Quiz: Should your grid merge with another grid?

Seems that there’s a mania for mergers going on. Next Reality and SkyLife Grid merged with AviWorlds. 3D Grid merged with Metropolis. And now Lost World grid is merging with AviWorlds, too. Is there a merger in your grid’s future?

Take this quiz to find out!

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

8 Responses

  1. jsimmons@johnsimmonshypertext.com' John Simmons says:

    I had the option to be a standalone or join something like OSgrid. I needed a TOS that was compatible with a non-statist sim, but now I am thanking my lucky stars that my sim was not subject to someone else’s server maintenance and backup fiascos.

  2. Frank Corsi says:

    FREE is a big motivating factor to merge with another grid, but when FREE turns into now you must PAY, many people will run back to other options. In the case of Metropolis, I do not see an advantage for Metropolis, as it is getting larger and may begin to experience some issues.

    • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

      I was never a big fan of DONATIONS. I do think it is in HUMAN nature to be able to work for something and have pleasure being able to acquire whatever they want all as a result of their hard work. That creates alot more incentives than just FREE and Donations.
      AviWorlds has implemented a FREE LAND strategy but at the same time we have introduced PAID UPLOAD fees and put the users to work to get the AV$s for it. They feel good when they achieve such an objective.

      • Frank Corsi says:

        I do agree Donations are never a good strategy. I have faith in you Alex, I know you will be a huge success!

  3. arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

    AviWorlds is not only offering a more dynamic prospect for growth for these grids but also a free of cost opportunity where these grids come in and have their own servers. Being part of AviWorlds as the central grid offers them the possibilities that perhaps they would not have own their own. On top of that AviWorlds does not depend on DONATIONS to survive. AviWorlds offers a community and a business oportunity. The merger gives AviWorlds more content and more regions for our residents to explore turning it a stronger grid creating the value and desire in people to register and be part of our world.

    We are still accepting GRIDs that would like to merge with us instead of competing against us.

  4. shin.ingen08@gmail.com' Shin Ingen says:

    There isn’t anything wrong with merging your existing world with another for as long as your business model agrees with theirs. A free start-up shouldn’t be the only reason to do this plus we all know there is nothing free in this world right? May it be tangible or not, you will be giving up a point or two for all the benefits the merger will return.

    • arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

      Yes AviWorlds is offering basically free hosting for the grid that merges with us. The exchange is simply based on what your grid can offer to Aviworlds as a community and content wise, scripting and all.
      The merging grid has a its own server with 100% control of it and all instances etc.
      But then the merging grid becomes Aviworlds. With this aviworlds will be able to bring more quality, more regions, more places for our users to visit, more content etc.
      The merging grid would get free hosting in a busy grid with an economy, people all over, popularity, growth opportunities and alot more…

  5. arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

    If you are a creator, an artist and wants out of SL and have the opportunity to create something HUGE , BIG, ART, BEAUTY, talk to me. AviWorlds will sponsor your IMAGINATION! FEED IT!