Tangle finds partner for new open grid

With OSgrid down for three months and no news from its managers about when it is expected to come back up, other grids have been stepping up to serve its users.

Most recently, Tangle Grid launched the open Tangle OS grid at the beginning of October.

That grid is now being replaced with a brand new grid, the Atek Grid, which will be a free-to-connect grid open to both people running regions at home and third-party hosting providers.

However, Atek will be a commercial grid, with a for-profit component, premium memberships, and in-world currency. It will be hypergrid-enabled, however.

Premium account options on Atek Grid.

Premium account options on Atek Grid.

New ownership structure

Atek Grid Inc., is a brand new company set up to own this grid, based in Austin, Texas, owned 75 percent by the owners of Tangle Grid, Leslie and Gary Kling. The other 25 percent is owned by 3D Virtual Web, Inc.

Tangle Grid is a relatively new commercial grid, known mostly for its monthly expos, accessible via the hypergrid.

3D Virtual Web is a general virtual world development company, known for Virtual World City, a Twinity-like OpenSim grid currently being converted to Unity, and the low-cost, cloud-based OpenSim hosting company CloudServe.

atek mainbilding

Free for most, with premium hosting for some

Leslie Harris

Leslie Harris

For most users, Atek Grid will be very much like OSgrid, said 3D Virtual Web CEO Leslie Harris.

“We’re both going to allow people to connect regions for free, create avatars for free,” said Frank Corsi, technology manager for 3D Virtual Web. “But we will also be selling to corporate client, for those who want to be part of a large community.”

There will no connection fees for either individual region owners or third-party hosting companies that connect to the new grid.

For hosting companies that don’t have their own control panels, they can use Atek Grid’s region control panels, at a fixed reseller price of $19.95 a month.

The panel includes both OAR and IAR backups and uploads.

Like OSgrid, Atek Grid will over a distribution of OpenSim that’s preconfigured to connect to the grid.

Beta test tomorrow, officially open next Friday

Atek Grid will be opening up to beta testers tomorrow, November 14. The official opening will be the following Friday.

Frank Corsi

Frank Corsi

Eventually, the grid will have a Web-based marketplace, as well, based on a proprietary vendor system, said Corsi. Unlike the Kitely Market, however, which delivers content directly from the website to in-world avatars, the Atek marketplace will teleport customers to in-world stores, instead.

“I’m still building it,” said Corsi, who said that the market will use his company’s own Game Tokens virtual currency.



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Maria Korolov

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34 Responses

  1. arielle.popstar@gmail.com' Arielle says:

    Still waiting for a grid “very much like Osgrid” that runs grid services close to Master. That’s the major characteristic of Osgrid that no other grid so far has been willing to duplicate.

    • peter.idunno@gmail.com' Hans Nerido says:

      Hi Arielle,

      no one can duplicate an other grid cox you cant duplicate the community and the spirit and the tangle owners do not even try it.
      I cant explain what I found on tanglegrid, I don’t know how to explain an community or spirit.
      the ppl they knows me knows I don’t like closed grids! but: tanglegrid was different and when I visit them I was surprised, it was like I coming home. I visit a lot grids in the last years and I had this feeling to come home only on my home grid osg and now on tangle.
      all is different there than on osg but in a good way !! tanglegrid build a new opensim world with awesome builders and scripters,
      with an great community and spirit.
      a few weeks later, after my first visit on tangle changed a lot (for sure not even me!!!), tanglegrid open the doors for the HG. WOW !!!!!
      and now comes the next level the tangleos grid, open for all to build a new opensim world with an great community.

      to see from what im talking make at first an account on tanglegrid ( http://www.tanglegrid.com/ ) and visit the regions there and don’t forget to visit the pirate island, or the airport.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        You linked to tanglegrid -isn’t that being deprecated in favor of atek?

        • peter.idunno@gmail.com' Hans Nerido says:

          only in your eyes han,
          on tanglegrid can ppl see what this great guys has done in the past.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            I was asking for clarification, because the article appeared TO ME to say that one grid was joining with the other, meaning that instead of two seperate grids there would be ONE grid.

            Is my intent clearer to you now?

          • Frank Corsi says:

            The Tangle Grid OS will close and merge into the new ATEK Grid.

