OpenSim users pledge $2,000 to improve vehicles

Update: More supporters pledged funds to the effort, bringing the total to $2,000.

Members of the OpenSim Virtual Google Plus community have pledged $1,550 to improve vehicle scripting by fixing bugs with the way llLookAt and llMoveTo commands are implemented in OpenSim.

“Today I’m making a personal pledge of $200 — and I might donate more if the the pledges come in — to launch the campaign to raise a bounty,” wrote group owner Talla Adam in a post last week.

Community member Shin Ingen was the first to step up with a matching pledge.

“Put me in for $200,” he wrote. “I have been waiting for those two functions for a while now.”

Community member Fred Beckhusen followed up with a $500 pledge, bringing the current total to $900.

Other contributors include Virtual Outworlding editor Selby Evans with $500,  Avi-Labs grid founder Alex Pomposelli with $100, and XMIR grid founder Geir Nøklebye with $50.

Meanwhile, until these bugs are fixed, Beckhusen has a tutorial for how to work around the llLookAt bug with his own face_target function.

Fred Beckhusen's flying bee. (Image courtesy Fred Beckhusen.)

Fred Beckhusen’s flying bee. (Image courtesy Fred Beckhusen.)

Bounties have worked in OpenSim before. In 2011, for example, NPC functionality came to OpenSim via a bounty.

Another successful crowdfunding effort was Qarl’s parametric deformer project, which raised more than $5,000 from users in Second Life and OpenSim, but benefited primarily OpenSim since Second Life chose not to adopt the code.

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Maria Korolov

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24 Responses

  1.' Talla Adam says:

    Thank you for reporting this, Maria and another $100 pledge has been posted by Selby since which brings it up to $1000. I’ve also personally garranteed the fund as well up to the tune of £1000 British Pounds for this first project which may be a one-off but it could be extended if there is interest in the community to getting new features added to Opensim. The main aim was to take something that really needed doing and see if we could build a fund to get it done. I am talking to the developers about the issues.

  2.' Alex Ferraris says:

    I will PLEDGE $100.00 but I am not in TALLA’s group so I have to do it here…:(

    •' Talla Adam says:

      Well, thank you Alex. We are actually more now, Maria because Selby increased his pledge to $500 and, with Alex’s pledge, that makes $1500.

    •' Talla Adam says:

      In a comment below Justin is clarifying the issue is with the functions llMoveTo() and llLookAt() and not the vehicle physics in themselves but these two functions are used in scripts relating to vehicle and movement behavior such as flocks of birds, etc and a stable fix is needed. see the Mantis here;
      See also discussion at G+ Opensim Virtual here…

      I haven’t had an email confirmation from you yet Alex and I see you have over written the pledge comment you made so should I take it you are canceling your pledge?

      It’s ok though. I just need a confirmation if you are still with us on this because there is promotional value for grid owners and service providers who make a pledge.

      I should also like to thank Butch Arnald for offering a venue for our first meet-up in-world at 3rd Rock which is tentatively set for Sunday 1st Feb. Full details will be posted here, on my blog in a news report and at G+ Opensim Virtual by the end of today if it will happen on the first of February.

    •' Bryce Cannon says:

      Typical, what did you do? Looking at the pictures again and not reading? Typical Knee-Jerk Alexis.

  3. So we’re up to $1,100. Thanks, Selby and Alex! Would be great to see this get done.

  4.' Geir Nøklebye says:

    I will pledge $50 for the xmir grid, doing it here.

  5. Butch Arnold says:

    Great idea!
    Nice to see the community coming together.!
    3rd Rock Grid pledges $100.

  6. Digital Worlds Group LLC. Pledges $100…. and we will finish and donate the mumble / murmur code for free voice to all

    •' Talla Adam says:

      Thank you, Michael. Please everyone making pledges here confirm your pledges with an email to [email protected]

      •' Talla Adam says:

        I’m pleased to say that Michael Sietz, on behalf of Digital Worlds Group, has pledged another $250 on top of the $100 already offered which brings the fund up to the target $2000. Thank you, Michael. So this Crowdfunder is now closed and thank you everyone. See you at the meeting!

        Crowdfund Meeting Reminder…
        A Meeting will be held at 3rd Rock Grid today at Sunday 1st Feb at
        approx’ 9 PM which is 8 pm UK, 3 PM EST and noon PST which I hope
        makes it easy enough for both US & European time zones.

