November events keep residents inside where it’s warm

If you live, like me, in a northern climate, then you might be starting to suffer from the lack of sunlight, and from the cold November winds.

Fortunately, there’s plenty to do in on OpenSim grids, where the sun shines bright whenever you want it to and the temperature is always perfect.

OpenSimulator Community Conference is this weekend

The OpenSimulator Community Conference has sold out but you can still sign up for free online streaming — or stop by and visit the unlimited access Expo regions.

The conference grid is on the hypergrid, so teleport over to and then use the Map to visit Expo Zone 1, Expo Zone 2, Expo Zone 3, Expo Zone 4 and Expo Zone 5. There’s also a Sandbox region and a Shopping Zone if you’re looking for freebies.

But of course, the conference program is the big draw of the weekend, with keynotes by OpenSim developers, High Fidelity’s Philip Rosedale, and Oculus Rift’s Steve LaValle.

If you’re interested in business and enterprise applications of OpenSim, check out the Business & Enterprise Track. Ilan Tochner will be giving a presentation about the Kitely Market, Julie LeMoine will be talking about how to sell virtual reality to big corporate clients, Christopher Lindstrom will talk about using OpenSim for urban planning, and I’ll be giving a broad overview of the growth of OpenSim and of the hypergrid. We will also have several discussion panels, including one on women in virtual reality, one on content protection in OpenSim, and one on whether OpenSim has the critical mass to survive.

For those interested in content and community, there’s the Content & Community Track. Learn about story telling in virtual worlds, about creating virtual training environments, about using machinima for language learning, about virtual laboratory training, about virtual recreations of historic sites, about holographic avatars, about quest-based learning, and about a new association formed forming to represent grid owners.

For the more technically-inclined, there’s the Developers & Open Source Track. Learn about scaling OpenSim inventories using NoSQL, optimizing and improving OpenSim performance, and developing complex applications in OpenSim. Or get some insights about what’s happening with viewers at the viewer developer panel or where the hypergrid is headed with hypergrid inventor Crista Lopes. Looking for a Web-based browser for OpenSim? Check out this talk by realXtend’s Toni Atalano. Or maybe you’re interested in what Intel has been working on lately — a language-independent API for external scripting of OpenSim regions.

Education is a major area of focus for OpenSim users and Hypergrid Business readers, and they get two tracks — the Research and Education Track, and the Learning Lab. The Research and Education track includes ten presentations that cover grade schools, international schools, geoscience, economics and more. But the Learning Lab has events for non-educators as well, such as tutorial in how to move content from Second Life to OpenSim and Unity3D, and a game show-themed speedbuild.

Avia Bonne brings SteampunkZ to Littlefield

Famed builder Avia Bonne has brought her SteampunkZ region to Littlefield grid for anyone to visit. It’s accessible via hypergrid teleport at


SteampunkZ region by Avia Bonne. (Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

SteampunkZ region by Avia Bonne. (Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

Littlefield is also hosting a live DJ party for OpenSim Community Conference attendees on Saturday night. The party starts at 8 p.m. Pacific and is at the Speakeasy Dance Club. Teleport via hypergrid to

Earlier the same day, at 2 p.m. Pacific, there’s a Guy Fawkes Dance and Fireworks at the Ruritania region. Hypergrid teleport to


Conference After-party at the Pirate’s Atoll

There is also another after-party Sunday night for the OpenSim Community Conference, to wrap up the entire event. The Tiki Beach Dream-Pop Rave and sunset dance party starts at 7 p.m. Pacific and there will be freebie gifts, socializing on the beach, in the Caffe and in the Irish Pub, and the Pirate’s Museum has just been opened as well. Teleport to

(Image courtesy Pirate's Atoll.)

(Image courtesy Pirate’s Atoll.)

Pirate’s Atoll is a relatively new grid on the hypergrid. It also recently opened a store in the Kitely Market, and is holding NaNoRiMo write-ins at the Caffe Pellegrino at 6 p.m. Pacific every weekday.

Xmir grid now on the hypergrid

A new OpenSim grid, Xmir, has turned on hypergrid access to show off its mesh content — and opened a store on the Kitely Market.

“The products are mainly mesh building components, but there is also a selection of male wearables,” grid owner Gavin Hird told Hypergrid Business. “In addition, a number of free products can be found on the Xmir grid that will not be listed on Kitely.”

The grid is made up ofs 28 contiguous regions with landscapes ranging from from a Nordic coastal environment to a Middle Eastern mountainous river valley.

What makes the grid unusual is that it runs on a Mac, on the OS X operating system, with a PostgreSQL asset server. The grid is currently only open to hypergrid visitors — local residency is not available until PostgreSQL support is fully functional.