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            Thank you, Frank; that’s what I’d thought I’d read. I’m looking forward to joining when y’all open your doors.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            It is 2014 soon 2015, and time for something new and exciting!

          • “Times have changed and so must i” i always loved that doctor who quote.

          • That should read TangleOS Grid Frank, not Tangle Grid OS as “Tangle Grid” is one name TangleOS is the other.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            Thanks Winter.. also ATEK is a partnership with 3D Virtual Web, not Cloud Serve 🙂 all the names can get confusing at times.

          • Yeah you guys need a map somewhere to show how your corporate structure works. I read the info on LinkedIN and found myself even more confused by who owns what.

          • TanGLe Grid – open and independent commercial grid

            TangleOS (or Tangle OS) Grid – free and not merging but evolving to become ATEK (and in turn helping to firmly differentiate between the freebie grid ‘parking lot’ and the commercial grid).

          • In actuality TangleOS is evolving, with help from CloudServe, to become ATEK. ATEK was not a grid, and CloudServe is a hosting company (that also has a grid).

            TanGLe Grid – open and independent commercial grid

            TangleOS (or Tangle OS) Grid – free and not merging but evolving to become ATEK (and in turn helping to firmly differentiate between the freebie grid ‘parking lot’ and the commercial grid).

          • Frank Corsi says:

            Cloud Serve does not have a grid, and has no intentions to ever have a grid.

            3D Virtual Web, is the minority partner for ATEK Grid, providing servers, website services and technical support.

            Cloud Serve is a completely separate project, with its own staff and business plan.

        • No, Tangle Grid will still be around, and continuing with their Expos. The grid that is being deprecated is their little sister grid, Tangle OS.

          Tangle Grid has been around for at least a year — I have records going back to September 2013. It’s a commercial grid of around 100 regions and, depending on events going on, between 130 and 160 active users, putting it into the medium range.

          Tangle OS was their free, open startup launched a month ago.

        • The “commercial” TanGLe Grid was launched June 2012 and is not going anywhere (except bigger and better all the time of course). The “free” TanGLeOS was created as an alternative to OSgrid which is offline.

          Yes, there is the confusion between the two and that is another reason for the “free” TanGLeOS grid to close and be re-born as ATEK.

          TanGLe Grid is doing great and only getting better with our Exposition Fairs (Expo’s). In fact we’re in the process of setting up for, what we believe will be our best Expo ever, the Winterfest Expo which starts on November 22nd.

          ATEK is a hybrid, combining the original plan of TanGLeOS (the free ‘hookup’ grid) and partnering with CloudServe which will also provide (commercial) regions and hosting.

          TanGLe Grid is currently around 100 regions and 400 registered members (with about 33% active) and is hypergrid enabled.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            I would not call it a Hybrid myself, as ATEK Grid does not rent any land. It is an open grid, where anyone can connect land.

          • perhaps when ATEK finishes their website their services might be a bit clearer. I’d still call it a hybrid, in that it is taking a virtual ‘parking lot’ which TangleOS was and adding more avatars, support services, tech support, currency and backups (which TangleOS, and as we know OSgrid, do not). It is not ‘just’ a parking lot, it’s a parking lot with shopping (so to speak). And while ATEK does not rent land, you are selling “reservations” for grid map space (if desired), which is part of connecting the land.

      • Frank Corsi says:

        There are some amazing builds in tangle grid. Leslie and Gary Kilng have some of the best buildings I have ever seen.

      • Frank Corsi says:

        There are some amazing builds in tangle grid. Leslie and Gary Kilng have some of the best buildings I have ever seen.

        • Be sure to stop in at Winterfest Expo; Leslie, Gary, Tmac, IsambardKingdom, Hannah, Monica, and more have almost finished setting up an AWESOME Winter region (Expo Isle). They are all Master Builders and designers.

      • As the Media Relations guy for TanGLe Grid (not TangleOS) I would like to say THANK YOU. I loved reading your comments that TanGLe Grid was like “coming home”. I completely agree. TanGLe Grid will still be the same great place to live (even more so when TangleOS/ATEK moves off the TanGLe servers).

        When you are at the Pirate Isle be sure to check out the Expo Isle region next door and Horizon continent (the collective of 7 Estate owners that includes Expo Isle). I’m the Manager of the Nordeggan regions (TanGLe’s largest city, 3 regions).

        • peter.idunno@gmail.com' Hans Nerido says:

          Hi Winter,
          I know the pirate isle very well, cox some rides comes from me 🙂
          and I was on nordeggan, I like this city a lot, and on steampunk, isam did an great job there.
          I was also on the airport and racetrack, and and and …………
          im proud to be an small part on this awesome grid !

  2. arpholdings@gmail.com' AviWorlds says:

    OSGRID will return Arielle. 🙂

    • not at the rate they are going, last I heard they had one foot in the grave. I would like to see OSGrid just give up and start over. I understand the tragedy of losing all of that data but their efforts could be better spent rising from the ashes (like I hope that opensim-creations does) than stirring them hoping for a spark.

  3. hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

    So, basically it’s like virtualbox, where you get the main functionality for free, but has premium optional/enterprise features?

    • Frank Corsi says:

      Firstly we all know, donations never help support a grid.
      The basic free services provided are the same if not better, as everyone will soon see than other open to connect grids. For the people who want to have a more enhanced experience, then some cool new features are made available for a small fee.
      I do not know what “virtualbox” is, but we feel ATEK Grid gives the free to connect community a place to explore, as well as some not so technical people a premium upgrade for a small fee.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        It’s interesting because of the licensing/pricing model:


        • Frank Corsi says:

          Thank You Han,
          For us it is a bit different, as if anyone can make an IAR backup, but to have your IAR backup done everyday at 3:00 AM would be a premium service.

          To have a member or location profile webpage, which other open to connect grids currently do not offer, is free with ATEK Grid, but an enhanced profile page with a unique web url, is a premium service.

          Grid Map Reservations, where you may select locations on the grid map and reserve them for future use, or to prevent anyone from using the location, is now something the other grids do not offer, but for ATEK Grid this is also a premium service.

          Everything you have with any open to connect grid, is included FREE of charge!

          The new things some may want or desire to make your experience better, we offer for a fee. Not everyone may want or need these cool new features, but for the people who do want them, we offer them. Read more about these features on the website, under the grid services page.

        • Frank Corsi says:

          How about this… What grid offers a shopping credit card? Residents make small weekly payments to pay off the balance. With zero interest fees.
          Buy and Sell virtual money with zero fees.

          • Not sure a credit card is such a great thing since the national debts of most consumers is now greater than most countries. Doesn’t a credit card system just drive people into greater debt for Entertainment, a field that is usually the first to be cut back when RL money is tight?

            Why not come up with a system where you pay in, say $100US, and it pays you back like an allowance. This allows people to budget their ‘play money’ over weeks or months (kind of like SL’s premium membership that paid back an ‘allowance’ to members to pay rent, etc). Help people to become more responsible with their spending rather than drive them into debt like so many other corporations.

          • Frank Corsi says:

            Good Point Winter…
            This is only for GT’s (Game Tokens), that members of ATEK Grid will be able to use for shopping, and grid related products and services. We do see it as a positive boost to the in world economy.
            There are also many things a member can do in world to earn GT’s to pay off any credit card debt they create. With premium membership, one of the features is a weekly pay of 400 GT’s that will also help them to make the credit card payments. There is a game called City Life Game now running in SecondLife, Inworldz, TanGLe Grid and other grids that use GT’s also, where anyone can play this game to earn GT’s.

            We have planned and designed the GT and Credit system, to be a very positive part of the user experience. For a new member to be able to have access to 25,000 GT’s to use for the purchase of avatar clothing, or to rent a store, will only help everyone grow and build a strong community.

            We may need to build a credit counseling center, for those with an out of control debt problem.. lol

            You can contact us on skype anytime to learn more about what we will offer. And since you are the PR person for TanGLe Grid, it may be important for you to understand all the facts correctly and even get in the Beta Testing of the ATEK Grid.
            Thanks Winter for the feedback!

          • Cloud Serve, sorry when I read “Cloud-based OpenSim regions starting at $7.95 for 45,000 prims” I read it that they offered regions with prims in addition to their hosting services.

            And I’m the Media Relations guy for TanGLe Grid, Yes. I have an avi in TangleOS grid, because, before, it was partnered with TanGLe Grid. Since it won’t be any longer my interest in the new ATEK is strictly personal. I only work as Media Relations for TanGLe Grid; while being the Editor of the Corran Journal (which is expanding to serve all OpenSim Grids).