Rogers back in charge of Zetamex

OpenSim hosting company Zetamex is bringing founder Timothy Rogers back as its CEO, a new support partnership with Zandramas, and a limited time region offer to existing customers.

This was the news that came out at last night’s public meeting at the Zetamex virtual office on their ZetaWorlds grid, and then released to all customers via an email late yesterday.

Virtual corporate offices of Zetamex, on ZetaWorlds grid.

Virtual corporate offices of Zetamex, on ZetaWorlds grid.

Leadership change

New company owner Richard Lehman was scheduled to take over as CEO on December 1, with Rogers expected to continue on in a senior management position.

Then, in an announcement on the company website — which is still up as of this writing — Lehman announced that he will be taking over sooner, and that no new customers will be able to order services for the rest of October.

Now Lehman will be taking over as Chief Marketing Officer while Rogers will remain as the CEO.

A lot of people were vocal that they were concerned about the future with a new man in charge,” Rogers said in the letter to customers.

Limited time region deal

Zetamex briefly became the low-cost leader with its $3 region offer last July. Those prices went up slightly over time with a 15,000-prim region now at $5.00 but still remained among the lowest in OpenSim — The Great Canadian Grid offers lower-priced regions at US $4.50 for 15,000 prims, but those regions are only on that grid.

A month ago, Lehman announced that the Zetamex prices would go up again, with the 15,000 prim region now increasing to $7.50. That will be changing now, as well.

A new pricing plan will be coming out on November 1, Rogers told Hypergrid Business. The company is still working through what options and prices will be available, but one thing is clear –there will be no more regions at the under-$10 price point.

“Single digits were just too low,” he said.

The reason he said, is that even with regions at the $3, $5, and $7.50 price points, Zetamex was still dealing with phone and email support tickets, plus having to deal with region owners exceeding their prim and script allotments.

“Even with the single digits, we were providing managed services,” he said. “And at $3, it wasn’t worth the labor costs.”

The company also made another mistake with its low-priced regions, he added. Even though these regions were on shared instances of OpenSim, and has prim and script limits, customers had not been made aware of the script limits in particular and when they exceeded those limits, the performance of all regions on that server would suffer.

“It was our bad for not informing our users about what their limitations are,” he said. This problem will be addressed in the future, he said, with customers receiving advance warnings if they start to approach a region’s prim or script capacity.

Meanwhile, Zetamex customers have seven days to order regions under the old price plan, he confirmed. That’s $3 for 7,500 prims and up to 10 simultaneous visitors, $5 for 15,000 prims and 20 visitors, and $7.50 for 45,000 prims and up to 40 visitors.

“This is only available to our current customers,” wrote Rogers. “Just login to your My Zetamex and click on your name then ‘Order New’ from the dropdown.”

Koanend, a $3 region from Zetamex. It was ridiculously easy to set up.

Koanend, my $3 region from Zetamex. It was ridiculously easy to set up.

The My Zetamex panel is currently located at and gives the option of connecting regions to OSgrid, ZetaWorlds, or Metropolis. It also gives a choice of starting regions, your own region OAR, and even the option of configuring it as a four-region varregion at no extra cost.

Support partnership with Zandramas

Zetamex has long had a relationship with Zandramas, a closed commercial invitation-only grid. While Zandramas hosts its own servers, Zetamex has been providing technology services. Now the relationship is expanding.

Zandramas, which scored a perfect score for support in last month’s grid users survey, will now be providing support services for Zetamex customers.

We are  now not only supporting our own grid but also now helping Zetamex with their customer support for their residents and customers,” manager and co-founder Suzan De Koning told Hypergrid Business.

“Zetamex never handled our customer support at Zandramas — we have always done our own support of residents,” she added.

According to Zetamex’ Rogers, the Zandramas partnership allows the company to move towards a “concierge style” form of service.

“We are now moving and working toward offering quality at an affordable price,” he said. “We want to go more towards caring for the customers, than trying to offer a bargain. Tons of companies are starting to pop up now to suit that need of budget, we want to move to the spot of the company that is taking care of issues for our clients.”

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

82 Responses

  1.' Zandramas Grid says:

    Cheers to the future!

  2. I personally would like to take this opportunity to gratefully thank the Zandramas support team for partnering with us. Tim and I would still be behind scheduler on finishing MyZetamex if it wasn’t for them coming in to help us with support.
    From what I can tell, we are finally back on track with officially launching MyZetamex on Nov. 1 and reopening the company to new orders with a brand new ordering system.
    We are not done yet, i still got alot of php to write which i should get back to now.
    Also like to thank all current customers on staying with us through all the bugs and lag.
    There will be more information/announcements to come from us very soon before November 1.
    Happy Halloween Metaverse.

  3.' Bryan French says:

    Watching Zetamex bounce around is more entertaining than a tennis match! Most businesses adopt a plan and stick with it rather than bounce around with no sense of direction.

