OpenSim Creations gone due to backup failure

OpenSim Creations, the top site for OpenSim creators sharing original content under Creative Commons licenses, is gone.

“In the wee hours of October 20, the entire /home folder of this server got wiped,” said owner Vanish Seriath in a post today. “Why, I don’t know. To make matters worse, I don’t have any backups that are anywhere recent, as the backup script seems to have stopped running months ago.”

OpenSim Creations

OpenSim Creations

OpenSim Creations was a go-to site for newcomers to OpenSim, and one of the featured destinations in my Where to get content for OpenSim page, one of the most visited pages on this site.

I am among the many who contributed content to this site, and am extremely sad to see it disappear.

If anyone puts up a similar site, I’d be happy to repost my content.

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20 Responses

  1. Justin Clark-Casey says:

    Very sorry to hear about this, it looked like a great resource.

  2.' Serene Jewell says:

    Oh this is very sad. I send people to that site all the time. I notice the wayback machine at has many pages archived. Some of the download links even work, the (butterfly generator for example.) Maybe the pages can be downloaded from there and saved?

  3.' Winter Silversmith says:

    Nooooooo! OpenSim Creations was my favourite resource for new creations! Eek!

  4. nnnnnoooooooooooo! now who will zadaroo compete with? 🙁
    I am actually saddened by this since i love alot of their stuff.

    • Frank Corsi says:

      Dont cry too much… competition is always around the corner you know!

      •' hack13 says:

        Zadaroo is not designed to compete with anyone, Zadaroo is a 100% not for profit site, it consumes over 80gigs of bandwidth a day of people who have built tools to pull oars and iars straight from our servers direct linking.

        Zetamex eats this cost, because I personally made a promise to Linda Kellie to keep her content hosted the same way she did for all the non-profits out there needing free content. We had so many people who we have helped by continuing to host Linda Kellie’s content. We have helped orphanages, hospitals, educators, elderly homes, and so much more all because they cannot afford content and the legal ramifications of using non-CC0 content.

        I am so happy to continue to offer Zadaroo till the day I die, even if Zetamex ever dies, I will personally keep Zadaroo online forever because so many people are helped using her content.

      • oh im sure someone will make a new opensim creations soon. it is sad to see this news since i love opensim creations but things happen. To quote a famous doctor “times have changed and so must i”

  5.' Nathan Adored says:

    Is there any possibility of using a file-recovery or disk-restorer type software on it to maybe bring back as much as they can? Come to that, just how old are the most recent backups? Just how many months HAS the backup routine not been working?

  6.' Laura Anne Seabrook says:

    Was disturbed to discover this earlier today. I was just suggesting to someone that they try OpenSimulator, and was about to cite OpenSim Creations as an example of resources, and it was gone! I admit I downloaded a lot of stuff from that site (most of which I haven’t used or checked out properly yet).

  7.' Han Held says:

    I’m sad beyond sad. Zadaroo is only a spotlight for Linda Kellie; whereas OSC was collaborative in nature (there is NO comparing the two -different focuses entirely).

    If it doesn’t come back, it’s a tremendous loss for the entire community; there isn’t anything that is as neutral and has the collaborative nature that OSC has, that is welcoming and acts as a stage for new creators to share and get positive feedback and hone their craft in a nurturing environment.

    I’d really like to thank Vanish for hosting it and fostering the little community I feel lucky enough to have been a part of for four-odd years. I hope he finds the motivation and time to bring it back…

  8.' Jamie Wright says:

    OSC was absolutely not about competing with any other site. I find it kind of amusing that’s even suggested. The whole notion of techno-communism negates competition in my opinion. As a former moderator for OSC I would refer new OpenSim user to OSC and Zadaroo because of the quality of both resources. I know Vanish had started to include some of Linda’s content but it’s likely he would not have caught up on posting all of that beyond Zadaroo, which came from her own repository.

    Yes, this is incredibly heartbreaking. OSC was really my go to place for content and my absolute favourite community of OpenSim people gathered to create and share freely. I don’t have the time, money or resources to recreate it myself with the quality and care Vanish put into it. There are enough of us out there with enough downloaded that I suspect we could put it back together. It would take time though.

    I get annoyed when people jump straight to judgement over compassion when stuff like this happens. “Where are the backups? Why didn’t you do it this way? Oh I’d never do that!” Wow. Seriously. So not helpful after the fact. Shall we come in again?

    This is not another nail in the coffin of the dying OpenSim. We are not dead. We are constantly in transition, learning and growing and trying this a thousand different ways. Technology is imperfect and so are we. Those factors are going to challenge us sometimes, even frustrate us, but it’s all part of the adventure and what we strive for.

  9.' KeithSelmes says:

    It may be worth adding some detail that Vanish posted on G+ a couple of days ago.

    1) The server is still there, the database is intact, only the files of the websites are gone.

    2) The main problem is he doesn’t have any spare time to investigate what happened, or file recovery, or reconstruction

    3) He does say:
    “I will nonetheless look for a fix, but
    IF there is one, it’ll take me a lot of time to sort out. Time that I can’t spare right now.”

    Personally, I remember some items from OSC were copied onto OpenSim City, and I’m checking whether that is a useful site to upload to.
    Also some of us have put our erstwhile freebies on Kitely Market at the lowest allowed price of 10KC, which is practically nothing.

  10. Oh Wow! Vanish I am so sorry! Your site was a great resource!

  11.' Lúthien Merilin says:

    What a pity. For what it’s worth: I downloaded quite a number of the LK-* resources and some other stuff from there just two days before this happened.
    Would it be worth to keep them on my NAS in case he could use any of it to restore things?

  12.' Just Trying to Help says:

    It seems only the front end of the website is broken. I was able to reach most of the website and download some things by going to Once there do a search on It will pull up a calendar that shows all the dates the site was archived. Click on one of the last dates and it will pull up the archive it has on file. Once the page loads, you can pretty much navigate the site from the menus and links. While its not a solution, it may help you pull off some of the stuff to host elsewhere.
    Hope this helps all you folks out.

  13.' LuAnn Strine Phillips says:

    Does anyone have shareable copy of AM Radio’s The Far Away which was available on OSC?