At the end you are better off hosting the region yourself because then your region will be running under at least 2 to 4 gigs of ram instead of 250 mbts.”

            First off…our servers are a professional servers from http://www.ovh.ca…the same servers that zetamex uses 😉 the only difference is I can go to their front doors when I need something done right away…lol. Being located in Canada they are….they are literally 2 hrs away from my house. Does it really matter how many regions one server wants to promote…isn’t it the plan to have alot of people under one roof so that we are all toegether?…well thats why I did. I am not going to lie…If you we’re to ask anyone in SL about Roddie Macchi they will all tell you the same story…that he was the one that brought Canadians together over the years in SL and devoted his entire 5 yrs there doing so. I once said then as i do now, if i ever make a dime off of this Ill close it down. My place The Great Canadian Cabin….never had a store or anything on it that could make money. I was appauled by money monguls always wanting to make a buck off someone…it makes me sick. Mind you I was and still am a recreational kinda guy so i don’t blame the hard working creators to want to make money off their things because although i do build myself of course it is alot of time and work to do so. But the GCC was not about that…it was about bringing poeple together again and not just making money. So when i had a chance to do even more for my followers I did. And thats why I have now decided after knowing that i can make my prices cheaper…to make it fun again for everyone without going after their wallets. And for your second question Aviworlds….little do you know each sim is running on alot more than 1 gig each sim!…why?…because I have family that works at http://www.ovh.ca…one of Canadas largest servers…how nice is that? lol….and so before you decide to judge and assume…you really need to find out the facts first. By the way…I am not a young person who does this for a living either…I’m a successful businessman who does this because I can…and because I want to…I only charge because I want to cover the cost of the server we are on…I make no profit…and either do my team that I have….they are amazing! good people and good morals. Thats why I hired them. So this is done with me…and I hope it hasn’t ruined peoples thoughts on opensim businesses….because bottom line its not where you can sell or buy but really the people you associate with and want to make friends with. Where you want to call home.

            Cheers Everyone

            Roddie Macchi

          • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

            Well you made your point. But my question still stands. If u are placing 10 regions only per server and charging 4 dollars.. If you are placing more than 10 regions per server lets say abouy 50-60 regions; then the product u are offering is of less quality.
            And…. I also can. In fact im not charging at all and yes im placing 25- 30 regions per server with 48 gigs of ram in Canada . All free. Im not charging 4 dollars. Good weekend.

        • alex you are bashing GCG. Marine is merely giving you a friendly reminder of all your past failures.
          Zetamex sells cheap sims and the quality has never once gone down on those sims.

          • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

            Sorry Christopher you could not be more wrong. First of all I have proven time and time again that the reason AviWorlds had to shut down was not due to me being incompetent. AviWorlds made and remained one of the TOP contenders each and every time it was up. So I did my part.
            Second I am simply making an analyses regarding CHEAP sims. All I am saying is that it is simple economics. Anyone who offers a very cheap sim plan has to maximize the numbers of simulators in one SERVER. That is the TRUTH and that will inhibit quality.
            I am not bashing anyone here. You and Marine are bashing me because you cant take the truth.You are coming here and saying that I am wrong by saying what I am saying.
            I will also give you my FRIENDLY reminder that AvIWorlds past failures were not related to anything inworld or anything related as to how I ran the grid. The failure was in the HOSTING side of the story. Otherwise AviWorlds would not be always one of the 10 most popular. And I will prove it again how wrong you are by pushing AviWorlds to one of the top contenders again and this time I have FULL control of my servers. I want to see what you are going to say in one, two, three years from now about that.

      • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

        At the same time I feel compelled to educate you on this matter a little bit. Do you really believe that any grid offering regions for 4 dollars will only place 10 regions in one single server?
        Isnt it a more clear reality that if a grid offering regions for 4 dollars will try to maximise the amount of regions per server? That is all I m saying here. At the end you are better off hosting the region yourself because then your region will be running under at least 2 to 4 gigs of ram instead of 250 mbts.
        Anyway I already have explained the reason my grid has shut down so many times.
        I will wait till 5 years from now and ask u to coment on that again.
        In the mean time go feed your imagination! Feed it!

  3. godisinthewind@yahoo.ca' Birch Wind says:

    The price is great for sure – but i am confused as to the inability to export content. If I am a content creator, but can not export it, then —-? I don’t think that’s really fair personally. I do have an account on GCG – being Canadian, how could I pass it up – but that part does bug me. That being said, I rent regions from Zetamex and have them on Zetaworlds and Metropolis, I pay 5/sim but am able to export what I create and I do like that.

    • arielle.popstar@gmail.com' Arielle says:

      You can of course move content with either a viewer export or through the Hypergrid to other grids. I initially wondered myself when I joined GCG but after a bit of reflection realized it just makes for a lot less administrative headache in case iar’s and oar’s have content in them that other content creators are not willing to be outside of GCG itself.

      GCG is the first grid I have ever rented an actual region from after 5 years of self hosting. Though I am somewhat biased being a Canadian myself, I did check out usability and found it excellent. I have not found any grid (including my own), which I can hyperjump to and from as fast and stable as I have been able to at GCG. No failed or multiple attempts, no losing all my attachments or any of the other issues which traditionally are a part of hyperjumping. I don’t know what they have done to the code to make it so good but I sure would love to find out 🙂

      • greatcanadiangrid@yahoo.com' Roddie Macchi says:

        Hi Arielle and Birch…thank you very much for your comments. Unfortunately one of the deals I had with my Developers was that if we kept HG on…I didn’t want anyone buying stuff on our grid and then taking it to their own grid and ripping it. As a Creator myself that is one of the biggest security reasons why most creators won’t live or build on a grid that has HG. But I have made a point of making our security so tight that its basically a commercial grid but it also allows you to HG and very well as you know..:). So you can bring stuff in, but cant take it out, unless you made it yourself. Best of both worlds…and to your comment Arielle…I can’t tell you our secret, that’s what makes us competitive lol…but I can tell you from what I know right now we also have “MATERIALS” installed for creators and their builds, which from what I hear is hard to get in any opensim…:)