    • Hey, they’re a relatively young company. Many startups tweak their business models at the beginning. The smart ones continue to do so as they age. Look at IBM — they used to be the company to go to for PCs. Nowadays, they’re barely even in the hardware business at all.

      In fact, it’s on the principles of the lean startup — launch early, fail often, learn, repeat. By the time you have the “perfect” product or service first, the market would have passed you by and, second, no business plan, no matter how well-crafted, survives actual contact with the customer.

      Customers — and yes, I’m speaking of myself here — customers be crazy.

      • Frank Corsi says:

        Your correct, as I have since 2007, been up and down, getting stronger and more organized each time. A strong experienced company CEO is key to business success, and something that I have learned over my ups and downs. And yes im back now so get ready for some amazing things to happen!

        • I just wish someone would start a competing publication to Hypergrid Business already. Ideally, one focused on the social side.

          I want to be able to write a negative or positive article about a company without worrying that it’s the only source of information that people have.

          I’ve got a deal: if you want to start a competing pub, and are willing to put in the time to do the editorial work, I’ll help you set up your website, advertising platform, and share my entire database of contacts and grid infos and everything else you might need to get started. And I’ll help you get indexed by Google News.

          And people who are mad at the comment moderation here, can go post there.

          •' lmpierce says:

            So, I guess it won’t help if I set up the competing publication 😉

          • Frank Corsi says:

            LOL you make great deals, will you also provide seed capital ?? I would do it, if I had say $10,000 to hire staff. Something like your social network for hypergrid? smile..

          • I was actually thinking of The Hypersette — — but with more reporting, and a more magazine-style layout than a blog layout. I love what those guys are doing.

          • Actually Maria hate to say this but you do have competition 🙂 friendly competition though through Grid Press. Tim put that on hold while we redo Zetamex.

          • I definitely think there’s also a place for a more tech-focused publication, but Grid-Press didn’t seem to be it.

            I would LOVE to see more how-tos aimed at people setting up their own small grids. Like, for example, a clear, step-by-step explanation of how to put your own Diva mini-grid on a server or cloud somewhere.

            Or instructions for selecting a router and configuring it for OpenSim and the hypergrid.

            There are all sorts of technical things that are just over my head, but would be of interest to OpenSim users.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Im in! But let it be known I dont play in regards of competing. For me a competitor is my mortal enemy. LoL.

          • OK, I think I have to explain the rules of competition here.

            1. Competition is GOOD. It shows potential customers that there is a serious market here. It also shows investors that there is a serious market. Competition is PROOF that OpenSim is a worthwhile platform.

            2. People will go to whatever grid they like best. You can’t trick people into liking one grid more than another, or bully another grid into being less friendly. The best you can do is raise AWARENESS of your own grid, so people will check it out.

            3. Only a few new customers will come from other grids as a result. MOST NEW CUSTOMERS WILL COME FROM OUTSIDE. The goal of EVERY new grid is to bring NEW USERS TO OPENSIM. That is real growth. There are millions of people out there whose lives are poorer because they don’t know about OpenSim, and whose lives would be improved if they did. By not getting the message to them, we’re actually hurting these people.

            4. When a grid brings in new customers from the outside, ALL GRIDS BENEFIT. That’s because, once people try one OpenSim grid, they’re more likely to learn about the others and try them as well — then pick the grid that suits them best.

            5. Anytime a grid suffers, or goes down, some of those users will leave OpenSim for good, and will tell other people bad things about OpenSim. This is BAD for our industry.

            6. Anytime a grid goes down, all OpenSim users might think, “OpenSim is a dead end platform. What am I doing here?” That hurts EVERYBODY.

            7. Going after other grids is a TOTAL WASTE OF ENERGY. Go after NEW MARKETS instead. Seek out online and offline communities who might benefit from OpenSim who don’t know about it yet.

            So how do you compete?

            1. Cool new features
            2. Lots and lots of events — where is your Google Calendar? Put it up! Share it! Post event announcements everywhere! People LOVE events way more than even builds or features. Events are all about people.
            3. Support for the community — donations to OpenSim, to OSgrid, code fixes, fundraisers for good causes, etc… make people feel good about being associated with your grid, more likely to check it out, more likely to refer people to it.
            4. When you compare yourself to other grids — and why not? — compare by saying “we are better at this — look here” instead of saying “they are bad at that.” That way, you won’t be offending people who live on their grid and like it because some of them might be the kind of people who would prefer your grid if they checked it out, but they’re not going to do it if you insulted their favorite grid to start with.
            5. This bears repeating. People who live on a grid or volunteer for a grid love their grid. That’s why they’re there. They will get really upset if you criticize their grid. But most people are curious, and are totally open to visiting other grids if they find out about something cool going on over there.
            6. Don’t make enemies of your potential customers.
            7. Or, for that matter, your potential business partners. AviWorlds, with its large Brazilian user base, is not in direct competition with most other grids. But – as the SkyLife deal just showed — other grids could actually be helpful. In addition to providing technology, other grids can also host joint events with you — fundraisers, expos, hunts, music tours, etc… bringing more positive attention to both of your grids than either one would on their own.
            8. People like to go where people are friendly. So be friendly. Bashing other grids isn’t particularly friendly.