This narrow steel bridge is all mesh. (Image courtesy Xmir grid.)

This narrow steel bridge is all mesh. (Image courtesy Xmir grid.)

Virtual Highway expands varregion offers

Since Virtual Highway has rolled out variable-sized regions this summer, they have increased the grid’s land area by 62 percent.

Now the grid is expanding its varregion offer — an area the size of four standard regions, with 40,000 prims, is now US $100 per month, an area the size of nine regions is $225 per month, 16 regions is $400 per month, and an area the size of 25 regular regions is $625 per month, with additional prims available on request.

A varregion has no border crossings, making it a good option for sailing, driving, flying and other vehicle-based activities.

The grid held a Halloween fundraiser last month, which brought in 23,000 V$ (US $92) for the St. Jude Children’s Research Center.

Silent Hill. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Silent Hill. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Finally, Virtual Highway is almost done with the construction of the Asgard Business Park, a city-themed build surrounding a central park. The area is designed to hold stores and businesses.

Asgard Business Park. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Asgard Business Park. (Image courtesy Virtual Highway.)

Littlebird grid opens family nudist beach

The new Littlebird grid administration is holding open meetings every Saturday at 1 p.m. Pacific for both residents and hypergrid visitors on the Bridge Fild region, next door to the welcome sim Wing Island region, accessible via hypergrid teleport at

The grid has also upgraded to the latest version of OpenSim, which has increased stability, sped up teleports, and improved region crossings.

Also adjacent to the Wing Island region is the Silver Moon region, home to the “all-inclusive family nudist beach,” open to all residents and hypergrid visitors.

Nudist beach on the Silver Moon region of Littlebird grid. (Image courtesy Littlebird.)

Nudist beach on the Silver Moon region of Littlebird grid. (Image courtesy Littlebird.)

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

33 Responses

  1. I know this is a few days late…. it’s been a little hectic here in Maria land, what with the upcoming OSCC conference and last minute panel organizing.

    Unfortunately, things are about to get a bit more hectic. As some of you might know, I have a day job. (I know! What!) Well, that day job has, until now, mostly involved writing monthly feature articles for publications like Network World, CIO, and Independent Banker. Work that let me manage my own scheduled and dedicate the occasional day — or two or three — to catching up on OpenSim news or statistics.

    Well, I’ve just agreed to writing breaking daily or daily-ish news and a biweekly column on top of that for CSO magazine (that’s CSO for “Chief Security Officer” not “Chief Sexy Officer” like maybe you were thinking). You can see some of the stuff I’ve already written for the magazine here:

    On the plus side, ad sales have also been going up — thanks, 3rd Rock! Thanks, Logicamp! — so there’s a few more bucks to put towards freelance writers.

    I’m going to try to identity the most time-consuming aspects of my work at Hypergrid Business, and look for ways to either automate it (stats!) or delegate it. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the technology journalism field, this is as good a place to learn AP Style as any — and the best place on the planet to learn about the emerging metaverse.

    So drop me a line: [email protected].

  2. Frank Corsi says:

    Ground breaking technology advancements!

  3.' Geir Nøklebye says:

    There is a nice little bunch of mantis bugs reported by me and others for the Postgres support that is largely inconsistencies in the database table definitions, search not working in grid mode, group support was fixed and a few others. It is being worked on. You might want to look in mantis. Thanks.

    •' hack13 says:

      I will have to look into it, however I can understand the search not working if your trying to run it all out of the same database. Mainly because search is an external module, and that module would need to be forked and made into a postgresql version.

      I will look at the mantis and see what I can fix, and push the changes back into opensim core.

      •' Geir Nøklebye says:

        I kind figured that, so the search database is so far MySQL. The problem is that datasnapshot does not create anything (there is a mantis for it) and I suspect it is simply not able to ready any data from the PGSQL adapter (most likely does not even know about it…).

        The PHP scripts should be possible to convert quite readily.

  4.' Jamie Wright says:

    ““all-inclusive family nudist beach,” open to all residents and hypergrid visitors.”

    Am I the only person a bit concerned about this? Depicting minors nude digitally is not legal in most countries and for good reason. Even if the intention is not sexual in nature it will be interpreted as so as well as attracting folks to the region who could potentially have ill intentions towards real and/or virtually depicted children. If you’re going to have a nude beach, make that region adult avatars only. Or just have a regular family beach and avoid the trouble.

    • Not somewhere I will be heading anytime soon for sure! Sounds creepy as heck!

    •' Geir Nøklebye says:

      Sounds like a trap. Not going near it.

