3rd Rock Grid joins the hypergrid

3rd Rock Grid, one of the oldest social OpenSim grids, has joined the hypergrid. As a result, the number of active users on hypergrid-enabled grids has just crossed the 12,000 mark, to 12,416. 3rd Rock reported 470 active users last month.

And, with the addition of 3rd Rock’s 443 regions, the number of hypergrid-enabled regions is now at 48,948 standard region equivalents.

3rd Rock Grid's welcome area features mentors, links to in-world destinations, and a small selection of freebies.

3rd Rock Grid’s welcome area features mentors, links to in-world destinations, and a small selection of freebies.

To teleport to 3rd Rock Grid, simply paste grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002 into the Map>Search dialog box from any other hypergrid-enabled grid, then hit the “Teleport” button.

You can assemble your own hypergrid to 3rd Rock Grid by following the instructions here and then set the gate’s name to “3rd Rock Grid” and the description to “grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002”.

Or you can create your own hyperport, using the list of hypergrid addresses below.

I will soon also publish a list of favorite hypergrid-enabled shopping destinations. Please add your suggestions here.

Full list of hypergrid-enabled grids

The following is a complete list of hypergrid-enabled grids, sorted by most popular grid first

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Maria Korolov

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9 Responses

  1. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

    I think it is really good for the future of the Meta that more and more see the value in enabling the hypergrid. I am waiting on some more regions inside 3rg to enable it so we can all go visit. They do have some interesting regions there.

    As for the “Full list of hypergrid-enabled grids” you posted here. That is actually the “Full list of hypergrid-enabled grids” of ones YOU know about, there are tons more.

    • You’re right. Based on the OpenSim download numbers, there are in fact thousands of OpenSim grids out there that I’m not tracking.

      If you know of any open to the public, please email me: [email protected], or submit them to the Hyperica directory.


      • trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethere says:

        Then up to you, of course, and I am not the only one to post about this, so far, perhaps some slight wording change could be considered so that it is not misleading to those looking in who do not know anything otherwise.


        “Full list of hypergrid-enabled grids”

        • wintersilversmith1@gmail.com' corranjournal says:

          It’s a Full list to her, complete with name and address. It doesn’t say it’s a “full list of all hypergrid-enabled grids” 🙂

  2. Butch Arnold says:

    Hello all, Our move to HyperGrid has been very “Eventful” to say the least.
    After much trouble getting a “Script” stable version of OpenSim installed (Thanks Justin!) and a few tweaks, we are indeed HyperGrid Enabled.
    Our export restrictions at this time are very tight, but we will loosen these over time.
    “All” of our regions are not yet reachable via the HyperGrid feature as we have left it up to the region owners whether or not to enable it for his/her region.
    We do have a “Basic” list of HG enabled regions posted at:

    I do expect this list will continue to grow as fear from our residents dissipate.
    HyperGrid is new for us and we are still working on the details, but we are happy to have broken out thus far. 🙂

  3. kenny_follet@yahoo.de' Slow says:

    Not really a Hypergrid, most regions message: Could not teleport. No foreign users allowed in this region. – Very bad!

    • tommy@3rdrockgrid.com' Tommy Rock says:

      We are opening core regions on a daily basis, Slow. As far as private regions, the estate owners must allow such, as that is not our choice. Very soon, estate owners will have the ability to enable or disable HyperGrid on a per region basis. We hope to have as many core regions open as possible! 🙂

    • Butch Arnold says:

      As posted previously…

      This page has a list of the currently available regions and the addresses.
      I suspect as our users’ fears dissipate most will eventually be on that list and our intent is to have every core region on the list soon.
      Stay tuned, we’re new at HG, but we’re getting there! 🙂