          •' Susannah Avonside says:

            Hmmmm… Not a huge amount about ‘competition’ there, but actually quite a lot about co-operation! I’m a firm believer that competition is an insane, and tremendously inefficient way of providing goods and service, leading to duplication and built in obselesence. Cross fertilisation of ideas, the sharing of knowledge and technology in an environment free of mindless competition can bring huge rewards in terms of human advancement, whereas compettion leads to a situation of a winner taking all, and no-one neccessarily ending up with the best product. OpenSim seems to have a dynamic, which I don’t think is really predicated on the notion of competition.

            I don’t even think that Zetamex with Tim as CEO was even about competition that much, (and he is on record as saying that he wasn’t interested in making money) but rather about providing region/grid hosting at a very affordable price – though I did think that $3 a region a month was perhaps slicing things a bit too much to the bone to be an offer that would stay around for very long. Certainly a hosting provider that charges what it actually costs, but who doesn’t aim to make a profit will inevitably make it very difficult for those that do aim to make a profit, which will bring benefits all round.

          • I don’t know… I’m on the side of competition here. Yes, its inefficient in that you have duplication of services. But it also leads to more innovation.

            Non-profits are great for utilities. For a common set of services that everyone needs. Like core OpenSim development — or WordPress, or Linux, or Apache, and the other big open source projects. Like the World Wide Web itself. It’s great for governments. And non-profits are great for preserving history. Museums, ballet companies, libraries. And, of course, humanitarian services — hospitals, aid organizations, charities, schools.

            But competition gives customers a choice, allows the market to allocate resources in a more effective way, often, than other systems — at least, until someone invents a better method — and spurs innovators to continue innovating. Plus, profits encourage other competitors to enter the space. If there’s a single, big, profitable winner dominating a market, it just means that there are more startups out there looking to bring it down. And profits also provide funds for continued research and development.

            And, sure, sometimes folks take their profits and do stupid things with them. Like give them to politicians. Or to their lazy kids. But sometimes, they’ll step up and do things that nobody is willing to do. Like start private spaceflight companies. Build electric cars. Or cure malaria.

            Let’s say that Tim had no competition, and could just build a company that gave away regions at cost, like a utility service. Sure, he would spend some time improving OpenSim — he’s got a long list of things he wants to do. But then after he gets through his list, he can just sit back and coast. Or at least ease back and spend time with family and pets and a nice garden.

            Sure, that’s good for him and his family. But what about the rest of us?

            If there was competition out there keeping him on his toes, he’d be more likely to continue innovating. And if he priced so that he’d have a healthy profit, that might encourage him to find even more ways to innovate. And someday he’d be sitting on a pile of cash and he could use to solve global warming, or build a colony on Mars, or buy better politicians or something.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            Opensim hosting is just like any business. If the customers can support a fair price that enables the company to hire new employees, develop new features and improve performance, in the end the customers win! Customers want the best for the money they spend. A price that is too low will stunt development as the companies can not afford to hire staff and invest into development.

            Competition is great, but only fair competition.. Not mud slinging.. That never works.

          •' Susannah Avonside says:

            Thank you for your reply Maria. I doubt you’ll ever convince me, the extremely sceptical anarchist that capitalism and the profit motive is a good idea – both are predicated upon exploitation, which I doubt that anyone really likes, when it happens to them! I’m not even sure that competiton does provide choice, especially when the vast majority of so called choice is illusory – I go into my local supermarket to buy laundry detergent, and am faced with shelves full of numerous choices – all which wash clothes equally as well as one another, the only difference is the (usually horribly synthetic) fragrance – I like my laundry to smell of the fresh air that dried it. All choice does in this instance is fill up shelves with 99 varieties of the same thing! Ditto things like toothpaste, soap and most other things. Closer to home, I have far more choice with Linux and open source than would ever be the case with anything Microsoft or Apple. Yes, the open source community needs more and better support, but that is mainly a case of educating people that nothing is ever for free.

            I guess it’s really comparing apples with oranges, as capitalist modes of production and anarchist modes of production couldn’t be more different – with an anarchist mode of production choices would be made before production as it would involve all the workers, their friends and probably even their dogs before anything was produced, which would result in only what people wanted getting into the supply chain in the first place. It’s not about profit. Inevitably, so far anarchist societies in the modern period have been very short lived – a few years in the Ukraine in the 1920s and a short while in 1930s Spain, centered on Barcelona, which during the Civil War period took over industry in Catalonia. During that short period when the workers controlled the idustries huge advances were achieved, hours shortened, efficiencies introduced, production increased, and hours reduced. So effective was the tram service (streetcar) that a surplus was generated that was loaned to other industries which led to increased efficencies in those industries too, That this was achieved in the middle of a civil war makes that achivement even more impressive. Granted, the world experience of anarchist organised society in the modern world isn’t sufficient to give anything more than a glimpse of what could be possible, but it certainly gives pause for thought.

            As I read your suggestions as to what uses huge profits could be put to, an impish smile spread across my face: global warming is in large measure caused by people pursuing profits producing the same things are lots of other people pusrsuing profits, so not producing so many of those things in the first place and rationalising production would be a better idea, and cause less global warming in the first place. And I would hazard a guess that space exploration and building a colony on Mars would only get into top gear once it becomes apparent that Earth is doomed due to global warming and that all the rich people need somewhere to go. A cure for malaria, or for cancer is likely to come from the voluntary sector that is largely funded by donations from ordinary people – even though the UK has it’s wonderful National Health Service, relatively little state funding is put into medical for cures for heart disease, cancer or kindney disease – this kind of research is financed by people donating to the various charities – and I suspect the situation is similar in the USA. I rather liked the notion of being able to buy better politicians! The idea that politicians can be bought, is of course well known, (we have ample experience here in the UK when we know that whoever forms a government, it’s governement in the interests of big business) but I seriously doubt that better politicans exist – I subscribe to the notion that you always know when a politician is lying; their lips move. I think all we’d end up with woudl be politicians who would lie more outrageously, but probably not better lies.

            I would even disagree that competition and the profit motive leads to innovation – that is something that seems to be an instinctive activity for human beings, and the need to make a profit somewhat constrains innovation rather than encourages it. Innovators tend to innovate because that’s what they do – any financial reward is probably in the order of a rather nice fringe benefit. Certainly the former Soviet Union and it’s satellite states produced a huge amount of innovation, much of it aimed at socially useful things. That it did not make it into produciton was more to do with the political system than actual lack of innovation.

            If someone makes enough in their occupation that they are able to slow down and ‘stand and stare’ a while, so much the better – is there actually a need for all that frenetic activity that is pushing us ever near to the abyss?

            Sure, we do need progress, but we’d achieve this if people had more time to consider options, to conceive and discuss possible solutions. If a pile of cash is generated, it should go to the people who create that wealth, the workers, so that they can reduce their hours, and go away and do useful things like sit in the garden and interact with the younger generations talking about the world and solving it’s problems. I don’t envisage that society developing any time soon, there is a huge job of educating to do as most people seem utterly incapapble of conceiving of a society that isn’t based on exploitation and greed. That we have a long way to go is evidenced by the number of anarchists I know who seem wedded to using Facebook instead of Diaspora and running Windows instead of Linux on their computers…

            It’s also worth noting that virtually all the technology we use every day was, in large measure, paid for by the pubilc sector, and not by those who are now profiting from it. I don’t really like the idea of governments funding thing, any more than I like the whole idea of governements in general, as we all by now know that they are merely the mouthpieces of the increasingly corporate state that wants to own everything, including our souls. It wants to sell us products that have built in obselescence, so that we need to go and buy a new one too soon after the guarantee runs out.

            As Michael Moore pointed out in his file ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ it’s democracy we need – that is the way that things like global warming will be solved, malaria cured and Mars colonised (I just hope the Martians are consulted about it, equitably 🙂 Though I think providing adequate food, shelter and health care is a far greater priority than going to Mars… those things are even more important than OpenSim, but we all need a hobby.

          • Here Here Susannah, you preach it sister, I agree with every word you
            have said 100%. Capitalism isn’t the best thing out there, it is just
            the system that has been imposed by the rich to make them richer and
            keep the opressed masses down. This world could be a much better place
            without the capitalist system and the fictional belief system called –
            money. Fiat currency. But don’t worry, Babylon, the great city and
            harlot is going to fall. How the merchants and greedy money changers
            than have become rich on her wares will weap when it does!

          •' Talla Adam says:

            Where you talking about Opensim or was that long statement an anarchist manifesto you were preaching there?

          •' Janoriacorven Resident says:

            I will take you up on your offer, Miss Maria Korolov

          •' Janoriacorven Resident says:

            Replied and done 😀

        • have to agree to that and have to refer to Alex’s ups and downs. Now watching AviWorlds is like watching a tennis match. I just hope that Alex is on the right path to success this time with Josh helping him.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Yeah. But AviWorlds ups and downs are 100% to blame on the hosting companies I hired.
            I will prove this to all of you since now AviWorlds no longer depends on hosting companies.
            But at the same time I want to leave a very important suggestion for zetamex and all hosting companies.
            If you are going to offer GRID HOSTING you need to offer quality and power and it cannot be in a SHARED ENVIRONMENT. I know u need to make a profit as a business but you need to offer what it is necessary for a grid like Aviworlds in its glory to operate.
            AviWorlds ups and downs were caused directly because of the hosting.
            I do blame myself not to have gone with my own servers before.
            I also understand that perhaps the hosting companies did learn alot from the AviWorlds experience.
            Offer GRID HOSTING but it cannot be shared environment.
            The price will be higher but hey! It is what it is! You want a grid online you need to pay!

          • Alex, your still with a hosting company. OVH is a hosting company that offers servers to host anything on. All Zetamex is is a opensim hosting company that hosts opensim software on a OVH server.

            As for shared. Not really to sure how tim was working that before but everything is being improved as i type this.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            I know it still a hosting company…duh,,,,,
            Im saying that a grid needs to be in its own server, no sharing,
            Like ZANDRAMAS. They have no problems because the are not sharing their servers with other robusts, grids, regions.grids…
            I really wish Tim and you and Snoopy take this into consideration. Yes price will have to be higher if you supply the server.
            I think Tim is offering that already im not sure.
            But for grid hosting that is the way to go in my opinion and my experience.
            I wish you guys well. And if you need a MENTOR and a brain let me know.
            Im like Rush Limbaugh, I keep half of my brain tied behind my back just to keep it fair. So I can lend the other half. 🙂

          • Zandramas has their own servers because they got their own OVH servers. what we do for them is manage the opensim software.

          •' AviWorlds says:

            Yes and that is an idea. Zetamex can offer that to grids and also if they dont want to get their own they can get through zetamex. But in both situations zetamex should keep the sharing environment for standalones, individual regions.single instances etc. But not forgetting quality either.
            Regions that are offered at a too cheap prices will often cause problems.

      •' Geir Nøklebye says:

        Huh? IBM hardly in the hardware business at all? – Their quarterly hardware revenue is in the order of $4 billion, but you are right, they don’t sell PCs any more. They never were a PC company anyway when it came to it. IBM started out with punchcard machines well over a 100 years ago. 🙂

      •' AviWorlds says:

        Its quite unveiling to me to see the level of understanding here regarding the company’s age and because of that it is understandable and accepted when a mistake, regrouping of some sort happens. AviWorlds had to change plans many times, we had to change hosting companies and we went through bad and good experiences but we did not get this type of understanding. To be quite honest we still get bullied here often.
        This merger here comes with no surprize to me and I wish them the best!

    •' hack13 says:

      We haven’t changed our business plan that much, but we have changed our prices quite a lot over the past 4 years. That is something that changes on November 1st. Interestingly enough, over the 4 years we been in business we have only lost maybe 6 clients in total, so I know I am doing a pretty good job. Plus we answer our phones, we provide great support, and now with Zandramas on our team we have tickets answered within 88 seconds according too our ticket system.

      Zetamex is old and reliable. We are sorry you didn’t like how we do business and you were not happy with the services you had with us, but we are happy you are now with Dreamland they are a great company and we send people there all the time.

      Zetamex is not in the business of just hosting, we provide sooooo many free opensource tools and community stuff as well. Ontop of that there are several of our competitors that use Zetamex code to run their companies, we sell our technology to multiple vendors, because we promote competition, we don’t want to be the only company in this market. On top of that, not a single other provider encrypts their user traffic or accepts credit cards. While they use PayPal, people from most countries who don’t have paypal they can’t even use their credit card why we take credit cards, encrypt your traffic through SSL, and we have servers all over the world. Just to name a few New York, Kansas, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Austrailia, and that’s just naming a few. Most of our competition is only in like one or two places.

      Zetamex houses over 200 customers around the world, employes about 9 people now. We have completely rebuilt our entire system 100% from scratch using PHP. We chose PHP because its an opensource language, this means its easy to get things fixed and patched faster as its openly reviewed and audited on a daily basis. We have noticed that some of our competitors use technologies like ColdFusion and Microsoft Servers. Firstly ColdFusion is propietary programing language by Adobe, and in the breach that happened less than a year ago people got the back-door code to cause havick to people who use ColdFusion. Sadly because ColdFusion is a closed language, the community couldn’t patch it fast, with PHP when the language has an exploit found it normally takes a few days to patch, ColdFusion it took 3 weeks for the patch to happen and several huge sites that was too late for them. As far as using Windows servers, Windows servers are sadly the most compromised server on the internet. Also as a major downside, Windows servers MUST be restarted once a month for the Windows updates. Linux only has to be restarted when there is a kernel update, and with SUSE Linux, which Zetamex runs we don’t even have to do that because it contains a code that patches the kernel without restart.

      Now I am not saying Linux servers are without their vulnerabilities. But when you compare windows servers beside linux servers, people don’t bat an eye at windows servers being compromised because it happens so often. Linux servers, we saw that when a breach happens the world panics, I mean look at Shellshock, people freaked out. Its because all big business runs Linux 🙂 and I am so happy that Dreamland runs linux 🙂 and that makes me feel so happy about sending customers to Dreamland. Honestly though, the best operating system if your in enterprise is to use BSD, because it has great tools like puppet. Now in the Linux world we have Docker that lets us compartmentalize and Zetamex is working on making several docker instances to give away with per-configured opensim tools for free for the world to run opensim without having to install anything but docker.

      •' Bryan French says:

        Tim, you must see how Zetamex appears to the world. Zetamex looks like a business run by kids that can not make decisions and changes on a whim when the owner, whoever that is, gets bored while playing company giving themselves titles like CEO CMO, and whatever. Since the Nevada Secretary of State has no record of a Zetamex, or Softpaw (Zetamex’s previous name), nor does it have a record of a Tim Rogers in any position as Sole Proprietor, Partnership, President, Secretary, or Treasurer of any existing business, to me it looks like some Lemonade Stand.

        Also while you are boasting SUSE Linux you failed to mention that Zetamex just changed to SUSE Linux. Here is an example of some other changes at Zetamex the past year.

        Oct.17th Rogers back as CEO (5 days after Lehman says he is taking control earlier on Oct.12th)

        Oct.12th Zetamex ‘not taking new customers’ for rest of October, New CEO Lehman to take over sooner
        Sep.18th Zetamex sold and introduces new owner, Pricing for $3 regions gone after Nov.1st. (A month after Zetamex said they were permanent)
        c.Aug.21 Zetaworlds comes back from non existance
        Aug.9th Zetamex to make new prices permanent
        Jul.27th Zetamex offers $3 Regions
        Jul 21th Change from Cloud to WhiteCore-Sim
        c.July 1st Zetaworlds disappeared and it’s webpage expired
        May 30th Zetamex No longer offering Mini-Grids
        May 24th Zetamex, new inventory system
        Jan 25th Zetamex teams up with Podex on new currency
        Dec 20th, 2013 Zetamex moves to cloud service
        Nov. 2013 Zetaworlds opens

        • Bryan —

          Over 70 percent of US businesses operate as sole proprietorships (

          Sole proprietorships (and partnerships) are real businesses, have employees, pay taxes, own property — everything that a corporation can do. The major difference is that owners of incorporated businesses are not personally liable for company debts and obligations.

          Sole proprietorships don’t have to be registered with anybody, though a filing with a local town clerk for a DBA will make it easier to open bank accounts and get IRS employer numbers. They only show up in government records when the owner files a Schedule C with the IRS at the end of the year.

          •' lmpierce says:

            Actually, that’s not entirely true. As a sole proprietor, I must register for a business tax license with the City of Los Angeles. This is not simply a good idea, it is required by city ordinance. Naturally, every city and so on is different, so I wouldn’t say this is universal. However, I found it to be true in Louisville, Kentucky as well as L.A., so I believe it is common in larger U.S. cities.

          • I think in my area that only applies if you have a business with foot traffic — employees or customers coming in. If you’re running a virtual company, there’s pretty much no paperwork required. Other than $10 or so for a DBA for the bank account.

            And that’s a paper form — still. Though I do get mail addressed to the DBA I have filed for, so I guess it’s on the record somewhere. And it comes up in Google Maps, which is really weird, since I live in a farm house in the middle of nowhere.

          •' hack13 says:

            Where Zetamex is registered, because we don’t have foot traffic to an actual building we only had to register with the IRS.

          •' hack13 says:

            But I will point out, Zetamex is looking at moving to an LLC next year because profits are starting to get higher, to where an LLC is going to be more beneficial to us.

          • So do you guys have staff meetings in your virtual office? Drinking virtual coffee? Putting up virtual Dilbert cartoons? Can customers drop by for virtual support?

          • Do you have virtual interns fetching virtual donuts? And a sexy NPC receptionist?

          • Well i do want to put up a virtual Tim Hortons but the Great Canadian Grid beat me to it but have a sexy male and female receptionist npc is a great idea.

          •' hack13 says:

            We actually do have virtual office staff meetings, but most the time we do it just on skype which we are trying to move to google hangouts because skype is such a pain. But the reason we want to go LLC is one so people will feel more trusting of our name, and secondly to take advantage of the major tax breaks you get for being registered in Nevada 🙂

          • What! I’m shocked! SHOCKED! Your virtual meetings aren’t on your virtual platform? What kind of example is that to set for your customers! Think of what would happen if they all started having meetings on Skype or Google Hangouts!

            But seriously — it takes a bit of effort and practice to get it right, but in-world meetings are TOTALLY worth it.

          •' hack13 says:

            We are busy writing code while we are talking so it works out better not sitting down for the meeting.

          • This is where a second monitor comes in handy.

          • hangouts is better then skype and vivox but would be nice to create a bored room to have meetings in.

          • You said “bored room.” heh. heh. heh. snort.

          • i been in afew of them in the past and they are very boring.

          •' lmpierce says:

            No, the kind of business simply informs the category for registration. For example, my license reads “professional services”. This was correct when I was working as a computer consultant and correct when I was working as a graphic designer. All businesses in the City of Los Angeles need a business tax license. That’s how the city tracks tax liabilities, and everyone must file, even if they are ultimately exempt. For example, I earn under $100,000 a year, so I am exempt from actual tax payments. Likewise, artists earning up to $300,000 are exempt. There is no categorization of registration based on foot traffic.

            Now, if your business is essentially a hobby without an income (from a business perspective), that’s different. But as soon as there is any income, the requirements apply.

            Here is a section from the relevant FAQ:

            “Every person who engages in business within the City of Los Angeles is required to obtain the necessary TRC(s) and pay the business tax or obtain an exemption If your business is located within an unincorporated area within the County of Los Angeles, you may also be required to obtain a business license from the county and more information on these requirements can be found here.”


        •' hack13 says:

          I want to point out a few things, Zetaworlds was never officially open opened and technically still is not. It is still in testing, but was opened to the public registration because of OSgrid being down to offer an alternative and tons of customers have been very happy with it.

          As for the WhiteCore-Sim we had to pull it due to some technical issues. It is still on back burner while it is still being worked on.

          As for Podex we are still partnered and working with them, that hasn’t changed we just are not very vocal about it.

          We stopped mini-grid or as they are actually called Standalones. This is because we had several people who used them in the past, and people didn’t understand their limitations, so we just dropped them because it caused confusion for our clients. Moving them to just have grid hosting, to prevent people from having the issues Standalones present. Standalones cannot take much stress at all, having to handle all the services of a grid and run the region all in the same process, they can’t handle much at all.

          Correct, we didn’t ever say the word “permanent” that was the title of maria’s article. We just said we decided to add them to our line up officially. Yes our plans have changed over several times in the 4 years Zetamex has been in existance. However, I view this as the company being competitive in the market. I mean honestly, look at cell phone companies today. Sprint has their Unlimited plan, and that price over the past year has changed price 4 times. It is called companies take risks, and sometimes they pay off and sometimes it doesn’t.

          But this is America and you are completely entitled to your opinion 🙂

          • My cell phone provider changes their plans monthly. I upgrade to a new plan and 1 month later they increase the data for the same price but im stuck at the old data limit.

          •' Bryan French says:

            Then you are illegally selling things my friend. It doesn’t mater if you call it Beta, you are selling and you are doing business without a license.

          •' hack13 says:

            We are registered with the IRS, we are operating 100% legally.

          • Bryan — Nope. You’ve got the law wrong here. You might be thinking of retail sales and walk-through traffic. Selling services, and selling stuff online, falls under different laws.

          •' hack13 says:

            Very true Maria, and well I know the IRS loves to take Zetamex’s money every year soo if it was illegal, the IRS certainly taking money from something illegal then.

          • It also depends a lot on the jurisdiction. I know that in some European countries, the laws are so anti-business that you have to have a license just to set up shop as a freelancer. Maybe there are towns like that in the U.S.

            Bryan might be living in one of those towns. That would make anyone surly and cynical!

        •' hack13 says:

          Also as for our business being registered, I apologize that you cannot find it. I assure you I am registered with the Federal Government, I apologize you cannot find it. 🙂

      •' lmpierce says:

        Hello all,

        This is a second post of a comment at the top of the discussion. I figured it would show up here next to some deletions and help explain our actions…

        This discussion has been spirited to say the least, which is all well and good. We’ve also moderated out a couple of hefty chunks because the comments were setting us up for libel, claims of offering legal advice versus our intentions of pointing out important considerations, and culminating in a discussion that veered far from being useful to the readers.

  4.' Zandramas Grid says:

    We were looking at buying a license to use Cold Fusion however after going over our plan with some big people in the tech industry they strongly advised us not to use Cold Fusion due to some ongoing issues that have still to this day even on the latest release not been resolved.

    • Frank Corsi says:

      Could you please share the ongoing issues you mention, I would like to ask Adobe about any such issues. I feel like any platform, the code you create must take into effect any possibility for error or breach. Playing what I call the “what if” game.. Thanks.

  5. lol wow seriously 😀 doing something right then, don’t know what though.

    As for fortune 500 sites. Yes Facebook and google have admitted in the past to using php and you can still see them use it in some area. Facebook has actually started to use their own modified version of php.
    And other websites such as twitter and netflix use another awesome language called Ruby which i am now starting to learn for another website I like to do.
    Even aspx is also widely used. In fact asp was the very first language i started to use before i started learning php.
    But the majority of the internet uses php. This site uses php, opensim’s main website is php, Avatar Social Network, Second Life, Rooster Teeth, they all use php.

    • Frank Corsi says:

      Correct… On all statements!

      Nut I guess my point was to not “Scare” the customers from Cold Fusion when there is no need to conduct business in that manner. Normal competition is good for all in a related business, but slinging around fear and scare tactics is only going to be non productive. I think you would agree.

      • we are not scaring anyone. Just stating fact. CFM is a very dangerous language to use. Hell i’m willing to rewrite all your sites in php, but i don’t want to leave zetamex.

        • Frank Corsi says:

          I do not think Adobe would agree it is very dangerous.

          •' hack13 says:

            Nothing against you, but against Adobe. They were “ecrypting” passwords, which is a no-no in this day and age. Passwords shouldn’t be encrypted at all, people need to hash. Because they didn’t hash, they encrypted, thats why Adobe has gone down in history as being one of the largest breaches in history of the internet.

            That in itself makes me fear using anything Adobe. I am not saying your business is bad or anything, I am just speaking what we have seen come out of Adobe.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            And what version of cold fusion is this you reference, as I am using version 4.5 from 1998. Not the new version at all.

          •' hack13 says:

            Ok, now that is a problem. If you really are using 4.5 that is waaay past end of life according to adobe I just looked it up. I highly highly recommend you update.

            Using outdated versions of languages, is very dangerous. PHP for example the oldest safe version to use is 4.5.14 which is super old. We use 5.5 the current stable branch.

            According to adobe themselves, if you are using the version you claim, they told me over the phone that version is extremely old and they highly encourage you upgrade for security reasons. Oldest version that is still supported is version 9 and that is extended support only.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            LOL your funny… You should run for public office. Your like them congressmen!

            Since 1998 ive been using it with zero issues! No matter what I do it is going to be a problem with you… New version of Cold Fusion is “bad”, old version is OMG… “now that is a problem”.. laff..

            Even the software I paid you to make for me, you now say it is bad too! But you never told me it was bad, till you “thought” I was using it in my control panel. People can read right through you…..

          •' hack13 says:

            Whatever, I am not trying to fight you. I am just clearly stating facts. As for the software you paid me to make for you, of course it goes bad its over a year old. Code over time new exploits get found, and code has to be re-writen all the time. Thats why programming jobs are so many of them, I mean look at WordPress there is a new version almost every single month.

            Zetamex we constantly are patching code in the back end, because new vulnerabilities happen all the time. I am not here to tell you how to run your business, but seriously sit down and watch an episode of TechSnap at least and see for yourself that things are constantly becoming worse to use. I mean unless you been blind to the news lately over just the past 2 months big business sites have been getting hacked like crazy. PHP sites as well as ColdFusion sites, everything has been. It is why its so important to upgrade but honestly if you don’t know this I am really sorry for you.

            Anyways, I am done you have fun using old outdated code. I am not going to argue with you anymore. I would hope someone would do the same thing to me if I was running outdated code, because I know the risks of running out dated code. For example before PHP5.5 we didn’t have MySQLi because MySQL driver is a HUGE vulnerability in the older versions of PHP MySQLi however has fixed all these issues that why we had to re-write all our old PHP MySQL and convert them all to PHP MySQLi so people could not inject SQL into our site and compromise people’s accounts. That is just an example that programming languages themselves require us to rewrite code all the time. It is just people in the front end don’t see it or know it. So please I urge you to at least call Adobe and ask them about the vulnerabilities they told me about on the phone.

        • Frank Corsi says:

          I understand its business.. and some business moves it is great to say the other guys have “very dangerous” software.. but we have the best!
          But dont you think people can read into that?

  6. ok ok im feeding my imagination.

  7.' hack13 says:

    We however are except from this under section 4. Section 4 states under Nevada law if the business makes less than average minimum wage it is except from need of a license. Which we are. There for your argument sir is invalid. You can continue to slander if you want but I am done defending myself to you. If you really feel we are illegal go ahead and file something against us. Because I know Nevada law, and I am not going to stand for your false propaganda slander.

  8.' hack13 says:

    Yes we are, under Nevada law we are protected behind Section 4. You might want to do your research before actually making accusations.

  9.' hack13 says:

    Again mr. spammer. Look at the law, Section 4 exception applies to Zetamex our lawyers assure us and the actual treasury department as well.

  10.' lmpierce says:

    Hello all,

    This discussion has been spirited to say the least, which is all well and good. We’ve also moderated out a couple of hefty chunks because the comments were setting us up for libel, claims of offering legal advice versus our intentions of pointing out important considerations, and culminating in a discussion that veered far from being useful to the readers.