    •' Korgi Silvercloud says:

      First of all, the beach is not sexual at all and contrary to popular
      opinion it is legal within the united states of america where the
      servers are hosted. In littlebired we give all avatars the right to the
      same treatment and priveledges as anyone else. We also have very strict
      guidelines in place for what is allowed on PG regions, Mature regions,
      and adult regions with our regulations in regard to each region rating
      strongly enforced. This is something that really should not be that big
      of an issue, and I had thought some people might enjoy as it is unheard
      of in the metaverse today apart from Secondlife. Eventually the idea is
      to have regular parties on the beach, and shops…maybe even an accurate
      swimmers hud and a unique fishing program similar to”7 seas”.

    •' Littlefield Grid says:

      We have decided it’s in our best interest to discontinue our posting of information to Maria on HG Business during this Littlebird Grid situation. We feel this grid is using a name intentionally too similar to Littlefield Grid including the HG URL which is only one letter off by design. That being said, we don’t want to accidentally be affiliated with or confused with any grid that might even partially open itself up to child related activities, even if it is walking the legal tightrope. We find it in bad taste and puts the Opensimulator community at large in a bad light. Anything that might in any way promote an environment that may cause harm to a child, we are against.

      •' lmpierce says:

        Perhaps your concerns are all the more reason to continue your posting of information under your name. This will reinforce your unique identity. Oftentimes confusion sets in when there aren’t regular reminders of subtle but important distinctions.

      • i gotta agree with you on this one walter. The beach is disturbing enough but to then name after my fav city in World of Warcraft really just makes me sick to my stomach. For those who don’t know. Silvermoon City is the name of the Blood Elf city in World of Warcraft and is the most beautiful city in the game. To name a sim after the WoW city that just basically encourages illegal activities really makes me sick and not only puts opensim in a bad light as you said walter but i think puts the WoW city in the same bad light too.

  5.' Geir Nøklebye says:

    I have to add I am very happy that the PGSQL adapter was written – what works is fast and has been very reliable. Not one corrupt asset record after I switched. So kudos to you for the work you and others did to develop it!

    •' hack13 says:

      Yes it was one of the biggest reasons I jumpped on the band wagon to help develop it. MySQL one is just a mess in certain areas. But just so you know if you look on github at the Oliver’s personal repo, I worked with him on a de-duplicating assets, like SRAS but without SRAS. It does work, I have tested and run it on a few different clients already at Zetamex it is very reliable. It is just the opensim devs didn’t bother porting it in.

      •' Echo Argent says:

        Timothy, I’ve just received another invoice from you/Zetamex. Would you kindly close my account please? Thank you.

        • best to make a ticket through the system i wrote for him that i never got paid for or email tim.

          •' Echo Argent says:

            Thanks, but MyZetamex panel won’t accept my login and his site is still down despite it saying it would be back up by Oct. 5th.

            My apologies Maria for the sidetrack. I just don’t seem to have any way of getting ahold of him.

          • there are two buttons at the bottom of the login page that i put that will help you reset your password and get your username that are both highly secured but sadly this is as far i as i can go for giving support now when it comes to zetamex as i no longer work for Tim. Best to just email him, he does say his email address in this tread thingy.

    • Tranquillity (InWorldz) says:

      Postgres is highly respected even amongst the distributed systems crowd. I often see the code praised for a variety of reasons.

  6.' lmpierce says:

    As moderator, I’m just going to add the common sense recommendation that users and owners check with lawyers and applicable laws before creating, promoting, participating or critiquing controversial grids or sims. Keeping in mind that sims are available worldwide there are probably many technicalities as to what is permitted (or advisable), and how things can be presented, and this flows not only from law, but from a variety of cultural norms. However, discussion of these issues is welcome here. Please keep in mind that any legal recommendations made by our readers should be verified and not taken as legal advice, but rather as a suggestion for further consideration.

  7.' nextreality says:

    A nudist beach on Littlebird Grid. What are these people thinking. I have already met people form that grid and they are child avatars that stand around with their AO’s acting in a child like manner. Surely this cannot be allowed to happen. I for one will be staying well clear of Littlebird Grid.

    •' skylifegrid says:

      Being into the family aspect of virtual worlds and having a large network if family members I have few members that enjoy role playing a child avatar it’s called regression it is an ex ape from tis crazy world where u give ur responsibilities to another and feel loved and cared it’s too bad some people ruin the good things for others , I agree clothing optional may not be illegal but can sore sure bring some sketchy characters around.

  8.' John Simmons says:

    Updates and Information on the Post OSC Party can be found here: