OpenSim hosting providers survey

Update: The survey is now closed, and part one of the results is up. Part two of the results is here.

It’s almost the end of the year, time for the annual Hypergrid Business OpenSim Hosting Providers Survey.

Please note that this is a not a survey about individual grids — that survey was conducted earlier this fall.

This survey is of hosting providers — companies that set up and manage grids for customers, or that offer regions that they can attach to any open grid. For those companies who fall into both categories, this survey is about their performance as hosting company, not as a grid. For example, grids are expected to have in-world activities and content, while a hosting is expected to offer full region and inventory backup services and consulting support.

If you use more than one hosting provider, please take the survey once for each one, and add a note in the comments that you are taking it twice, so that the second response is not deleted.

The survey closes next Thursday. If you have any problems seeing the form below, please click here to see the survey on its own page.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

10 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    Question please [or clarification]… I think of Kitely more in terms of hosting regions. While they, and others may see it as a commercial grid only.

    But to my eyes;

    1) their region pricing is commensurate with open Meta hosting company pricing.
    2) hypergrid is enabled.

    Not a problem if it is not part of this but just wanting to know if you wish.

    •' Minethere says:

      And while I am here, does Metropolis qualify? How about Atek? 3rd Rock since they just enabled hypergating and are offering region pricing commensurate with the rest of the Metaversum?

      • Hosting Providers, not grids that sell their own sims.
        if she was to put in Metro, Atek and 3RG then she might as well put the Great Canadian Grid in there too since they sell their own sims.
        This survey is ONLY for Hosting providers like Zetamex and CloudServe.

        • Yes, Chris is right! I ALREADY did a survey about individual grids! I deliberately did that survey FIRST, so people’s impulses to rate individual grids, instead of hosting providers, would be satisfied.

          Kitely, Metro, Atek and the rest ONLY rent regions on their OWN grid. They are not a generic hosting provider, someone who can set you up with a full grid, or rent you a region on any open grid.

          (There ARE companies that do both, but Kitely, Metropolis, Atek and the Great Canadian Grid do not qualify!)

          Meanwhile for everyone upset that I’m not getting back to them by email, or not posting articles that I promised to post:

          1. The latest WordPress upgrade seems to have broken some key back-end functionality (such as image uploading). I’m working to fix things now.

          2. The site had server problems last week that made it impossible to update articles. I’m still dealing with tech support about this — and yes, I am getting ready to upgrade to the next level of servers.

          3. My workload on my day job has tripled. You can see the kind of stuff I’m writing here:

          4. I took the weekend off. (I know, I know! How could I! I NEVER take a day off!) Well, I did. I made stew and read a book and went shopping.

          5. I’m not ignoring anyone! I swear! If I didn’t respond to your email, please REMIND ME.

          • eewww im sorry maria, i know wordpress is good for those not good with php but i prefer to code my own site just so i can avoid upgrade problems that can cause downtime.
            All i can suggest to you maria is to look into hiring a website developer to code a cms like wordpress for you so you can avoid wp problems.

          • No, I like WordPress — I certainly wouldn’t switch to a custom coded system! I just should have paid attention and put off upgrading until I was sure all the plugins were patched, and the theme I was using was compatible.

            Or, better yet — and I think I will do this — is I should have a test site set up with a clone of everything and before doing anything to the real site, do it to the test site first.

            HB is getting big enough that I think it’s worthwhile to set up a more formal upgrade process!

          •' shawnkmaloney . says:

            Well, I’m just happy you aint sittin around with a silly spout up yer nose like one person we know. Hahahaha. and she forewent the spout for some Chinese cureall stuff, fyi. hahahaha
            Keep up the great work where ever, and get some $^$%#$% tunes on yer Hyperica! please. 🙂

          • Frank Corsi says:

            ATEK Grid does not rent land regions. ATEK Grid is an open to connect grid where anyone may connect land regions from self hosted servers or service providers.

      •' Lena Vanilli says:

        I agree, Miney. By his nature the result of a survey is a recommendation. So, why this shortened list? Don’t ask! You know the answer already!

        •' Minethere says:

          I do Lena-) As well, we could add places all day long but many people want their privacy and do not wish to have their places publicized.

          There is the “other” write-in for those who do though, so I suppose that will have to do.