        The HG meeting location is at… United

  7. Justin Clark-Casey says:

    Hi Maria. I did post a reply on

    To clarify, afaik, llMoveTo() and llLookAt() don’t have anything to do with physics based vehicles. That’s a much more complicated problem and I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea as to what the bounty is about.

    •' Geir Nøklebye says:

      Thanks for the update Justin.

      Talla, In case the fix should be trivial, hence the bounty unclaimed, my candidate for the bounty would be to get the PGSQL adapter properly up to speed so it works for all standalone and grid services.

      One of the good things about PostgreSQL is that it does not choke on blobs the same way MySQL does, has better transaction integrity, is faster and not the least is a true open source project, while MySQL is the stepchild of Oracle these days…

      I would be willing to fork up quite a bit more to get this fixed.

      •' Talla Adam says:

        Noted, Geir. Thank you for your suggestion. Presently, Justin will look at the issue soon but he is busy at the moment and other Dev’s might look as well. So I am not expecting a fast resolution but it’s good to know someone is on the case now. I am also thinking of organizing an in-world meeting for those making pledges to express their views and, while this current issue is a one-off for now, we can talk about more issues and features we might like to consideration for Crowd Funding.

        •' Geir Nøklebye says:

          That is a good idea Talla, and one that I would support. Let me know if you need help in organizing and hosting such a (series of) meeting(s).

          What I think would be good is to do a Snow Leopard on opensim right now. The Snow Leopard OS X release was a pure bug fixing release where they spent over a year fixing bugs and issues in over 1000 projects going into OS X, and the same approach for opensim would be good.

          Actually the 0.8.1 release is a good candidate for such an approach as 0.8 had a lot of new functionality, but still needs a lot of fixing (both new and old functionality) to make it more stable, faster and make existing functionality work or receive some needed polishing.

          Since 0.8.1 don’t seem to have a lot of new features (I am basically running the latest dev code on my grid) so pushing 0.8.1 ahead in time and rather releasing a series of incremental bug fixes over the next year could be an approach. – Soft of like Microsoft’s bug fixing Tuesday (monthly.)

          Of course, as Justin said in a posting on the Google forum, bug fixing is boring and is not something programmers like to do, and it is even more difficult to encourage voluntary resources to do this. – Which is where crowd funding comes in. I am sure most of us would chip in if it meant better stability, less bugs and a more solid foundation for building new functionality on.

          •' Talla Adam says:

            Those are all good ideas, Geir and certainly something that can be discussed at an in-world meeting. Because this is basically a G+ Opensim Virtual initiative I am keen to spread any meetings we have around different supporting grids so they gain any promotional value. They would have to be Hypergrid enabled or at least have some regions open to HG of course so people can visit easily without making new avi accounts (it adds to Meta traffic).

            I’m also happy to have promotional banners around at a meeting from Grids, Hosting companies and other services where the owner/proprietor has made a pledge. The meeting should be open to anyone but I think only those making pledges should be allowed to make proposals for serious consideration and we can debate the pros and cons of each one at the time. I think also, and this is jumping the gun a bit, that we should keep the principle of one-off funding projects so we don’t really need a formal organization. We can hold meetings from time to time or weekly if there is a strong wish for that and have a notice with an agenda posted in advance at G+ and blogs. I think all grids should be welcome to participate too regardless whether they are HG enabled or not because we all stand to benefit if we encourage the whole community comes together like this.

            So, yes Geir, any help you can give setting up a venue for the meeting would be welcome and might I suggest 3rd Rock for the first meeting since Butch Arnold has made a pledge and he already has a group with similar aims? 3rd Rock also has regions open to Hypergrid. Anyway, email me to take this forward. Thank you.

          • Butch Arnold says:

            I would be pleased to offer any meeting area needs as required.
            Let me know what you need, 3RG would be happy to act as a “Host” or simply participate at another location if desired.

          •' Talla Adam says:

            Thank you Butch. I would like for the first meeting to be at 3rd Rock so I will be in touch with both yourself and Geir to a make arrangements and fix a date.

          •' Geir Nøklebye says:

            Mail sent and I shall be happy to host meeting(s) on xmir.