Go to space with ‘Interstellar’ VR experience

(Image courtesy Paramount Pictures.)

(Image courtesy Paramount Pictures.)

If you live in Houston, Los Angeles, or Washington DC, check out the Oculus Rift experience for the upcoming movie “Interstellar” by director Christopher Nolan.

The virtual tour, which began in New York City this week, takes you on a three-minute trip through the spaceship “Endurance” featured in the movie.

The visuals are so good you actually feel like you’re bouncing through a spaceship,” wrote Gizmodo’s Leslie Horn in a review on Monday.

“I had the chance to test drive the virtual reality experience first-hand, and to call it immersive is an understatement,” wrote Space.com managing editor Tariq Malik in an article. “From spectacular views of Saturn and stars in the windows to the Endurance interior itself, the amount of attention to detail is incredible. A shift from a spin-induced gravity to ‘weightlessness,’ in particular, was as surprising as it was amazing.”

“I was impressed with how the experience is able to put you in the cockpit of ‘Interstellar’s’ spaceship, the Endurance,” Nolan himself said in a statement. “It was just like being back on set.”

The three-minute length of the experience is not only a nice duration for a quick promotional preview, but will also help get the public acclimated to being inside virtual reality a little bit at a time.

Here are the dates for the upcoming events:

  • Houston: Oct. 17-19, AMC Gulf Pointe 30;
  • Los Angeles: Oct. 25-27, AMC City Walk;
  • Chantilly, Virginia: Nov. 5-19, Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center

Watch a trailer for “Interstellar” below.

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  1. StarGateGrid@iinet.net.au' Starfarer says:

    At the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference and expo last May I was able to dip into this experience and now strain at the bit to go further. A core challenge in this will be to refine a way to walk, or run, on the spot and be able to sit or touch the ground in real life, as the VR experience is happening. The Omni is a step in this direction, but the need for special shoes that fit each user may hamper development there. I welcome suggestions on a real good working solution, one that we could put to work in our project. ~ Starfarer ~ Space Pioneers